The exuberance of Marcos Llorente


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Last Tuesday, against Salzburg , Marcos Llorente was lined up for the first time in a long time in the center of the field. A position closer to that for which he was signed from Madrid. “He's feeling better offensively, but he came as a defensive midfielder. When we attacked we wanted to be a 4-3-2-1, with Llorente on the loose to try to take advantage of the best he has, arrival, physical performance ... He scored and had the second goal ... ”, explained Diego Pablo Simeone . The occasion to which the Argentine coach referred was a one-on-one with Stankovic to which Correa threw a great pass and that narrowly escaped him. Despite the victory (3-2), the play still tormented Llorente at the end of the meeting with the enthusiastic Austrian team. Still exhausted by another deployment that devastated him, he commented in the locker room that he did not remember such a situation since he was a professional. The race to beat the center backs was groundbreaking and his definition only lacked less strength in the hit.

The physical exuberance with which the Llorente-Gento family is endowed has allowed the rojiblanco midfielder to gain a place at Atlético by playing very little like defensive pivot. He has stuck his head out as a forward, as a band player, and on Tuesday he emerged as an incoming midfielder who is also decisive in giving the team defensive power when it comes to running backwards. The couple she formed with Herrera conveyed feelings of being balanced. Herrera, despite the two losses that resulted from Bayern and Salzburg, has shown himself to be the player with the most personality to play the ball in that area. His slower pace for returns to the rapid transitions of the Austrians was countered several times by Llorente. The high rhythm at which it is played now houses that physical exuberance that it shows off and is demanded of the midfielders of the new football that is imposed.

The physicality has allowed Llorente to excel in all the positions in which he has played lately. It would not be surprising if in a moment of need, Simeone asked him to lend a hand as a right back like Saúl does on the other side. In the last rehearsal before this Saturday's match at El Sadar (18.30, Movistar LaLiga), Simeone placed as a forward to form a couple with João Félix.

Since his first big night as a rojiblanco at Anfield, Llorente has shown remarkable growth in the I play with the ball. Beyond its speed into space or its powerful drives, it has dared with turns, filtered passes and walls. Confidence is what makes you grow. That has happened to all of us, "says Julio Llorente, former Real Madrid and Tenerife player, and uncle and representative of the player, who is still surprised by aspects of his nephew:" After how last season ended, he has kept his peace when in this he has not started as a holder. It's not easy, I wouldn't have kept calm. None of my brothers have had that peace of mind, perhaps a little more Paco, their father. ”

A similar experience of growth and confidence was experienced by his father when he left the Real Madrid quarry. It was loaned to Urbis, a regional Preferential club in the Moratalaz neighborhood, largely built in the 1960s by the now battered construction company. The arrival of Gento's nephew aroused much interest among fans of the neighborhood who flocked to the field baptized with the name of the real estate company. Paco Llorente's first lap was disappointing. His speed and the ball did not seem coordinated and recriminations from the stands were constant. In the second round, his assists and goals earned him a continuous jump to Móstoles, in the Third Division, from there to Atlético de Madrid and later to Real Madrid. "Never giving up, I do believe is part of the family genetics," concludes his uncle.

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