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When do switch OLED preorders start?

Preorders began at 3 PM ET / 12 PM PT today, and will likely sell out. If you're more of a traditionalist, you can also preorder the red-and-blue model at Best Buy, and Target, though neither configuration is expected to ship until the Nintendo Switch OLED model officially goes on sale on October 8th. The VergeWhere to preorder the Nintendo Switch OLED model

Episode 73 of our tech podcast is out now

The show is presented by Gareth Beavis, Global Editor in Chief of TechRadar, and Sherri L. Smith, Editor in Chief of Laptop Mag

This week our guest is Adam Vjestica, Senior Gaming Writer at TechRadar, and Samuel Roberts, Senior Entertainment Editor at TechRadar, who join us (remotely, of course) to talk about the last seven days in tech.

With Black Widow being available in cinemas and available to purchase digitally on Disney Plus, we begin this week's episode by chatting about what other activities we'd be happy to pay $30 for if it means we don't have to leave the home.

We then have a Gadget Hall of Fame with a face-off between the Magic 8-Ball and iPod Nano 4th Generation, and take a deep dive into the Nintendo Switch OLED, share our favorite memories of past Nintendo consoles and who is the Switch OLED for?

For all this and more, tune into the all-new Noise Cancelling podcast – you can subscribe on Spotify, grab it on Apple Podcasts, or find us wherever you get your pods. New episodes land every Friday. Nice.

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The NEW Nintendo Switch OLED Model Just Feels Off...

GamingBolt 17 July, 2021 - 04:11pm

With Switch OLED, Nintendo continues to do the bare minimum

Video Games Chronicle 17 July, 2021 - 04:11pm

So fine, in fact, that I’ve ordered one. As someone who primarily plays his games in handheld mode (just like most Switch users), it’s a pretty solid upgrade. My games should look and sound better on it, and when you consider I still have a launch Switch with the inferior battery, this one will last longer, too.

Pre-orders have largely sold out, so it seems that a lot of people agree. But the chatter on social media and on the forums (not that those should be used as a barometer for the whole market) is one of disappointment.

A lot of that disappointment stems from media reports that told us that this year’s hardware revision was going to deliver so much more. And not any old media, but Bloomberg, who was backed up by a plethora of other established and respected press outlets.

Whatever went wrong here, whether it was a change of plans or if the journalists were being fed wrong information, is largely irrelevant. All that matters is people’s expectations were set too high and not by Nintendo.

Switch OLED is in keeping with how Nintendo has always done its handhelds. And although we’ve had slightly better upgrades in the past with the likes of DSi and New Nintendo 3DS, in reality few developers bothered to use the extra functionality. So why bother going to the extra effort? It’s not as if a 4K Switch can compete with PS5 and Xbox Series X anyway. Might as well stick to what works.

It makes sense. But as someone who has ordered the device, I can’t help but feel a little bit underwhelmed. Nintendo has done the bare minimum to secure my patronage, and nothing more.

It reminds me of last year’s Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. The crown jewel in Nintendo’s 35th Mario anniversary celebration, and its biggest Christmas release of last year. Nintendo knew that people would be happy paying full price to replay three of its greatest games, and it was right. It was a set of games that I knew I’d spend all Christmas playing. 65 hours of platform goodness, it was the easiest £50 I ever spent. And over nine million other gamers agreed.

Nintendo didn’t need to give me more than that to convince me to buy it, but I had still expected… something else. A boss rush mode, perhaps? A few bits of cut content? A couple of documentaries? A limited edition pin? Nope. Outside of a few soundtracks, it was the barest of packages.

This isn’t a criticism of Nintendo’s penchant for porting. Bringing back games, particularly Wii U titles, is a sensible way to plug gaps in the release schedule. And Nintendo has gone the extra yard with those. Pikmin 3 added a bunch of extra chapters, Mario Kart 8 has a new battle mode, and Super Mario 3D World now has a second, short game sitting alongside it.

“As someone who has ordered the device, I can’t help but feel a little bit underwhelmed. Nintendo has done the bare minimum to secure my patronage, and nothing more.”

