Tiger Woods, hospitalized after suffering a car accident


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American golfer Tiger Woods, 45, is hospitalized after suffering a car accident near Los Angeles, United States, although the extent of his injuries is still unknown. The accident occurred this Tuesday morning in Ranchos Palos Verdes, a city in Los Angeles County. The firefighters, according to the first information, took Woods out of his vehicle to be transferred to a medical center.

The last public appearance of Tiger Woods was this past Sunday, in a television interview on CBS during the last day of the Genesis tournament Invitational, which he hosts but was unable to compete because he just had back surgery for the fifth time in his career. This new step in the operating room once again places his sporting future at a crossroads in an athlete very punished by injuries (five back operations and five knee operations) and leaves his participation in the first big of the season, the Masters of Augusta that each year is his big goal in the dream of reaching Jack Nicklaus's 18 greats (Tiger adds 15). "God, I hope so," he replied when asked if he would be recovered to fight in April for a new green jacket. “First, I have to get there. A good part of that has to be decided by my surgeons, doctors and physical therapist. It's the only backing I have and I don't have much room for maneuver. At the moment, I am still in the gym, doing the work for the rehabilitation ”, expressed El Tigre.

Due to this new period of absence, Tiger Woods will leave the group of the first 50 golfers of the world ranking for the first time since August of 2018. In total, he has been among this elite for 1,069 weeks, which is 20 and a half years of his career. Precisely this coming August, Woods will be 25 years old since he turned professional in 1996. The following year, in April 1997, he won the Augusta Masters, his first major. He began a unique career that in a quarter of a century has seen him live both heaven and hell.

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