Adele gets cheeky question during Instagram Live stream and leaves fans 'in bits'


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Adele Sings Snippet of New Single During Instagram Live, Says Divorce Drove New Album (Video)

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“Divorce, baby, divorce,” she responded to a fan on Instagram who asked about the project. In an interview with Vogue, the singer elaborated that “30 is her attempt to explain the divorce to her 9-year-old son Angelo when he’s older.” Adele officially divorced from Konecki in March of 2021, although the pair had been separated for nearly two years before that.

The singer left certain questions about her fourth album unanswered — such as how many songs it will have. She did tell viewers that she has a favorite song on the new record, but she did not disclose any titles since the track list has not yet been revealed.

Adele also answered some other general music-related questions. She said she would never be a judge on “The Voice” because “I’d feel bad judging other people. I’d be a wreck as well, an emotional wreck. I’d just cry all the time.”

She confirmed that she supports Britney Spears amid her conservatorship hearing. Her favorite album of 2021 so far is Drake’s, and she loves Taylor Swift and Doja Cat. When a fan brought up Beyonce’s next album, Adele affirmed that of course, she was excited for it, punctuating the statement with the following question: “Are you mad?”

She really liked another question: “What is a spark of joy in your life right now?” and she answered that it is her two new puppies and the fact that her son’s birthday is soon and she is excited to plan it.

She did refuse to rap the verse to “Monster” by Nicki Minaj like she once did on “Carpool Karaoke with James Corden” because now people think she’s “a one-trick pony.”

Towards the end of the live Q&A, she played a short snippet of her soon-to-be-released song “Easy on Me.” The snippet has been removed from re-uploads, but according to Entertainment Weekly, the lyrics Adele sang were: “There ain’t no gold in this river that I’ve been washing my hands in forever,” after a piano introduction, followed by the words “I know there is hope in these waters but I can’t bring myself to swim when I am drowning in this silence. Baby, let me in.”

Earlier this week, Adele announced that “Easy on Me” would be released Oct. 15. Fans had guessed that new music was brewing after a collection of mysterious projections of the number 30 popped up around the world according to Twitter.

Celebrities like Aaron Paul and Alicia Keys also commented on Adele’s livestream in addition to numerous fans. At it’s peak, the Instagram Live reached over 130,000 followers. The Instagram Live was the latest update in a string of moves made by Adele on social media. She recently changed her Twitter background and Tweeted since the first time in eight months.

Check out the video below:

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