The Barca flips the Baskonia


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A stopper from Mirotic to Peters culminated the roller coaster that led to the duel between Baskonia and Barça. Finally the acceleration of the team of Saras Jasikevicius prevailed, that with that plate of its star closed with an amazing and enlightening partial of 2-16 the last four minutes. The Baskonia's blackout was as sudden as its flash when it was half exhausted, trying to stop Mirotic and save the furniture. Then Dragic emerged with his shots from the corners, Henry with his assists and Polonara with his overwhelming punch near the rim.

It seemed until then that Barça, always with Mirotic in command, was the master and owner of the situation, and it was until almost the end of the third quarter. But Baskonia reacted with the determination and forcefulness of a predator lurking in the succession of defensive disputes and traps that usually shake these duels between Vitoria and Barcelona. When Jasikevicius relieved Mirotic, Barça collapsed. Baskonia's defense dried up the Barça attack and led to a 13-0 run in the third quarter. Polonara was the one who crowned him with a spectacular dunk after catching an offensive rebound as a result of a shot from Vildoza spit through the hoop.

But Mirotic returned, Barça recovered, Abrines pressed in defense, Kuric hit from outside and Davies from inside Baskonia plummeted. He only scored one basket in those final four minutes. The trembling entered him. He failed elementary actions such as a triple released by Henry, a loss by Jekiri and especially one by Vildoza in a throw-in, after the time out that Ivanovic had requested to try to get his men to temper their nerves and finish off a victory they had in the PP Mirotic put the whole point in the fray. The Montenegrin power forward was the only one capable of setting a sustained rate of points (18), rebounds (7), assists (2) and steals (2), with the closing of his only and decisive block. It was a very hard setback for a Baskonia completely disfigured in the closing bars.

Baskonia, 71; Barça, 72

Baskonia: Vildoza (8), Dragic (15), Giedraitis (4), Polonara (14), Jekiri (10) –starting team-; Henry (8), Sedekerskis (1), Diop (0), Fall (11), Peters (0) and Kurucs (0)

Barça: Hanga (5), Higgins (2), Abrines (10), Smits ( 2), Davies (12) -starting team-; Bolmaro (3), Heurtel (5), Oriola (4), Kuric (9), Mirotic (18) and Calathes (2) .

Partials : 19-20, 18-19, 19-19 and 15-14.

Referees: Lamonica, Nikolic and Petek. Eliminated Jekiri (m.39)

Buesa Arena. To empty door. 6th round of the Euroleague.

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