The five euros lost by Eufemiano Fuentes


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Eufemiano Fuentes, entering the court in 2013.LUIS SEVILLANO

Perhaps affected by a sudden outbreak of speed and optimism, or perhaps by taking the opposite of the curse that seems to envelop and complicate the case to the point of absurdity, Judge Eduardo González del Campillo decided, defying the failure that seemed inevitable, to resolve in five days a matter that had been sleeping in his court for four years, the 21st of Criminal Matters in Madrid, and, incidentally, to become the magistrate who wrote the final point, the final judicial final point , to the history of Operation Puerto, the largest operation against doping ever carried out in the whole world.

For this, on November 25 last ordered that the petition of Eufemiano Fuentes and others acquitted in the trial at his service of blood transfusion to athletes that the assets seized from them were returned on May 23, 2006, in the course of their arrest and the search of their homes, was treated on 2 d In December, today, Wednesday, at 10 in the morning, in the offices of his court, where at that time there were still none of the objects claimed. For this reason, in the same summons, he ordered the court 31 of the Plaza de Castilla, which instructed the case, to send him everything he kept from the list sent - suitcases with documents, agendas, a water heater, a blood bag sealer, a toiletry bag with 100 syringes, a portable refrigerator, note cards and three key rings with 10 keys and two garage controls - he reminded the IMIM of Barcelona (the headquarters of the anti-doping laboratory) that already in April 2019 had ordered him to destroy the 219 seized blood bags, but he was still waiting for him to inform him that he had carried out the agreement, and he was officiating at the Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, whose agents had carried out the operation, so that at once it could return what it still had in its premises: three Nokia mobile phones and the ACP 215 Haemonetics, the jewel, the machine for freezing red blood cells (red blood cells) whose acquisition allowed Fuentes to revolutionize and m Ultimately multiplying his company and his profits, since, frozen, the blood he extracted from his clients could be kept for more than three months before being reinfused, and not just three weeks, as happened with simply refrigerated bags. Thus, the cyclists who ran the Tour, for example, could leave several bags ready already in April or May, before reinjecting them in July, without the need for more trips, extractions and reinfusions that endangered the secrecy of operations, prohibited by sports legislation. In the second-hand market, this machine is sold for around 10,000 euros.

Lastly, it also asked the Civil Guard to report the fate of a five-euro note and another 10 Swiss francs seized from Fuentes on May 23, 2006, which did not appear anywhere.

The trial was held in February 2013. The acquittal of all the courts was pronounced by the Provincial Court of Madrid in June 2016. A month later, on July 11, 2016, Fuentes requested for the first time the return of the seized. Two years later, in July 208, the judge ordered the Civil Guard to send him the effects. The institution responded in May 2019 that it had already returned everything to the court 31 except the ACP and the Nokia, which were still in its premises. He said nothing about the tickets

On Tuesday, December 1, 2020, none of the orders issued five days before had been fulfilled, nor had court 31 sent to 21 the bills, nor had the UCO sent the ACP nor had it found the tickets, according to sources close to 21, that that same day he received a letter from Tomás Valdivielso, Fuentes's lawyer, informing them that he had been notified with such a short time (the order of November 25 arrived at his office on November 27, last Friday) that he could not organize himself to fly from Las Palmas to Madrid to collect some effects that, in addition, he doubted that they were waiting for him in court. The lawyer calculated in his letter that the trip would cost his client about 600 euros, which he did not intend to spend if he were not sure of the success of the expedition, of whose failure he was sure, and requested that once the 21 court had Everything in his possession, and also the money, proceeded to summon Fuentes "in advance enough to allow him to find a cheap plane ticket."

If judicially, Operation Puerto cannot be described as successful, neither did it end up sportingly where the anti-doping authorities wanted, when they managed to identify the owners of some of the seized bags (only seven of the more than 30 suspects, four active and three withdrawn , found the World Anti-Doping Agency, that until 2017, and after various legal battles, it could not get samples for its DNA analysis) they have found that the cases have prescribed and not only cannot sanction anyone, but not even do public their names

Source: Elpais

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