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Where is Mauer der Toten?

In “Mauer der Toten,” the Death Strip, situated at Checkpoint Charlie, has another definition: the site of an ancient undead ritual. One can see the ritual in place as they explore the streets of East Berlin, but it is inaccessible until the power is turned on. callofduty.comSurviving “Mauer der Toten” – A Guide to the Black Ops Cold War Season Four Zombies Experience

When does Mauer der Toten come out?

“Mauer der Toten” releases alongside Season Four Reloaded in Black Ops Cold War on July 15. callofduty.comGear Up for “Mauer der Toten”: Top 10 Tips for Black Ops Cold War Zombies

This tip makes completing Cold War OTs 9 unlock challenge much easier

CharlieINTEL.com 16 July, 2021 - 01:29pm

The unlock challenge for the new Cold War OTs 9 SMG can be a tad tough, but this tip will make it much easier for players to complete.

The Season 4 Reloaded update brought a wide range of changes to the world of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with the new Mauer der Toten Zombies map and the new OTs 9 SMG.

As with previous new weapons in Black Ops Cold War, players must complete a specific challenge to add the OTs 9 to their inventory if they do not wish to purchase a blueprint. However, the unlock challenge for the Cold War OTs 9 has proven to be a very frustrating experience for the community.

Luckily, one community member has discovered a very helpful tip that makes the unlock challenge for the Cold War OTs 9 much less of a headache to complete.

The unlock challenge to acquire the Ots 9 SMG when playing Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer requires players to kill 3 enemies affected by your Tactical Equipment in 15 different completed matches when using SMGs.

It did not take long for the community to voice their displeasure with this challenge and how they thought it was needlessly difficult.

Seeing this frustration, community member fxcoin to the official Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War subreddit and posted a simple yet extremely helpful tip for completing the OTs 9 unlock challenge in Cold War Multiplayer.

The player states that it is much easier to get the 3 kills of players affected by your tactical equipment when using the decor grenade, as it lasts longer than smokes, stuns, and flash grenades, doesn’t block your vision, and players do not actively avoid going in the area it affects.

Other community members stated how this tip made it much easier for them to complete the Cold War OTs 9 unlock challenge, so there is no doubt that players having trouble meeting the requirements of this challenge should try this tip out and see how it helps them.

For more Black Ops Cold War, check out all of the Mystery Box locations on the Mauer der Toten map, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Following the release of Season 4 Reloaded in Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch has launched a July 16 update, and we have the patch notes covered.

Season 4 Reloaded is officially underway in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and it has brought plenty of exciting things for players to experience.

From the new Mauer der Toten Zombies map, the powerful Ots 9 SMG, and a new Nuke killstreak, Season 4 Reloaded has plenty for players to enjoy.

However, this has not stopped Treyarch from working on fixing issues, which the studio addressed in the Cold War July 16 update, and we have all of the patch notes for the Cold War July 16 update covered for you.

We’re adding new Call of Duty League-themed League Play Rewards for competitive fans to start unlocking in Season Four Reloaded, including exclusive “Pro Issue” Weapon Blueprints, Weapon Charms, Stickers, and Emblems, plus new XP bonuses up to 10,000 XP when reaching win milestones from 10 to 100.

Start racking up the wins beginning with this weekend’s League Play Event to earn progress toward these new rewards:

This update also includes some new bug fixes and gameplay improvements in Multiplayer and Zombies. In MP, we’ve addressed an issue preventing players from respawning after a Nuke Scorestreak while a teammate was controlling a remote Scorestreak, and fixed an issue with the “Nothing but the Hits” Season Four Challenge.

In “Mauer der Toten,” we’ve got fixes for stability issues related to The Disciple and the CRBR-S, an exploit related to Tombstone Soda, and an issue that could occur during one of the Main Quest steps (no spoilers!).

Later today, we’re planning on deploying an update to address an issue where some Xbox Series X players could encounter missing textures, objects, or audio in “Mauer der Toten.” Keep an eye on our Trello board for updates on this and other known issues we’re tracking.

Ready to rank up? Double XP + Double Weapon XP Weekend has arrived in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, live now through July 19th. Level up twice as fast in MP, Zombies, Verdansk, and Rebirth Island all weekend long.

Here’s what’s new in today’s update:

Source: Treyarch Studios

Cold War Zombies’ Mystery Boxes can give you some extremely high-tier weapons, so here’s where to find each one in Mauer Der Toten.

In Black Ops Cold War Zombies, you can gamble your hard-earned Essence for the chance of earning some high-tier weapons. Mauer Der Toten is no different, giving you a slim chance of getting your hands on the brand-new CRBR-S Wonder Weapon.

Here’s every Mystery Box we’ve found in Season 4 Reloaded’s Mauer Der Toten so far.