But of course, Nintendo had to add to these titles, especially if they wanted to sell them all over again as if they are brand new blockbusters. The Wii U may have been a failure, but some of its games still sold in big numbers. Super Mario 3D World on Wii U managed nearly six million sales, and so a Bowser’s Fury was needed to convince some of those people to double dip.

Nintendo does know how to make its fans feel good about spending money on its products. There was nothing ‘bare minimum’ about Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey. In fact, my favourite moment from 2017 – Nintendo’s comeback year – was what it did with the SNES Mini.

Nintendo had struck gold with the micro-console concept, and simply making a smaller SNES and bundling a bunch of games into it is all it needed to do. But on top of that, it dusted off an unreleased Starfox game, got it ready, and made it public. It meant that the SNES Mini was more than just a nostalgic cash-in, but a part of that console’s history.

2017 was Nintendo over-delivering, not just with individual products, but across the board. Things slowed down since then, but there have been other examples.

Nintendo didn’t need to feature every Smash Bros character in Ultimate, it didn’t need to give its Online subscribers a Tetris battle royale game, it didn’t need to make Fire Emblem quite so expansive. Its fans would have bought them anyway, but Nintendo went that little bit further to make sure its core users felt good about spending the money.

Right now, Nintendo doesn’t feel like it’s giving its fans much at all beyond what it needs to. Its big release of the summer is a HD enhanced port of the 2011 Wii gameThe Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It’s a decent title that’s been improved, and it’s got enough gameplay in it. But it again feels like minimal effort, and it’s no surprise that fans were cross when they found out that they’d have to buy an expensive Amiibo to access one of the new features.

When Nintendo re-released Twilight Princess in HD, the full-priced version featured the Wolf Link Amiibo bundled in (alongside a soundtrack). In the past, Nintendo has given away music CDs (Skyward Sword) and even a disc with Ocarina of Time on it (Wind Waker), as added bonuses for its early adopters. It’s no wonder fans feel that this week’s remaster doesn’t go far enough to justify its price.

“Right now, Nintendo doesn’t feel like it’s giving its fans much at all beyond what it needs to. Its big release of the summer is a HD enhanced port of the 2011 Wii game – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.”

Nintendo has always charged its fans a premium for its games, and they’ve been usually happy to pay it (there’s the old adage that Nintendo fans would buy a cardboard box with the company’s logo on it). Part of the reason for that is the company’s ability to make them feel good about their purchases. I look at that $90 Metroid Dread special edition, the Switch OLED and Skyward Sword HD, and it’s all very minimal.

We cannot ignore the backdrop to all this. COVID-19 has clearly had a big impact on game development, where even doing the bare minimum can take a mighty effort. The big games everyone is waiting for aren’t set to arrive until 2022.

But gamers are not known for their patience. A few premium-priced enhanced ports and niche releases may have been ‘just enough’ to keep core fans occupied over the past 12 months, but as PS5 continues to trundle out critically acclaimed games, and Xbox keeps making Game Pass an irresistible proposition, Nintendo Switch owners are understandably feeling under-served.

Nintendo can’t magic up a big new Mario or Zelda game out of thin air. It has to work with what it’s got. But that involves making sure that when its fans are dropping money on a new product — whether it’s a 2D Metroid game, a Pokémon remake, a remastered Zelda or an upgraded console — they feel good about doing it. Because right now, many of them are not.

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Nintendo Switch Fans Say They're Fixing Joy-Con Drift With Tiny Cardboard

Kotaku 17 July, 2021 - 04:11pm

Joy-Con drift, for those lucky enough to have never experienced it, is a known defect of the Switch controllers’ analog joysticks. Over time, the controllers start acting as if you’re moving the stick in a particular direction even when you’re not touching anything. Even the Switch Lite isn’t immune to this. It sucks!

It especially sucks because even the just-announced Switch OLED model won’t do jack shit for what is probably the number-one issue with the console. The Japanese company does offer fast repair and replacement solutions at no extra cost, but not only is it a hassle to pack up your controllers and wait for them to come back (or your entire console, if you have a Switch Lite), this doesn’t really address the root problem at the manufacturing level. Sometimes, even Nintendo can’t fix it and the company ends up sending you a Joy-Con in a totally different color than the one you submitted. Many people just end up learning how to live with it, though luck would have it that stick drift now appears in next-gen consoles as well.

