20 Funny Reactions To Netflix's Shadow And Bone


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What is shadow and bone based on?

External links. Official website. Shadow and Bone is an American fantasy streaming television series developed by Eric Heisserer for Netflix that premiered on April 23, 2021. It is based on the Grisha novel trilogy, the first of which is Shadow and Bone, and the Six of Crows novel duology by Leigh Bardugo. wikipedia.orgShadow and Bone (TV series)

Netflix released a video titled “Booktubers React to Shadow and Bone—Don’t Mess This Up,” where Grisha fans and YouTube book reviewers Jananie, Cindy, and Christine watch clips of the show, seemingly before the show was released. They help explain certain points of the show’s lore and character relationships, and they have a few questions about how Netflix will handle certain story beats, but can they find any element where the streaming service did, in fact, mess up?

Netflix also released a couple of other behind-the-scenes from the show, including this quick look at the making of the action scenes (complete with tiny, goofy VFX accompanying the moves):

And this video, where actor Ben Barnes talks about his character, villain and noted asshole the Darkling. Barnes is... I’m not sure he’s exactly sympathetic to the character’s plight, but he clearly sees the humanity inside the terrible, terrible leader of the Grisha.

If you haven’t watched the show, you should. As the Booktubers agree, it’s good! Shadow and Bone’s first season is streaming on Netflix right this minute.

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Adapting a book into a movie or series is no easy feat. That's what I'm told, at least. And as a reader who has been burned by terrible adaptations before, I had stuck to one golden rule - if you've read the book and you want to watch the film, go into it with an open mind.

When it came to Shadow and Bone, I'll admit, I was not familiar with the books at all, writes Nikita Coetzee. But after a quick Google search, I realised that it ticked all the right boxes for me - a fantasy series about a magical world filled with despair, but also glimmers of hope. Not to mention a strong, female lead.

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Shadow and Bone | Behind the Action | Netflix

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Exclusive: Ben Barnes Reveals the Part of "Shadow and Bone" That "Makes Me Feel Sick"

Seventeen.com 01 May, 2021 - 05:00am

"I had a visceral reaction to it."

Ben Barnes understands that he's playing a villain in Shadow and Bone, but that doesn't mean that everything General Kirigan/The Darkling did was something he was proud of bringing onto the screen.

In our Seventeen Watch Club: Shadow and Bone interview with Ben, he talked about a certain scene "that makes me feel sick, because it's so manipulative and I can't find a way to condone that as a man." Since we were bound by the secrets of the fold prior to the show coming out, we couldn't exactly reveal what that scene was. Until now.

The actor mentioned a certain moment in the show's seventh episode that mean him "sort of shout at the screen." But the scene actually took place in the show's fifth episode and involved Alina Starkov.

"I was shouting at the screen, 'I just want to be a goodie. I just want to be a character that you root for,'" Ben said about the scene. "'Cause the moment that he presents her with the blue irises, the flowers that Mal tells him that she likes, I feel sick."

"Not the slicing people in half using shadows. It's that bit that makes me feel sick, because it's so manipulative and I can't find a way to condone that as a man," he continued. To me it is kind of just gross to watch. Sometimes, it didn't even feel that way in the moment. But when I was when I was watching that back, I had a visceral reaction to it."

Even so, Ben said that he hopes to see more moments of him going against people, especially the enemies he will no doubt be facing.

"If we went forward, I'm interested in pursuing this idea of him being even more powerful than he was in the first season. Certainly he'll be more isolated, and without the support and the systems that he built entry. So that's going to cause all sorts of ego problems and issues involving anger and sadness and loss and all of that. I'd like to see that wound. I think I'd like I'd like to see that expresses itself and how he can sort of mess with all these other characters who have vendettas against him."

Netflix, if you're reading this, we're really going to need to season two now so we can watch all of this unfold.

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