The hour of the exiles of Real Madrid


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Isco and Marcelo, last Saturday against Barcelona.AF

P Real Madrid played the last 25 minutes of the classic , in full agony and deluge, with Odriozola, Militão, Marcelo, Isco and Mariano on the pitch; Exactly the five outfield players in the first squad with the least participation so far except for the long-term injured Hazard and Rodrygo. It was not something casual, but the reality of the whites at this decisive moment of the season. From one day to the next, the casualties, the exhaustion and the calendar have placed the disinherited from the dressing room under the spotlight, especially due to the open hole in the defense . The future of the whites in this final stretch is also going through this caboose because, in reality, there are no other solutions.

Zidane: "Physically we are at the limit" Joy and anguish after the five best days of Real Madrid Shovels of passes with Isco of false nine

This Wednesday in Liverpool (21.00, Movistar Champions League), whatever Zidane chooses, Lucas Vázquez's injury leads to a forced fix. And for Sunday in Getafe, in a League in which it has fully entered after approaching an Atlético point with eight days to go, Madrid implores for the return of Varane, positive for covid , in the face of Nacho's absences due to cards and Casemiro, and the long-term physical problems of Ramos and Carvajal. “I don't know how we are going to end. We are physically at the limit ” , summed up the French coach after beating Barcelona in a climate of a certain paradox . He had just finished his best week, closer than ever to the lead and well positioned to reach the Champions semi-finals (3-1 in the first leg), and yet a feeling of anguish floated in the atmosphere due to the accumulation of physical problems and fatigue .

The sudden importance of the less common, sent to resist as it were against Barcelona and to be prepared for what is coming (from the outset, four games in 11 days), contrasts with their ostracism in recent months. Nobody has more magnifying glasses on than Odriozola, who has hardly played for two seasons . Lucas Vázquez's medical report, fallen for the remainder of the year, and Carvajal's delayed return have left him as the only natural right-back. His 50 minutes against Barça, however, showed his loss of rennet in delicate appointments. Valverde, who could help him or even occupy that place, entered the Anfield list with physical discomfort.

The loss of Lucas Vázquez leads Zidane to a forced fix for the right back

Marcelo also appears as a hypothetical solution to the hole on the right side, in a multiple movement of pieces, after a season that has deepened his collapse. The Brazilian has not been a pure defender for three months. Since the cup hit in Alcoy, he has only been a lane, an element more in attack than in rear. In the Champions League he started in the debut with a defeat against Shakhtar (2-3) and then zero minutes. Isco's situation is very similar, reduced to a last-rotation or resource player when there is no other, as happened in the first leg of the round of 16 in Bergamo . It was him or Mariano , and the Hispanic Dominican was last in line. Of all the exiles, the only one who has raised his head is Militão, who, pending the alleged ambush of Klopp, has vindicated himself with two estimable performances against the Reds and the Catalans. Sooner or later, especially if the team goes ahead in Europe, this group will be important again because the cards of plan A are counted for a final arreón where each day is played without a net.

Modric, 300 more minutes

Zidane has never left to appeal to the importance of all, but the reality is that rotations, a brand of the house in another time, were reduced to the maximum as a working method months ago, and a group of players was left behind due to the distrust of the coach, the lack of performance, the needs of the moment, or all at once. Some have already left on loan (Jovic and Odegaard) and the rest, those who have now come to the surface driven by the precarious force, come from a dark tunnel.

Since December, the Casemiro-Modric-Kroos trio has only been broken forced by cards or physical discomfort, and by breaks before more urgent appointments

The mean is the line that best explained this gap. Since the crisis at the beginning of December, when Madrid faced the abyss of a possible crash in the Champions group stage, the Casemiro-Modric-Kroos trio has only been broken in seven of the 26 following games, and only due to the accumulation of cards and slight annoyances of one of them, or by rest before more urgent commitments

The Croatian, the oldest of the squad at 35 years old, is, among those of his age, the second player in the League with more minutes after Albiol (2,580 to 2,240). Right now, he already accumulates 300 above all last year (2,631 to 2,948) in all competitions. Possible alternatives to these three fell into second or third place for weeks. Valverde, now highly desired, was also seen to slipstream from them before injuring himself. Odegaard didn't want to wait any longer and Isco sharpened his descent. Meanwhile, up front, the essential Benzema, if compared with those who have turned 33 or more, is the third player in the tournament with the most participation (2,276), after Albiol and Messi (2,394).

These two weeks, the Madrid plays every three days and, if it reaches the semifinals of the Champions League, it would no longer leave the Wednesday-Sunday loop. In the Zidane 1.0 era , in that same calendar sequence, the Frenchman modified up to nine pieces from one match to another, and the performance of unit B gave rise to the debate as to whether it was better than A, winner of the Champions League. The weapons of the white coach have changed a lot since then, but the obligation to rotate or give court, with more or less conviction and depth, to the least used will be the same, especially if he eliminates Liverpool. For now, it happened in the classic and will be repeated in the short term in a team hit by casualties and fatigue.

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