Aaron Rodgers surely won’t make his plans known before July 26 shareholders meeting


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When does Packers training camp start?

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Green Bay Packers training camp starts on July 27, with the first practice on July 28. Our Training Camp Countdown series continues with the third of our positional previews, the tight ends. Sports Illustrated10 Days Until Training Camp: Tight Ends Preview

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has said nothing about his plans or the 2021 season, despite the fact that training camp opens next week. Don’t expect Rodgers to reveal his plans until the last minute.

It’s not a matter of procrastination. Rodgers undoubtedly knows what he’s doing. But he has no reason to disclose his plans, for one very important reason.

The Packers will conduct their annual shareholder meeting on Monday. Team CEO Mark Murphy will address the assembled fans. It will become their first opportunity to voice their feelings about the chaos and uncertainty of the past three months, sparked by the draft-day disclosure that the 49ers tried to trade for Rodgers, followed by a storm of reports pointing to the reality that Rodgers wants out.

He still wants out. That hasn’t changed. Both sides have blame in this. On Monday, with Rodgers’ status still unresolved, Murphy not Rodgers will have to deal with it. And Rodgers won’t do a damn thing to make it any easier on Murphy.

Hey, that’s how it goes when you’re dealing with a “complicated fella.”

His Green Bay legacy has been damaged more than he realizes though because of all of this. Years from now, he’ll come to understand why it was unnecessary and selfish.

Now the clock is ticking on him.

I have a good feeling numba1 sports fan will be selling his stock portfolio.

That’s exactly what my auto insurance agent tells me. You’re 10% at fault for just being there.

So sure, the Packers front office is 10% at fault. I’ll agree to that.

No one in Wisconsin has questioned if Aaron is going to play for the Pack this year for months. It’s known.

It’s not a story here. Those outside of Wisconsin, or those pretending to be a Packers fan, are the only people still obsessing and wondering.

The story here is our MIL-WAU-KEE Bucks are on the brink of a World Championship. Their 2nd. First since 1971.

It will mostly be a non issue at that meeting.

Again – I LIVE here, and no one really cares. It’s not a topic of daily conversation. Once in a while someone will say something and I’d say it’s 9 out of 10 where people are on the side of the organization – not AR.

No one cares about the childish fit he’s throwing. It’s MUCH more a national wringing of hands than local.

This guy is a wuss. If your holding out for a trade say it. I really believe he has unresolved issues and needs professional help. Frankly I not afraid to take a stand you would be traded immediately.

Ravens fan. I love Aaron Rodgers….but this ongoing cry baby crap…look at me look at me is worse than and wide receiver ever!!! Try to guess what Im going to do, Im important. Please make it stop! Stop giving him attention, he will be in camp!

Rodgers smugly tries to act like he’s making the Packers org look foolish to the fans, but if you talk to the majority of Packer fans you’ll see how they’re turning on him not the team.

First of all, nobody knows if Rodgers “still wants out,” nobody outside of him and (maybe) the Packers. It can’t be stated unequivocally. Secondly, the shareholders possess a previously unconsidered cachet and influence at this meeting. Murphy will have to choose his words carefully. Either way, I’m prepared to stand and cheer for whoever is under center at the home opener, and that includes Rodgers. He’s only doing what he thinks is right, but the fact remains no one player is greater than the team.

If Rodgers had led GB to a Super Bowl win several months ago, Murphy would have little choice but to give up the keys to the kingdom. But as things are, he’s under considerably less pressure.

Breaking news: Rodgers won’t make his plans known before he does.

For the talking heads and the rest of the trigger happy media who’ve been peddling in erroneous stories over the last few months, the types that like to parse through every single word and syllable the quarterback utters, putting their own dramatic interpretation and spin on them, it’s funny that this quote is never viewed by them as a stinging indictment on sports media itself.

Please tell me, when has Rodgers said he wants out? Please provide a link that proves he actually said those words.

This is a very good point. Ask yourselves; Who has controlled this message from the very beginning? Aaron Rodgers! To a large degree the Packers too deserve credit for controlling their own message. Both sides have had slip-ups but all-in-all, it’s under control. My guess? Whoever makes the first phone call, loses. I’ve seen it work the same way within other Fortune 500-type companies.