Okay, but what is this killer effective method that has overcome years of Nintendo ineptitude? Turns out, it’s a small piece of cardboard. You can watch VK’s Channel describe how he arrived at it below, though it’s 10 minutes long for something that takes much less time to explain. Skip to the 6:35 mark if you’re short on time. Note that if you don’t have any cardboard lying around, folks are also using multiple sheets of paper, pieces of business cards, and tape suited for electronics. Basically, anything thin that can be cut to fit the area shown during the video is fair game.

While it’s hard to suss out what, exactly, might be causing your particular case of drift, there is indeed an easy way to tell if the YouTube trick will work for you. A Switch owner who goes by the handle river_rage told Kotaku that before attempting the cardboard fix, they “verified that applying pressure to the casing, as shown in the video, neutralized the drifting.” If your drift doesn’t stop when you press down on the empty areas on your controller, likely this won’t help you at all.

Then again, for people whose controllers are already beyond busted, what is there to lose? Alan Goodsmith, a Switch owner who tried the cardboard method, told Kotaku over email that he had already tried a couple of things since his Joy-Con stopped working in 2019. These included using cleaning alcohol to clean the innards and using and blowing compressed air through the controllers, both of which have helped some people tackle this problem in the past. The only reason he didn’t try more things, he said, is because he bought replacements rather than continuing to try and troubleshoot what appeared to be doomed devices. It’s what a lot of people end up doing, but since it’s such a pervasive issue, this approach can quickly become expensive.

“I already own an electronics repair kit from iFixit which contains the tri-wing bit required to open the shell,” he wrote, before detailing his procedure in full. Those of you curious about attempting it might find this useful:

After removing the screws you must carefully open the two halves of the shell as there are ribbons attached to the main PCB and the rail so your Joy-Con can talk to the switch when they are attached, but also to charge over the rail. After you are inside, with caution lift the battery ... From there you would see a few Philips screws holding down the battery cell holder in place.

Once removed it opens up exposing the back of the joystick. From there I applied two thin pieces of card stock to hit the recommended thickness of 1mm, and reversed the steps to close it up.

The tri-wing screws, he also noted, should be handled with care, as there’s a risk of stripping them. It’s also not a bad idea to refer to guides on how to properly open your controllers. But since implementing the cardboard fix, he says, he’s been using the controller for over a day at this point and it now works perfectly.

“I spent about an hour trying to force drift by clicking the stick and pushing the direction it tended to drift,” he said. “Nothing.”

Even so, there’s uncertainty at play here. Yes, there are documented cases of people out there trying it, and testimonials of folks saying it’s legit. What we don’t know is how it works in the long term, as most people who have made this modification have only had it for a few days, if that. There is some concern that, while cardboard works right now, it may also make the problem worse in the long run. If issues arise from innards being damaged or taxed in some way, it’s possible that the cardboard might expedite that degradation. It’ll be worth seeing if this remains effective months or years down the line.

But even if it’s just a temporary alleviation, being able to squeeze a little more playtime out of your broken controller might not be such a bad deal. At least that seems to be the attitude on social media, where many are sharing their experiences with cardboard Joy-Con fixes after watching the video. But hey, better than that time everyone was licking their Switch cartridges, right?

Scalpers Set Their Sights On The Switch OLED As Pre-Orders Go Live In The US

Nintendo Life 17 July, 2021 - 04:11pm

The Nintendo Switch OLED might not have quite as much excitement behind it as the next-generation Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, but hey, that's not going to stop scalpers from hoarding and relisting this new model online.

Not long after pre-orders went live in the US earlier today, scalpers began listing Nintendo's new model system on websites like eBay for double and even triple the amount of the $350 retail price. Some listings go all the way up to $1,000 USD...

This has become increasingly common in recent times, and sadly we saw the same scenario play out when the system went on sale in the UK. It was also the same deal when pre-orders for Metroid Dread went live - with the Special Edition and amiibo two-pack selling out in record time and listings of the product appearing online not long after.

