The Villeurbanne takes the Palau Blaugrana


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Mirotic throws despite Lighty's opposition. Alejandro Garcia / EFE

Villeurbanne took the Palau Blaugrana with an exhibition of good basketball. He hit the jackpot. He beat Barça (69-76), the leader of the Euroleague. It was also the seventh straight win for the French team, how evil began the competition, and has managed to re - enlist in the struggle for eighth place and get into the quarterfinals of the competición.

Barca, waiting of Pau Gasol and against the team that he has just signed, although he cannot line up Heurtel in Europe, the base repudiated by Jasikevicius, was left without response to the resources shown by the formation chaired by Tony Parker and directed by his brother TJ. French Moustapha Fall, 2.18 meters, with 13 points and five rebounds, and the outside trio formed by the French Howard, with 13 points and 8 rebounds, and the Americans Cole, with 21 points, and Lighty, with 13 points, They led Barça down the street of bitterness.

Fall was an anchor for his team in defense and a magnet in attack. It required a lot of effort and muscle from the Barça centers. Pustovyi and Oriola suffered the same fate, with two very fast fouls. Davies, with his successes in the shot, was the one who best adapted to the French approach. With speed and marks often across the entire court, Villeurbanne led the way from the start (14-19)

Howard and Lighty's dull work did not allow Higgins and Abrines to open the spigot throughout the first time. Higgins revived in the end, but too late. Kuric's three-pointers only briefly alleviated the Barça attack, stranded before the oppressive brands. Mirotic , after being punished with a foul in attack, tore his shirt and earned a freehand technique. The Montenegrin Hispanic player returned briskly after the break, quickly added five points to his account (40-36) and immediately committed his third foul. The French team responded with astonishing ease (40-42). The same that Mirotic demonstrated again, determined to make a difference.

The game varied depending on the presence of Fall and Mirotic on the floor, but what did not change was the offensive aggressiveness of Villeurbanne. Howard, Lighty, and Cole from the outside and Bako from the inside responded to Hanga and Davies's bragging. Mirotic had 19 points, but did not score in the fourth quarter. Villeurbanne, leathery in defense, very dynamic and daring in attack and more successful from the free throw line that they visited up to 27 times, again gave the stretch (64-72) that gave them the victory.

Barça, 69; Villeurbanne, 76

Barça: Calathes (4), Higgins (9), Abrines (0), Mirotic (19), Pustovyi (0) -starting team-; Davies (22), Westermann (1), Hanga (3), Bolmaro (0), Smits (2), Oriola (2) and Kuric (7)

Asvel Villeurbanne: Cole (21), Lighty (13), Howard (13), Yabusele (4), Fall (13) -start team-; Kahudi (2), Lacombe (0), Noua (3), Bako (5) and Strazel (2) Partial

: 16-19, 20-15, 19-20 and 15-22

Referees: Lottermoser, Nikolic and Rossi. They pointed out a technique to TJ Parker, Villeurbanne coach, another to Mirotic, for tearing his shirt, and an unsportsmanlike one to Calathes.

Palau Blaugrana. Behind closed doors. 26th round of the Euroleague.

Source: Elpais

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