As a lifelong Wisconsin sports fan, it’s been rather amusing to witness this glorious run the Bucks have been on, and to compare and contrast the humility, resilience, irrepressibility and selflessness of a guy like Giannis with #12’s ever-increasingly brittle and profoundly egocentric personality. Other than maybe Gary Sheffield, I can’t remember the last time a Sconnie sports star has made himself this difficult to like.

Maybe the Hollywood crowd is advising him a hissy fit is the best strategy.

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Aaron Rodgers-Packers split? History shows it would be nothing new

ESPN 20 July, 2021 - 05:00am

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- When Aaron Rodgers signed his most recent contract -- a then-record $134 million extension in 2018 -- he posted a message of thanks to the Green Bay Packers on his Instagram account. Among the hashtags at the bottom of his post was #packerforlife.

In the NFL quarterback world -- even the one where future Hall of Famers reside -- #forlife is a subjective time. In Rodgers' case, it might mean only three more years from the time he signed.

If Rodgers never takes another snap for the Packers, the question becomes, does he retire or play for another team?

The Packers have made it clear throughout the offseason standoff that they have no plans to trade the three-time NFL MVP. But this is the same franchise that traded Brett Favre 13 years ago.

There is precedent both in Green Bay and around the NFL. Twelve of the 27 modern-era quarterbacks in the Pro Football Hall of Fame split with the team they're most associated with and finished their careers elsewhere.

The coming weeks will determine if Rodgers is destined to be No. 13.

Here's how it went down for the previous 12:

How he fared with new team: Van Brocklin led the NFL in completions (198) and attempts (374) in his first season with the Eagles, but they finished with a 2-9-1 record. Following a 7-5 mark in 1959, Van Brocklin and the Eagles made history by defeating the Packers 17-13 for the NFL championship, the only playoff loss by a Vince Lombardi-coached team. At age 34, Van Brocklin also won NFL MVP in his final season in 1960.

Quotable: "I didn't much want to come to the Eagles," Van Brocklin told Sports Illustrated in 1958. "You can't beat that West Coast living. But what else am I going to do? I guess if I knew what I'm going to do when I get through, I'd start doing it now."

How he fared with new team: Tittle resuscitated his career with the Giants. They went 8-1-1 in his 10 starts that first season in 1961, and he was named first-team All-Pro the following two years. The Giants won three straight Eastern Division titles and Tittle set league records with 33 and 36 touchdown passes in 1962 and 1963, respectively. He even won the MVP in the 1963 season. Even though he never ultimately won an NFL championship, Tittle had a nice run in New York.

Quotable: "Who the hell is Lou Cordileone? They didn't even bother to trade a name player for me. Tittle for a guard named Cordileone? Well, that takes me down a peg." -- Tittle upon learning of the trade (via his book "Nothing Comes Easy").

How he fared with new team: As a Lion, Layne won three NFL championships. He played in four Pro Bowls and made First-Team All-Pro Twice. In Pittsburgh, he made the Pro Bowl twice in five seasons, but never reached the playoffs again before retiring ahead of the 1963 season. The Lions have seemingly been cursed for decades following his bold statement. He died in 1986 at age 59.

Quotable: "No, there's no sour grapes," his son Alan Layne told the Detroit Free Press in 2017. "He never said anything derogatory around me or my brother. It was just water under the bridge. He wasn't like that, and he just went on."

How he fared with new team: The 40-year-old Unitas' Chargers debut in 1973 was a disaster, and it didn't get much better from there. He completed 6-of-17 passes for 55 yards with three interceptions in a 38-0 loss to Washington. He started three more games, losing two, before being benched for rookie Dan Fouts, who went on to become a Chargers legend and a Hall of Famer. Unitas completed just 34 passes in his 18th season and opted to retire.

Quotable: "... I got a call from Ernie Accorsi, the Colts' PR man, and he said Joe Thomas wanted to talk to me. I said, 'Fine, put him on,'" Unitas told the Los Angeles Times in 1989. "Thomas said, 'You've just been traded to San Diego,' and bang, he hung up. That was it, after 17 years with the ballclub."