It’s extremely useful to know the location of each Mystery Box in a Call of Duty Zombies map – you never know when you might be in need of a quick weapon.

You’ll sometimes get a Fire Sale event during a match, which opens every Mystery Box on the map, and allows you to open it for free. You can always look for the white beam of light that marks its location but when the clock is ticking, it’s useful to know exactly where to go.

Mauer Der Toten’s first Mystery Box is found on top of the Destroyed Penthouse. This will be one of the first areas you visit, being directly opposite the spawn area. Simply take the zipline over, and if it’s there, you could roll an incredible weapon in an early round.

You’ll be able to find another Mystery Box in the Hotel Hallway. There are two ways to get here – you can either take the left zipline from the spawn building directly into the Hotel, or you can open a door on Korber Rooftop to access the area.

The third Mystery Box is found on the Korber Rooftop. This is only a zipline away from the Destroyed Penthouse box, and you’ll find it on your way down to turn on the power.

Mystery Box four is found in the Sewer Access, where you take out a Tempest to collect Electrical Fuses.

Go through the Ghost Station on your way to the Pack-a-Punch machine, and you’ll find it up against a sewer grate.

The fifth Mystery Box is found in the Maintenance Tunnel. This is underneath the manhole you take to turn on the power, not far from the Deadshot Daquiri Perk Machine.

The final Mystery Box can be found in the Ghost Station in the middle of the tracks. Be careful when crossing though, as the trains will fly past at random intervals and could take you out if you’re caught unaware.

You can also check out how to craft LT53 Kazimir Grenade in Mauer Der Toten.

The XM4 is the ultimate all-rounder in Cold War Season 4, and we have the right perks, attachments, and loadout to build the perfect class.

Modeled after the Commando from previous entries in the Black Ops franchise, the XM4 is one of the most versatile Assault Rifles in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It’s able to take down enemies at close range while retaining the ability to dominate at longer distances across all maps.

While the XM4 may not have the incredible damage output of other Cold War weapons, the buffs it received in Season 4 have made it even stronger. Add in the right attachments and perks, and you can run through opponents with ease.

The XM4 excels as a weapon that can be used in any situation, so we’ve chosen five attachments that work no matter the distance. The Field Agent Grip is a must-have for most ARs, reducing vertical and horizontal recoil and making it easier for you to hit your shots, with the Airborne Elastic Wrap making sure you can aim down sights as quickly and accurately as possible.

Cold War Season 4 buffed the Suppressor attachment, reducing its penalty to the XM4’s range. This makes it an extremely worthwhile attachment for this Assault Rifle.

The 13.7″ Takedown barrel will help you deal more damage at distance by increasing your range, while the Microflex LED is perfect for accuracy, although you can choose whichever optic you prefer for this class.

The great thing about the XM4 is the fact that you don’t need to run lots of attachments, which means you can save your Wildcard to give yourself as many perks as possible.

Tactical Mask and Flak Jacket will give you good protection against grenades of any kind, while Scavenger will keep your ammo topped up throughout matches.

Assassin is useful to have so you can target enemies on killstreaks, while Ninja and Ghost will help you sneak up behind them.

Thankfully, you won’t need to do any grinding to get your hands on the XM4, as the Assault Rifle is available at Level 4 to use as soon as you boot up the game for the first time.

With Black Ops Cold War being integrated into Warzone, the gun is also available to use the next time you drop into Verdansk.

If you prefer something with a little more damage output, the Krig 6 is the undisputed king in the Assault Rifle class, while the LC10 is perfect for those who prefer to be mobile when playing.

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How to fix Zombies Mauer Der Toten broken map glitch

Dexerto 16 July, 2021 - 06:42am

Almost immediately, it became clear that there are serious issues with the new Zombies map. The new round-based map has a huge texture bug that’s making it unplayable for players on Xbox Series X, with textures not loading in.

With entire sections of the map simply not appearing, and players clipping between levels, there has been outrage at the launch of Mauer Der Toten.

While Treyarch have confirmed that the issue is on their radar, some players have found workarounds or temporary solutions while the issue gets fixed.

The first solution is either downloading the unenhanced version of the game on an external hard drive or deleting the HD textures from your console. This does mean it will be of a lower quality, but it might be worthwhile for the ability to actually play the map.

The second solution darkrangeresp recommends is to simply sit in the Zombies menu for a while (they suggest 40 minutes). It appears this gives it enough time to load, with darkrangeresp saying they got it to work properly three times after doing this.

While these aren’t ideal solutions, it is preferable to playing a completely broken map, or not playing the new content at all.

Hopefully, Treyarch releases a fix sooner rather than later so we don’t have to hunt for solutions, but for now, it’s well worth trying these out so you can at least play the map properly.

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