The happiness of Inter, the misfortune of Juve


By CAPosts 11 April, 2021 - 10:15pm

The happiness of some is used to being the irremediable misfortune of others. This is how the world works. Especially in its capitalist (and soccer) side. The success story and laurels of Inter Milan, for example, is a perfect communicating vessel with the failure of Juventus. At least in the last 15 years (with a hiatus from AC Milan in the 2010-11 season). In that time, Vecchia Signora has won nine titles in a row and the Milanese team, five. Those of Inter were also consecutive, but always in the worst moment of the Turin club. The first two were won by disqualification from Juve because of the Calciopoli scandal; in the third, the Vecchia Signora was already in Serie B. And the last two - Mourinho's work and grace - were achieved when the Bianconeri were being rebuilt. Eleven years later, in the worst season the Agnelli club is remembered for in the last decade, it is about to happen again (yesterday they beat Cagliari and take Milan 11 points with eight games to go). But no interista wants to say it out loud. They have their reasons.

On May 5, 2002, Inter certified their historic bad luck against all of Italy. The team led with one point more than Juve at the Olympic in Rome to play against Lazio in the last game of the season. The Milanese had not raised a scudetto for 13 years. The two curves, twinned by their political leanings, saw no problem with everything ending up diluted in a victory for Inter. Especially since Lazio feared that, otherwise, Roma could win the championship (something similar happened again in 2009 in a regrettable spectacle in the stands of the Olympic). But everything turned out the other way around. Lazio won with a goal from Simeone (declared interista) and Ronaldo - "the real one", said Mourinho - ended up crying on the bench. Tears ran through the fingers of the hand with which he covered his face in a field converted into Tenerife interista.

The fundamental idea of this new Inter - owned by Steven Zhang, a Chinese younger than you - also comes of Juventus. And from there, probably, still more pleasure emanates in Milan. Antonio Conte, his coach, was a figure in the field and on the Vecchia Signora bench. Formed, built and launched from there. In fact, his preferred option when he returned from training at Chelsea was to return to Turin. But he was convinced by Giuseppe Marotta, Inter's CEO and also a former Juve. The technician was initially greeted with many reservations. There is nothing worse than a Juventine in the north curve of San Siro. Considering how the team has transformed, any of those tifosi now think that winning the scudetto and rubbing it in the face of Juventus with two of their symbols adds even more satisfaction.

Inter de Conte have featured Lukaku, Lautaro or Alexis. But the real revolution arose in the middle of the field with Italian players like Bastoni and, mainly, Barella. Merit of the coach. The young midfielder has become the soul of the team: his coach's new Pogba. The Sardinian destroys, plays and scores goals, like the one he endorsed for the squad to Juventus in the game that marked the turning point between the two teams in January. There, although no interista wants to say it yet, everything was decided.

The team will make history again this year. But his most famous scudetto —before Mourinho's with the triplet— was that of the 88-89 season (it had not been won for 10 years and they had not won it again for 15 more). It was the scudetto of the records with the German trio: Matthäus, Klinsmann and Brehme. The coach was Giovanni Trapattoni, who was also a Juventus idol. As with Conte, many questioned his integrity when he landed in Milan. But he won and entered the neroazzurro heart forever. Today history repeats itself. Long live happiness, especially at the expense of Juve.

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