As usual, we strongly advise against purchasing a new system like the Switch OLED off eBay. If your retailer of choice has already run out of supplies, it's probably best to hold out and wait for more stock to arrive. See our Switch OLED US pre-order guide for more information.

About Liam Doolan

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

Comments (67)

Anybody going to stop the scalper bots?

Why not do what Valve is doing with the Steam Deck? Somehow I think Nintendo loves the scalper market.

@JDCII I mean, in concept piracy and scalping are literally opposites. Scalping is buying products and reselling them for a higher price. Piracy is buying products and then distributing them for free. Neither is right but they aren’t the same thing.

I still believe these scalpers are keeping their Switch OLEDs for a while.

Good! Keep their attention off the Steam Deck LOL

Though, that's probably wishful thinking and that too, will probably get scalped.

I do wonder who actually buys into these with enough of a percentage that the scalpers still find it profitable to continue doing. I know, we all know the whole "Sucker born every minute" shtick, but, like.....it's the internet, where information on schemes like these is easy to come across. Also anyone with the money on hand to buy one at those scalper prices should know better by now just by life experiences.

They should make you pick it up on store that way people can't buy 50 under different accounts. Or are least make it so you can't ship multiple to the same address.

On behalf of everyone, I would like to say one thing. Scalpers, eff you.

I'd go and scalp that new Valve thing instead if I were them!

If you're surprised by this, wait, no, if you're saying you're surprised by this I don't even believe you.

Seriously as obnoxious as this is, it's just par for the course at this point.

@Dezzy You think they wont?

Well they did the same for the Animal Crossing Switch, and it's still being sold to this day. Strange but whatevers.

There is v2 still but from the article that must not exists or something. And people are dumb enough to buy from scalpers when the return is nothing for the buyer. OLED and noting in performance Gain.

I thought the retail price was too high for this garbage in the first place.

On the bright side maybe this will take their attention away from PS5 and Series X consoles so more people can get those

That one listing be like "preorder guaranteed "

They can have this one lol. I'm still trying to get my last friend a PS5

@russell-marlow Best Buy seemed to have some measures in place today, was a hassle and far from perfect but was something.

Anyone can put anything up on eBay.

Surely there won't be any difficulty getting a Switch OLED. It's not as if it's a limited quantity product.

Go to Walmart for some milk. Look if they got oled switch, then buy. If not, oh well.

This is one reason I'm happy with my switch. Don't wanna pay obscenely high prices for a bigger screen and wider kickstand

@JDCII How on earth are those two thee same thing? One is a opportunistic a** and the other one is basically Robin Hood, unless it is bootlegging.

@Grafeaux it will happen later

Hopefully the scalpers will realize nobody wants the OLED model so badly that they’d overpay for it. If not, I hope Nintendo puts out more of them around release day.

I really wanted to preorder one today but was unable to. I find that shocking since I was under the impression this was an unpopular model.

a free market is good but if eBay can set rules about what can and cannot be sold on their site, then they could put an immediate stop to this practice by not allowing the listing of “pre-orders” and go even further by not allowing something to be sold above its retail price for x-amount of time after its street date.

Or even better: Nintendo could sell directly. They don’t because this scarcity thing has been a trick up Nintendo’s sleeve for as long as they’ve existed. Every single thing they sell these days is immediately gobbled up and treated like a rare gem. You think they want that to stop?

"The Nintendo Switch OLED might not have quite as much excitement behind it as the next-generation Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5"

What OLED pre order launch were you a part of Nintendo Life? I had five different websites on my desktop and three on my phone. I was mashing that refresh for near 40 minutes before I could get an order in and I'm still surprised I was able to. Seems gamers are pretty excited to get their hands on it.

Why the hell doesn't anyone do anything about this? Seems like us non-scalpers need to pool our resources and put an end to this BS.

My hate for the scalpers is immeasurable. Little innocent old me has never wanted an ammibo decides that Metroid dread ammibo to support one of my favoite series. Little old naive me, had never experienced the scalpers, and when I looked at every site I realized that the game I ever wanted a special edition, or ammibo set for was bought up and being sold for hundreds of dollars! My heart hardened that day learning just how cruel people could be.

