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When does Season 4 Reloaded come out?

The Season 4 Reloaded update goes live on July 14/15 at 9 PM PT / July 15 at 12 AM ET / 5 AM UK so you only have a few more hours to wait. Forbes‘Call Of Duty’ Season 4 Reloaded Update Start-Time, New Maps, Guns, Modes And More

Call of Duty: Warzone’s season 4 Reloaded weapon balance patch notes

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According to a long note in the patch notes’ weapon-balance section, these changes are designed to help increase the overall time to kill in Warzone. One of the biggest ways that Raven is going about this is by nerfing the torso-damage multiplier for many weapons — since it’s the most commonly hit area of a target. At the same time, Raven says that it wants to promote accuracy, so headshots will continue to be a strong multiplier and players’ fastest path to a short fight.

Another interesting note from Raven comes on the topic of “best weapons.” The developer acknowledges that the game will always have a best gun, even if the advantages of it are small. Instead of making every gun the same, Raven’s goal is to make every gun viable and make sure that no weapon spends too long on top — I’m looking at you FFAR 1.

While most of the other, non-weapon-balance changes in this patch were fairly small, one does still stand out: Payload. Payload is a new game mode and the first in Warzone to be objective-based. The mode features two teams of 20 players against each other as the attacking team tries to escort a caravan of vehicles through a checkpoint and the defenders try to stop them.

For a look at all of the other changes coming to Call of Duty: Warzone in the season 4 Reloaded patch you can check out the full patch notes.

OTs 9: Submachine Gun (Launch Week)

Warzone’s first-ever objective-based game mode - Payload - pits two teams of 20 Players against each other in a race against time. Players drop in to escort two caravans of vehicles through a series of Checkpoints or sabotage the mission. Build or destroy barriers and purchase buildings to aid in your squad’s mission, and be sure to collect any Contracts you find around Verdansk as they will help lead to success. If the attacking team escorts all vehicles across all Checkpoints within the time limit, they win the match. The defending team can not only pick attackers off the payload vehicles to slow them down, but also buy and build obstacles to stall these vehicles on the tracks. This all happens as Operators are dropping in constantly with their own custom loadouts, searching for items across Verdansk like Cash and Killstreaks to aid their team in escorting or stopping the Payloads.

Look for Payload in the upcoming Featured Playlist Rotation as part of Season Four Reloaded.

Similar to Double XP weekends, we will start activating a new special global Event where Contraband Contracts automatically spawn after you complete two regular Contracts. Contraband Contracts award you with a permanent Weapon Blueprint reward if you’re able to extract it from the DZ, in addition to tons of Cash within your current match.

Blueprint Blitz should give you the opportunity to earn plenty of Weapon Blueprints from prior seasons. If you missed out or didn’t play Warzone during the time these were originally available, Contraband Contracts award you with previous Seasonal rewards after you complete the Contract.

Note: This Event will only apply to the core BR and Plunder modes.

Loot that spawns across Verdansk has been adjusted as follows…

Combat Bow Killstreak damage has been increased and it will now down enemies who are directly hit.

Players will now drop their current equipment directly behind them when looting a Loadout Drop.

Vertical camera movement will no longer be locked when sliding on a downward slope.

The following new features focus on three primary areas of accessibility: Hard of Hearing, Blind/Low-Vision, and Cognitive Overload.

Xbox One Series X / Xbox One Series S:

Every quest and map, collectible, and side quest

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