The Generalitat denies the entry of the public into the Camp Nou


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The Camp Nou, empty in the European duel of the previous year against Naples.ALBERT GEA / Reuters The Generalitat, through the Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, and the Secretary of Health, Dr. Josep Maria Argimon, has rejected the possibility of Barcelona playing the Champions League games with capacity, at least for the moment. A resolution consistent with the contact limitation measures against the pandemic that it has implemented for the next 15 days, with the closure of bars and restaurants as the spearhead. Also a small blow [expected] for the Barça club, which presented on Wednesday the Clean and Safe Space protocol - drawn up after the conclusion of the confinement and retouched for the occasion - to be able to play the duel against Ferencvaros on the 20th with 30% capacity, as allowed by UEFA, always at the expense of the final decision of the local health authorities. In this case, it is the Generalitat , through the Department of Health, which during covid-19 attends to the Procicat instructions. Barcelona wanted at least 1,000 fans to attend the European premiere - it also requested that entry be allowed into the Palau Blaugrana for Euroleague basketball matches - but it will not be possible. That is the consensual response that both Vergés (in Catalunya Ràdio ) and Argimon (in Rac1 ) anticipated. “Right now, I would not be a supporter. It would be difficult for me to explain certain measures and have to open the Camp Nou, despite the fact that in the stadium they can keep their distance perfectly. It is more the entry and exit of the field. It would not be the image I would like, ”Argimon explained. "In the current situation, it is very difficult for us to consider that there may be an audience. We cannot venture that it will be like this for the whole season, but facing October 20, impossible ”, Vergés positioned himself. Regarding the possibility that the vote of no-confidence can be held –the motion signatures have already been validated–, which should be done no later than the next November 2, Vergés and Argimon revealed that they have not yet received the request from the Barça club . Although they were also explicit, as the Secretary of Health reflected: "It has to be studied when the request reaches us, but the answer would be no if it involves crowding and is not staggered."

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