I'm not surprised really I'm not you'd think with things going slowly back to normal there would be a lot less scalping but I forget people suck

It’s possible, maybe not likely but possible, that these Switch OLEDs will be plentiful and not genuinely in high demand when they launch.

Might be able to walk into a Best Buy and just buy one at MSRP. I mean it’s not a Switch 2 after all. I would get a chuckle out of the scalper’s dilemma then.

Something tells me these scalpers are going to be stuck with a lot of slow/non moving product.

People were already complaining about not enough of an upgrade for$350....and they really think it's going to move faster @ $550???

Scalpers are too greedy/scummy for their own good. Hopefully this comes to bite them in the ass for a loss.

Lol have fun playing on the Switch systems you're not going to sell!

Part of me was kinda hoping that Nintendo would replace the LCD Switch with the OLED Switch at $299 and not tell anyone.

It’s how the GBASP-AGS101 was handled.

I was able to preorder the red/blue oled switch from target today with no issues. I would have liked the white one but maybe I’ll get one of those eventually. I only do handheld mode so this will be nice.

This is the one time I'm glad Nintendo offered us docked owners nothing.

I'll keep playing on my large screen OLED TV thanks and save me some money.

Hold the line. It took me about 3 weeks of seriously trying to order a PS5 but I finally managed to get one at retail value. Scalpers and bots are ruining it for everyone.

Because why let fans enjoy things at retail price?

How many times do I have to say that the only way to stop scalpers is to stop paying their prices? Quit leaving it up to companies to cap prices, police bots, set max order quantities, etc. As long as they know you will pay them, the scalpers will find a way.

How to solve the scalping issue:

Have some f*cking self control and don't buy from them. Solved.

Whinge whinge whinge 🙄 It's not illegal, so there's nothing you can do unless the retailer puts a limit per customer.

The OLED will essentially replace the original model, so it's not disappearing any time soon. If you want it so bad, find the same tools that these 'scalpers' use.

As long as people keep buying from scalpers, scalpers are gonna keep pulling this crap. Gotta have willpower, patience, and if you have the technical skills, a way to invent something that can fight scalper bots. I'm almost surprised there are no laws being discussed to ban scalper bots, but most politicians probably don't care about anyone such bots affect.

Jokes on them. No one will buy it for that price lol I wouldn't even buy it for regular price.

Haha the scalpers are more interested in the OLED Switch than the gamers

The console hasn’t sold out. So good luck scalpers

Looks like Valve's approach with the steam deck might be a good one with the reservation system where you have to put $5 down first and are limited to amount you can preorder.

Not sure how well of a safeguard it'll be but at least they're trying SOMETHING to combat the scalpers.

Here's hoping it happens. I want them to lose big.

@ChaoticIgnorance PS5 is still sold out 7 months later. Switch OLED isn’t sold out now

I´m good with the scalpers having a pile of Switches. I just wait a bit and buy the second or third batch when it´s in stock. I assume the scalpers at some point in time will stop hoarding Switches.

Maybe I was naive but I didn't expect scalpers to focus on this model given the difference between this and the base Switch is so miniscule.

@HammerGalladeBro I believe they still have the Mario 35th Game & Watch Handhelds...

It took me a 2 weeks but I finally managed to get my pre-order in through Amazon this morning before the scalpers got them all

At this point it’s not even worth getting excited for new consoles or special editions since they’ll be priced way above what they’re worth and are not realistically affordable, which is a real shame

I hope plenty of people just chill with this 'upgrade'.

There isn't a reason to jump straight into getting one and if you are desperate just buy the standard one instead and save a bit of cash.

Hopefully scalpers will be left with them on their hands

At this point I feel they just buy anything that might be in high demand and hope for the best. I somehow can't see the OLED-Model being sold out months after launch.

Rather than do online button pushing, I went into my local GameStop and placed my order for me and SO for a White model with no drama at all. Took about 5 minutes. While there another person did the same. They had their master list out and total my GameStop had round 20 they could sale in store yesterday. All my friends that went into GameStop yesterday had success that took about as long as it takes to fill up a car's tank of gas.

