30 Biggest Games To Look Forward To For The Rest of 2021


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What are the PS Plus games for July 2021?

PS Plus July 2021 FREE PS5 and PS4 games - Uncharted Lost Legacy, Predator and Plague Tale. Gaming. FortnitePS Plus July 2021 FREE PS5 and PS4 games: Uncharted Lost Legacy, Predator and Plague Tale

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PS Vita Messages Wiped and Functionality Disabled

Push Square 28 June, 2021 - 12:13pm

PS Vita’s Messages app has officially shutdown today, as per a prior announcement by Sony. It means you can no longer communicate with your friends or potentially even invite them to online games. Furthermore, any historic messages you may have had saved on your system will be wiped from the format itself – although you’ll still be able to access them through a PS5, PS4, or smartphone.

This is all part of a wider plan from PlayStation to effectively phase out the legacy device. The company will cease accepting submissions from developers imminently, so the last batch of new releases are due within the next month or so. Fortunately, the firm reversed plans to close the PS Store on the platform, so you’ll still be able to purchase and download digital games for the foreseeable future.

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Comments (37)

RIP Vita. Taken too soon 😔

This almost sucks more than the store closing. It kills functionality to invite people to play online for games you have already bought. Sad day here.

It’s sad to see this being shut down. You’d think it’d be pretty simple to allow use of messages etc.

It's so sad to see. I still use my Vita daily for breaks at work. 😞 At least the store is still up though as the article said.

I expect the store will close next year marking 10 years of vita, such a pity that Sony gave up on it almost immediately.

Any slim chance of a new Playstation handheld in the near future?

Sad but not unexpected. Thanks for the great memories Vita! Still love ya.

Super Stardust Delta, Persona 4 Golden, and that gorgeous OLED screen are, and will always be, my memories of my Vita.

got the vita day one. some good memories, some.

@mrtennis1990 I hope so but if they wanted a less risky proposition, I have been playing emulated gba games on my phone and an official PS controller grip with the ability to buy and play a huge back catalogue of old PS games through an app would be very very welcome.

Mine has had a message notification for years that I can't get rid of. Hopefully this fixes it.

Will love my Vita forever though. I'm not even that big a fan of handhelds, but I love Vita.

An up-scaling vita emulator on ps4/ps5 would be nice, my whole collection is digital after all. Sort it sony!

So it works more like a Switch now. 😁

@The_New_Butler would be awesome. Definitely need a way to play PlayStation games while traveling,

Never used this feature at all so not a loss to me personally.

@Mgene15 Same.

Nooooooo!!! How am I gonna talk to Grandma now!?

Vita could've been the switch, but Sony has no marketing clues

Oh no! What about all those messages from girls who thought my profile pic was cute and wanted to send me nude pics?

@AFCC I always found that funny - that Nintendo was the one in the end who fulfilled Sony’s promise of ending the “handheld ghetto”.

I actually never used this feature so its not a huge loss to me, but sad for others who did.

My goodness what a console though. I still use it daily and it still beggars belief that it gailed. Sony had EVERYTHING in that little machine. Bluetooth as standard, when modern consoles still dont widely support it (even my PS5 only supports certain headsets). And that OLED screen!

Sony could have had an equivalent to the Switch on their hands if they had just handled this right.

Im proud to say i still play everyday and have (and will continue to) supported the console to the very end.

The PSP store is next right? Was that also closing today?

@RubyCarbuncle Same, never used it myself so can't say I'm sad to see it go.

I love the Vita. Still, you cannot sort the new games via the release date... I mean come on; how hard can it be?

And I’m still loving, playing and preferring the Vita over the Switch even today.

I want psvita pro with updated cpu so it can play newer indie games 😃

@Milt To Sony, Vita means undeath. Wonder if any of the non-money grabbing execs at Sony regret giving up on the little thing so soon?

"although you’ll still be able to access them through a PS5, PS4, or smartphone." - this makes no sense at all.

@sanderson72 Shuhei Yoshida still does at least!

The only way Sony would ever release a handheld is if they can do their version of a switch which doesn’t run with gimped hardware. 2028 PS6witch 🧐🧐🧐

Hey Sony. Why not create a android cellphone for gaming called Sony Vita? Make it shipped from the factory with a built in solution to connect with PlayStation controllers and a easy way to send the video/audio output to TV. I think it is a million dollars idea.

I've always felt sorry for the PS Vita, never ever got the love and push it always deserved.

@vict0RGM Yes, they had the Xperia Play many years ago that was a sort of PSP emulator with a slide out control panel. A new one would work wonders but Sony seem a bit dim these days.

Wasn't Horizon Chase Turbo coming out for the Vita?

@vict0RGM Just call it a PSP2 and act like the VITA never happend the thing was great but the support was terrible such a pity im sure with a little love and cheaper storage it would have been a hit.

I recently got a Vita. My brother had one and he didn’t play it much so he gave it to me. It’s actually a nice little device. Just never got the support.

What an inglorious, slow death this marvelous console is going through.

The Vita is like a Shakespearean tale of some kind. People weren't into it when it first came out, and yet it's a martyr of a handheld when it's been fully discontinued in the present day.

You could honestly make another one, Sony, things have changed. People will most definitely want to get one now (depends on your view of handhelds in general, though). Not to mention what the potentials of it could really be. Maybe using the DualSense features into it? Man, it hurts me whenever I see one of these things out in the open.

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Ghost Of Ikishima Domain Registered Following Rumors Of Standalone Expansion - PlayStation Universe

PlayStation Universe 28 June, 2021 - 09:55am

A domain for Ghost of Ikishima, the rumored standalone expansion for Sucker Punch Productions’ critically acclaimed PS4 samurai epic, has been registered online.

While nothing official has been confirmed yet and there is no evidence that Sony registered it themselves, the domain for Ghost of Ikishima redirects to the Official PlayStation website. Redirects can be done by anyone, but ghostoftsushima.com does redict to the PlayStation game page for the title.

Sony is supposedly hosting a pre-E3 2021 event in early July, where it is expected we’ll be getting a bunch of key reveals, Ghost of Ikishima hopefully among them. It’s also rumored that we’ll see the new God of War game in action, too.

Ghost of Tsushima was released for the PS4 in July 2020 and is Sucker Punch’s first major project since inFAMOUS: Second Son in 2014. You can read our full verdict on the game here.

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Dynasty Warriors 9 has reappeared with a brand new trailer showcasing the action-packed experience still releasing on PS5 and PS4 in 2021.

A Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver remaster will reportedly be announced during 2021, according to a reliable insider.

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