The brutal attack of a former Russian footballer who left an arbitant in the hospital


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Footage of what was the fierce beating of former roman Shirokovn led propin a referee in the framework of an amateur match in Russia. The former player has not yet ruled on what happened and could face criminal proceedings if the judge, who ended up in the hospital, makes the appropriate complaint.

The event occurred over the weekend, in a Mosc. Celebrity Cup due, a friendly contest in which Shirokovn judges for the Match Day TV team, with fellow showmates and some friends. There, the former Zenit player and of his country's national team went crazy against the referee after he was charged a penalty event, so he threw insults that everyone who was there listened to.

Upon hearing the grievances, the referee applied the rules and expelled the midfielder. One of the witnesses noted that the former player had warned, "If you show me the red card, I'll hit it." And so it was. Shirokovn went towards the authority of the playing field and dealt some blows to his face. But as seen in the video, that wasn't the only thing he also kicked him a few kicks when he was already on the floor.

That's how the face of referee Danchenko remained

The referee, Danchenko, was immediately transferred to a nearby health care facility where he was given some stitches on his face and conducted studies that ruled out serious injuries to his left eye, as he was initially feared: "I spent four to four and a half hours in the hospital, then another 15-20 minutes in the emergency room," he first feared on Instagram. "They put stitches all over me, they did a lot of tests on me. And most importantly, everything seems to be going well for me. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, as they say. That's why we keep going further and keep working. I want to thank everyone for the words of support, this is a difficult time for me and my loved ones," he wrote.

For his part, German Popkov, organizer of the tournament, spoke about what happened and the statements were shared by the British site Mirror: "There was an ordinary episode, Roman's dispute with the referee, and then the beating began. This is unacceptable, disgusting and terrible. It's very strange behavior. A lot of people saw it live, all this from a million angles. And this is about people with which we are completely friends."

The former assailant has not yet demonstrated by what happened, and the one who did it instead was Dmitry Shnyakin, captain of his team: "Zero excuses, zero justifications for Roman Shirokov's act. This is a crippling episode, a nightmare. I'm ashamed and I'm sorry this happened."

Shirokov has 39 years old and left professional football in 2016. Until then he had worked as a midfielder at several Russian clubs such as Rubín Kazan, Zenit and Spartak Moscow. In addition, he played 57 games with his national team and was part of the squad at Euro 2008.


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