@Dringo That's because it's been released in waves at each store. Hence the reason I was able to get my hands on one 40 minutes into the launch window.

I remember some lady took thousands of dollars to an iPhone launch to buy them all and sell them at a higher price. Luckily, the store had a one phone per person rule.

Best Buy had measures in place with multiple step check out and disabled shipping options (pick up required) which was nice. It still ran out of stock in like 5 minutes but I was able to grab one.

So reading through all of these comments so far (and I was able to get a Switch OLED via my local GameStop on an in-store preorder) 2 things come to my mind here: 1. It isn't just Nintendo that is "loving" the scalpers. Sony, Microsoft, nVIDIA, AMD? They all have had all their latest tech products scalped just as hard and just as deeply as Nintendo so those other 4 companies mentioned must "love" it too. But seriously...the fact that scalpers cause product to sell out much faster than if they weren't there? It only looks good on quarterly financial reports. Let's be realistic there. Also, about the Steam Deck being or not being scalped? It will. Trust me. It will...hard. The companies behind the retail bots already have their bots primed for whatever Valve is going to place against them and they are as ready as Reggie right now. Friday morning is going to be another spectacle of scalping again. Out!

Just a reminder that eBay does have policies in place that prohibit selling any device that can't ship in 30 days. October is months away still. Feel free to report any listing you see if you want to irritate some scalpers. I don't know why eBay doesn't try to automatically do this themselves.

Choose "Listing Practices" --> "Inappropriate Seller Terms" --> "Presale"

Looks like you can still grab one from target. Since they aren't sold out yet that means demand isn't that high so scalpers are gonna be sweating.

Seems like the only way to stop the scalpers is to stop buying from them. Unfortunately most people that are buying from them are also not reading this post or even Nintendo Life.

This didn’t age well. Deck has scalpers too lol

I walked into my local gamestop when preorders started. There were 2 other peoppe already there to buy one. I reserved mine and they still had incoming stock available.

On a stranger note, I couldn't order the steam deck. It said my account was too new, even though it's not new at all. Then the website stopped working. I emailed steam support with a screen shot and got a steam deck 512gb reserved at 5:25 central. Long after they supposedly sold out.

I also got my ps5 order day one walking into gamsstop. I guess I'm just lucky.

Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment...

"Realistically, he’d be on a toilet"

Experience Link's classic adventures while you wait

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Nintendo Switch OLED Model Now Available for Pre-Order at Select Retailers

Twinfinite 17 July, 2021 - 04:11pm

Announced just last week, the Nintendo Switch OLED model is an updated version of Nintendo’s little hybrid console. It features an OLED display instead of an LCD one, has thinner bezels, has a better kickstand, as well as a LAN port for better wired connection. It’s set to be released this October, and is now available for pre-order.

Though, you may be hard pressed to find a retailer that isn’t already sold out. The usual retailers in North America like Target, Best Buy, and Walmart had their pre-orders go live earlier today, and it looks like they’ve all sold out, at least for now.

Still, there’s a lot of time before the official launch, and it’s likely that these retailers will start opening pre-orders again soon, so it’s definitely worth keeping tabs on them every so often so that you don’t miss out. You can check out the console details here, as well as look up retailers near your location.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model will launch at $349.99 on Oct. 8.

Nintendo Switch OLED price hike leaves gamers facing critical question

T3 17 July, 2021 - 04:11pm

The Nintendo Switch OLED has very definitely split opinion since its left-field unveiling a week ago, with some moving fast to lodge their Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order, while plenty of others moving fast to voice their disappointment with its perceived missing features and lack of ambition.

Both these takes are based on a pretty complete view of the Nintendo Switch OLED, too, with its release date (October 8, 2021), price ($350) and technical offering well known. Gamers don't know everything right now, with the BigN staying schtum so far for example about whether or not the console comes with upgraded Joy-Con controllers, but most of what it is going to offer is now out there.

And now, following a revelatory report by U.S. news site Bloomberg, gamers now also seem to have details about just how much the Nintendo Switch OLED's upgraded hardware costs to produce, with analysts slating that "the upgrades are estimated to cost around $10 more per unit" to produce.