How he fared with new team: Blanda joined the Raiders at age 40 and was used primarily as a kicker for nine more seasons. He only made one start at quarterback with the Raiders but appeared in 126 games and helped Oakland to its first AFL championship in 1967. He played in 11 championship games, including seven with the Raiders. Blanda retired just before the 1976 season, weeks shy of his 49th birthday, with 2,002 points in 340 games.

Quotable: "When I look back on my nine years with the Raiders, what comes to mind first is my great association with Al Davis," Blanda told the Raiders website in 2010. "If it had not been for him I may not have done the things I did once I left Houston. I may not have even kept playing if it weren't for Al. I respect him highly."

How he fared with new team: Broadway Joe never became Hollywood Joe. His one season in La La Land was a disaster. The Rams made the playoffs, but Namath was benched after only four games. The old magic was gone. The tell-tale moment occurred during a playoff loss to the Vikings. Knox, looking for Namath to come off the bench and save the day, made eye contact with him on the sideline. Namath looked away, tacitly turning down the opportunity. That's when he knew it was over.

Quotable: "I really felt like I could still play even though I lost a lot of physical skill that I was able to play with earlier. I really felt like I could still play given the opportunity to be with a team that was pretty damn good, but it turned out to be a very difficult transition. To change teams, it's tough, it's really tough." -- Namath to ESPN.com

How he fared with new team: Stabler, in his first year with Houston, led the Oilers to a wild-card berth, where he faced ... the Raiders. Oakland dominated Stabler, sacking him seven times and picking him off twice, including a game-sealing 20-yard pick-six by Lester Hayes in the Raiders' 27-7 victory. Stabler didn't appear in the postseason again as he went 16-12 in two seasons with the Oilers and 11-11 in three years with the New Orleans Saints, before calling it a career after the 1984 season.

Quotable: "It was a sweet encounter. It was like two old friends, circling back around to where they were. Mr. Davis was very fragile, and Kenny hugged him very gingerly ... they both found peace." -- Kim Bush, the late Stabler's life partner, recalling the 2009 meeting in Davis' office that ended their feud.

How he fared with new team: Montana signed a three-year, $10 million deal with the Chiefs but was unable to wear his familiar No. 16 because it was retired after being worn by another Hall of Famer, Len Dawson. He opted for No. 19. The Chiefs won a division title in Montana's first season as the starter -- their first in 22 years. They lost to the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship Game, and Montana went to his eighth and final Pro Bowl. After a 9-7 season in 1994 that included a win over Young and the 49ers in a Week 2 Monday Night Football matchup, Montana retired from the NFL at age 38.

Quotable: "The thing that stuck in me the most wasn't that I was going somewhere else, but it was the reason I was going ... I had felt I shouldn't be [leaving] at that point in time," Montana told The Kansas City Star in 2013. "I could understand it if my play was down, but it wasn't at that point. It was simply because they didn't want to have a quarterback controversy."

How he fared with new team: Moon played three seasons in Minnesota, throwing for more than 4,200 yards and making the Pro Bowl in back-to-back seasons before breaking his collarbone in his final year with the Vikings. Including the 1994 and 1995 seasons in Minnesota, Moon was named to eight straight Pro Bowls. He closed out his career with two-year stints with the Seahawks and Chiefs before retiring in 2001 at the age of 44.

Quotable: "I think they made a mistake trading me," Moon told the Houston Chronicle in 1994. "You look at what management did, and they got what they deserve. I think they did what they thought was best, but sometimes what you think is best isn't always right."

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How he fared with new team: Warner signed with the Giants and became the placeholder at quarterback for No. 1 draft pick Eli Manning. Warner won five of his nine starts but managed just six touchdown passes in 277 attempts and was replaced by Manning. At age 34, Warner signed with the Cardinals in 2005 and made just 15 starts in his first two seasons as the team gave Matt Leinart a chance to be the franchise quarterback in 2006. Warner took over as the No. 1 quarterback in 2007 and led the Cardinals to their first-ever Super Bowl in 2008 when he passed for 4,583 yards and 30 touchdowns. He led the Cardinals back to the playoffs in 2009, losing to the Saints in the divisional round, the final game of his Hall of Fame career.

