They found her boat dead and tied to the paraplegic T-shirt Angela Madson as she crossed the Pacific


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Angela Madsen appeared tied to her boat (Twitter: @msparasurfer)

The paralympic T-shirt Angela Madsen was found lifeless on the boat with which she departed last April in search of the challenge of crossing the Pacific Ocean. It took three days for the 60-year-old's environment (she had completed them in the middle of the voyage on May 10) to have no news of her.

Madsen, who participated in three Paralympic Games, was found on her boat, to which she was moored. She pretended to be the oldest woman to cross the ocean in solitude. He was trying to link the stretch over the water from Marina del Rey (Los Angeles, California) with Honolulu, the capital of the Hawai archipelago.

On June 21, Madsen's last notifications were recorded, which had planned a four-month trip and was in the midst of a documentary showing its goal accomplished. Through his Twitter account used an app to share his location via satellite. His last message was last Sunday: "Tomorrow is swim day. I have to re-chain my bow anchor flange in case there's a big storm. It was unleashed some time ago. I've been using the stern.

The image with his wife Debra is the one he has as his twitter account (@msparasurfer)

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter and the German freighter "Polynesia" were targeted for Angela's search and those who found her body: had died a few hours ago and the boat was overturned. Angela's body was tied up to the boat called "RowofLife". His wife, Debra, commented on social media: "When I checked his email he hadn't returned any messages. From satellite tracking, it didn't look like he was paddling the boat, he was adrift. It was a long way from the ground and communication was complicated. I was hopeful, but I already felt a feeling of heaviness in my chest."

They reported that he had travelled about 2,000 kilometers since his departure (about half of the path laid out) and maintained permanent communication with his wife and the producers of the documentary. Although the Too-North American air was the one that spotted the sportsman's boat, the German freighter recovered the body and arrived at the port ludes at night, although the news became known in recent hours. "Angela was living her dream. He loved to be on the water as you could see in the photos he sent", explained in a statement that was posted on Facebook's account from where they were following the journey. His wife also revealed: "Angela knew the risks better than any of us and was willing to take them because being at sea made her happier than anything else.   We told us over and over again that if I died in the attempt, that's how he wanted to leave."

Madsen had won the bronze medal in weight throw at the 2012 London Paralympics and, along with her partner Helen Taylor, had become the first woman to paddle the Indian Ocean (she had also participated in the 2008 Beijing and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Games). In 2014 she had already managed to cross the Pacific with a partner but now I dreamed of doing it alone,

Tragic end for the Paralympic athlete (Twitter: @msparasurfer)

An accident 40 years ago (1980) during training with the United States Marine Corps had left her paraplegic. He slipped, a soldier fell on top of him and suffered the rupture of two discs of his spine. In surgery he suffered complications and this aggravated his painting. He had a legal battle with his country's army for a long time, one of the reasons he went into depression.

After divorcing her husband, she declared he himself gay and remade his life as a Paralympic sportsman motivated by the Marine Veterans. He was in a couple with Debra at the time of his death.

"Angela brought unmatched passion, joy and determination to the world. We were fortunate that he came into our lives as a member of the Paralympic family," said Cathy Sellers, retired director of the United States Paralympics. "He was tireless in everything he did, but I've always appreciated his defending all kinds of diversity in sport. He pledged to educate the next generation of Paralympic athletes and selflessly taught mentors, coaches and others."


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