The analysts, who hail from established industry research firms DSCC and Omida, note that the Switch OLED's new 7-inch OLED panel display, which is made by Samsung, costs an additional $3 to $5 per unit over the existing Nintendo Switch, which uses an LCD panel instead. On top of that cost is another $3.50 needed to double the internal system storage from 32GB to 64GB. Combined, probably with a few other negligible cost increases such as the console shipping with a larger kickstand, these roughly add up to around $10.

It won't have escaped gamers that the Nintendo Switch OLED price does not tally with this estimated production increase cost, either. As it seems like despite the Nintendo Switch OLED costing only $10 more to make than the standard Nintendo Switch, the BigN is charging $50 more for it.

Is the opportunity to play Nintendo Switch games on a screen that could make them look much better worth that extra premium spend? Right now my opinion is that it absolutely isn't, but then again, I've not seen the system or seen games running on it. Maybe seeing the console in action will change my mind, but right now I think $350 for a system powered internally by hardware that is half a decade old but now has an OLED screen not an LCD one is a really tough sell.

I mean, for goodness sake, you can buy a PS5 Digitial Edition for just $50 more! That's a genuinely next-gen games console that delivers orders of magnitude better performance and graphics and that is absolutely future-proofed.

And I think the Nintendo Switch OLED price rise is also harder to stomach considering that there remains the possibility that the BigN could also release a Nintendo Switch Pro console in the foreseeable future, which uses the same OLED panel as this new console but features upgraded internal hardware.

So, is the Nintendo Switch OLED worth the extra spend? That's the critical question gamers are going to have to ask themselves when it comes round to October 8th.

Deputy Editor for T3.com, Rob has been writing about computing, gaming, mobile, home entertainment technology and more for over 15 years. You can find Rob's work in magazines, bookazines and online, as well as on podcasts and videos, too. Outside of his work Rob is passionate about motorbikes, skiing/snowboarding and team sports, with football and cricket two favourites. Feel free to contact him with any related products, events, and announcements.

Elite Suito is easy to setup – with one notable caveat – and a joy to ride and train on

In the SecretLab Titan Evo, the best gaming chair just got better

Nintendo Switch OLED Stocks Now Sold Out

Tech Times 17 July, 2021 - 04:11pm

As usual, Nintendo consoles are top hits during the pre-order stage. This was evident in the sales of the Nintendo Switch, which has already sold more than 85 million units as of March of this year.

The company expects that the growth in the demand of the Switch will increase up to 90 million.

In just a few minutes, the supplies for this gaming gadget quickly faded away when the pre orders began at 3 PM (12 PM PT) on Thursday, July 15.

According to a report by The Verge, the newly-introduced console features a 7-inch screen that is larger than the original Switch version and the Lite version.

For those who have high expectations about this product, it won't come with a 4K support, which was rumored previously.

The OLED model will also not sport a new processor that could handle heavy games. What it instead introduced was the improved internet LAN port and an upgraded kickstand.

More games will be played on this console through its 64GB internal storage. On top of that, there's nothing fancy here except its big screen and enhanced audio system.

Despite several upgrades, Nintendo has not yet addressed the drifting issue of the Switch's joy-con.

In just a few minutes during its pre-order sale at 3 PM EST on Thursday, July 15, the Switch OLED pre-orders disappeared in a blink of an eye.

We have been encountering other restocks, like in the case of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The recent scenario with Nintendo Switch OLED might have become normal already since scalpers are everywhere.

Many known retailers were open during the time of the preorders. Amazon, GameStop, Target, and other shops have joined the OLED preorder sale, but in a matter of minutes, the familiar remark "sold out" has been appearing all over. 

This wave of pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch OLED is not yet the end. At any time or in the next few days, Nintendo could release another set of slots for the POs.

Before its official release on Oct. 8, many users may have already acquired the highly-coveted Switch console.

PS5 restocks have been controversial with the involvement of the scalpers who exploit the orders for their own personal gains. Simply, these people hoard the products and sell them for double or triple the original price.

At the time of writing, more than 800 OLED pre-orders are now on the eBay site, where prices only sit between $499 and below $700, Gaming Intel reported.

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