Quotable: "I don't know what went wrong or why decisions were made the way they were," Warner told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch soon after his release from the Rams in 2004. "But I know the organization decided to go in a different direction. And they've got a tremendous young quarterback there in Marc [Bulger], and if you look at that you can't say they did anything wrong."

How he fared with new teams: After one up-and-down season with the Jets, he retired again only to unretire and sign with the Vikings in 2009, creating a bitter feeling among the fan base. He was resoundingly booed in his return to Lambeau Field. He led the rival Vikings to the NFC title game but lost again in a bid for one more Super Bowl. He reluctantly returned for the 2010 season, and it was mistake. His iron man streak of consecutive starts ended at 297 late in a 6-10 season.

Quotable: "I couldn't envision myself playing with another team. If that was ever to come up, I would probably just retire. I've made enough money that I don't have to jump ship and go anywhere else." -- Favre on the day in 2001 when he signed a 10-year, $101.5 million contract extension with the Packers.

How he fared with new team: How does winning at least 12 games in all four seasons, being named league MVP, playing in two Super Bowls (winning one) and becoming the NFL's all-time touchdown pass leader (momentarily) sound? All those things happened during Manning's four seasons with the Denver Broncos. It was a good time for the Colts to part ways with Manning, but he also proved he still had something left.

Quotable: "There will be no other Peyton Manning," Irsay said the day Manning was released. "The No. 18 jersey will never be worn again."

Aaron Rodgers’ closest friends on Packers have no idea if he’ll report to training camp

Yahoo Sports 19 July, 2021 - 09:54pm

Dan Wetzel, Pat Forde, Pete Thamel

Not even a few of his closest friends on the team.

Left tackle David Bakhtiari told Ryen Russilo of The Ringer that he has “no idea” if Rodgers will report to camp.

Tight end Marcedes Lewis told TMZ that he’s hopeful Rodgers will be there but also said he doesn’t have any inside information on the situation.

Kicker Mason Crosby told the “Wilde and Tausch” podcast that everyone is still trying to get Rodgers back in the building for the 2021 season and he’s not sure if the veteran quarterback will be there for the first day of camp.

It’s July 19 and no one really knows if the important player on the football team will report to the start of camp. Teammates either don’t know or won’t say, which helps explain why there has been so little reporting on Rodgers’ plans for the start of training camp.

Last week, Rodgers said he wanted to “enjoy” his week at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe before he got a chance to “figure things out” before training camp. He has said little about the situation since news broke of his unhappiness in Green Bay right before the first round of the NFL draft.

Veterans for the Packers are scheduled to report for training camp on Tuesday, July 27, with the first public practice scheduled for Wednesday, July 28.

Rodgers, the 2020 NFL MVP, skipped the entire offseason workout program while feuding with the Packers organization. Missing the start of training camp could be the next step of escalation if Rodgers no longer wants to play in Green Bay, but the Packers have remained steadfast about not trading their three-time MVP quarterback.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has said nothing about his plans or the 2021 season, despite the fact that training camp opens next week. Don’t expect Rodgers to reveal his plans until the last minute. It’s not a matter of procrastination. Rodgers undoubtedly knows what he’s doing. But he has no reason to disclose his plans, [more]

Patrick Chung and Bill Belichick developed a close relationship during their years together in New England, and that made it hard for Chung to tell Belichick their relationship was over. “I just went and talked to Bill,” Chung said, via Mike Reiss of ESPN. “That was probably the hardest conversation I’ve had in a while. [more]

When the Miami Dolphins made their change at quarterback last seasons to give Tua Tagovailoa the reins coming out of their bye last October, Ryan Fitzpatrick totally took a backseat in hopes of bolstering the team’s rookie starter. In the ESPN Daily podcast with Pablo Torre, Fitzpatrick said he basically didn’t take any reps in [more]

ESPN has landed a talent touchdown. After years of trying to secure top sports celebrities to boost its flagship “Monday Night Football” coverage, the Disney-backed sports outlet said it has enlisted both Peyton and Eli Manning to co-anchor a second broadcast of its signature show, starting this fall. The famous football brothers will lead the […]

Ryan Fitzpatrick has started 146 career games, and he has played for eight teams. The quarterback this season is the unquestioned starter for his ninth team, and Fitzpatrick rates Washington as the best opportunity he has had in his now 17-year career. “This is the best situation I’ve ever been in or the best situation [more]

He's expected back early next season.

Long-time NFL assistant coach and current New York Jets passing game specialist Greg Knapp is in the hospital in critical condition due to injuries sustained in a bicycle accident this weekend, according to Mike Klis of 9NEWS. Knapp’s agent, Jeff Sperbeck, confirmed to Klis that Knapp was injured when his bicycle was struck by a [more]

Giannis Antetokounmpo – as great as he has played overall – has shot just 39-for-66 on free throws in the NBA Finals (59%).

Jorge Masvidal, Yoel Romero and others Cuban MMA fighters show support for recent protest against dictatorship in Cuba.

Last month a Chicago resident named Scott Morrow was walking down the street when he suddenly felt a sharp pain and collapsed to the ground. He had been shot in the back and was now in a fight for his life, but as he rode in an ambulance to a nearby hospital, he was inspired [more]

Megan Fox has pulled out of tonight’s Los Angeles premiere of her new movie “Midnight in the Switchgrass” because of the ongoing concern over COVID in Los Angeles. “Due to the recent California mask mandate and rise of COVID cases, Megan Fox will no longer be attending the premiere tonight,” a rep for the premiere […]

Former Red Sox ace Jon Lester blasted only the fourth home run of his career in a Nationals-Marlins game on Monday.

The Giants and Dodgers both went back-to-back in the first inning at Dodger Stadium on Monday.

At UFC on ESPN 28, Trevin Jones and Ronnie Lawrence will square off after John Castaneda and Aaron Phillips withdrew from planned bouts.

The chief of the Tokyo 2020 organising committee on Tuesday did not rule out cancelling the Olympics if COVID-19 cases spiked, as more athletes tested positive for the virus and sponsors ditched plans to attend Friday's opening ceremony. Asked at a news conference if the global sporting showpiece might still be cancelled, Toshiro Muto said he would keep an eye on infection numbers and liaise with other organisers if necessary. "We will continue discussions if there is a spike in cases," said Muto.

TikTok user Joseph Deel said in a follow-up video that he was "on adrenaline" and "didn't think about the danger of us being that close to a bear."

The drama between MVP QB Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers keeps getting hotter

The Vikings begin training camp next week, with their first full-squad practice scheduled for July 28. Between now and then, we're previewing camp with a look at each position group. QUARTERBACKS Kirk Cousins, Kellen Mond, Jake Browning, Nate Stanley OFFSEASON MOVES In: Mond (third-round pick) Out: Sean Mannion (free agent) OUTLOOK After signing Cousins to a fully-guaranteed deal in 2018, the ...

In Louis Oosthuizen’s six runner-up finishes – including at least one in all four majors – he had rarely beaten himself.

Packers: Important dates before start of 2021 season

Lombardi Ave 19 July, 2021 - 04:00am

Green Bay Packers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

For Green Bay Packers fans, we’re in the worst part of the year. The OTAs and minicamp finished last month, and it’s a quiet period before training camp.

But the good news is that it’s almost over and the Packers will be back on the practice field very soon making their preparations for the regular season.

As well as training camp, there are other important dates for Packers fans to know including the preseason and roster cuts.

Here are some of the key dates for the Packers before Week 1 of the regular season.

Green Bay’s rookies will report to training camp later this week on Friday, July 23. They will be joined by the veterans next week on Tuesday, July 27.

The team’s first practice will be held a day later on Wednesday, July 28 with the final practice open to the public on Thursday, Aug. 19. Family Night will return this year and will take place on Saturday, Aug. 7.

Due to the pandemic, there were no preseason games last season. But preseason makes its return this year and Green Bay will play in three games.

Green Bay will then have two weeks to prepare for its regular-season opener on the road against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, Sept. 12 at 3:25 p.m. CT.

Following training camp and the preseason, Green Bay will need to trim its roster down to 53 players. It’s a gradual process.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, rosters need to be cut down from 90 players to 85 by August 17, down to 80 players by August 24, and finally down to 53 players by August 31. That’s three days after the final preseason game.

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