Alonso, Leclerc and Bottas consider Hamilton-Verstappen crash a racing incident


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What did Verstappen say about Hamilton?

But after being "taken to a local hospital for further cautionary tests", Verstappen posted on social media saying Hamilton's move had been "dangerous" and his victory celebrations were "disrespectful and unsportsmanlike". Celebrating his win, Hamilton said: "This is a dream for me today, to do it in front of you all. Sky NewsLewis Hamilton targeted by racists online after British Grand Prix win and Max Verstappen crash

Did Lewis Hamilton get a penalty?

Hamilton was given a 10 second penalty but took it during a pit stop when running second and came back on to the track in fourth place. "Regardless of whether I agree with the penalty I just take it on the chin," he said. FirstpostFormula 1 2021: Lewis Hamilton wins British GP despite 10-second penalty for colliding with Max Verstappen

Who won British f1 today?

Lewis Hamilton won the Formula One British Grand Prix on Sunday after Max Verstappen crashed out on lap one after a coming-together with his title rival. The IndependentBritish Grand Prix LIVE: F1 result as Lewis Hamilton grabs late win after Max Verstappen crashes on lap one

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The controversial collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen on the first lap of yesterday’s British Grand Prix was deemed a racing incident by several of their top rivals.

Charles Leclerc, who was immediately behind the pair when they tangled, described the collision as a “racing incident”.

“It is very difficult to judge it from the car, we are very low so it’s difficult to see,” he said. “Everything went very quick. Obviously I could see there was quite a bit of things going around in front of me.

“I think it’s a racing incident. It’s quite difficult to put the blame on one or the other. Obviously there was space on the inside.

“Maybe Lewis was not completely at the apex but it’s also true that Max was quite aggressive on the outside. So, things happen, what is the most important today is that Max is unharmed and is fine.”

Hamilton passed Leclerc at the same corner later in the race. The Mercedes driver praised Leclerc’s “respectful” approach to their fight for position.

“I knew Lewis was in the inside,” said Leclerc. “I left a space and unfortunately, I think I had stayed in front, but in the very end of the corner I got a snap and lost a little bit of time and then Lewis got in front of me.”

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Red Bull pilloried Hamilton for the collision. Team principal Christian Horner repeatedly accused him of “sticking a wheel up the inside” of his driver. However Fernando Alonso believes Hamilton was far enough alongside the Red Bull to have earned the right to contest the corner.

Alonso also said neither driver was at fault. “It was an unfortunate moment of the race, but nothing intentional or nothing that any of the two drivers did wrong, in my opinion. So that was an unlucky moment, I guess.”

Hamilton’s team mate Valtteri Bottas wasn’t surprised the pair ended up colliding.

“I saw them fighting through lap one, a bit like yesterday. I had a feeling something was going to happen.

“But they were fighting hard. That kind of thing, that happens, it’s racing. It can happen. When you fight hard, when you don’t give up.

“I’m just happy that Max is fine because it was a big shunt. Also, I really feel like Lewis fully deserved the win today.”

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It was bound to happen at some stage given that the cars are so close and both Max and Lewis are ultracompetitive. Hopefully we’ll not have a rest-of-the-season of bumping cars, especially for their physical sake. Also, a race without one of these 2 is not as interesting for me, even though I’d love a surprise win, but it just doesnt feel as close and unpredictable.

Mr. Horner will now call Alonso and Leclerc as “Hamilton’s lobbying”. Sad that team principals cannot receive penalty points for B.S. talking.

“But most lewis fans blame Max for fighting lewis”.

Really? I don’t think so. Most welcome the competition, everyone is keen for this season. I agree that the penalty was too lenient however imho, however it’s the old debate about should the penalty take into account the final consequence or on the driving itself. I’m still unsure myself based on seeing many many incidents over the years.

I’m no racing driver but it looked like that to me too. Hamilton had earned the right to contest the corner, he was fully alongside coming in, but he ran slightly wide and Max had given him just enough room. It was as intentional as Hulkenberg understeering towards Hamilton at Interlagos 2012, that left him with a drive through penalty which I found was very harsh at the time.

I also agree with Masi. As bad as the consequence was, and we’re all delighted Max left the scene unscratched, it shouldn’t affect the decision on the cause of the incident.

@fer-no65 I think where your point falls apart is claiming LH ran ‘slightly’ wide, and Max had given him ‘just enough’ room. Had LH taken the same line he did later for CL, Max would have been leaving him about 2 car widths of room on the inside. There is a reason why the stewards ruled as they did. There was nothing more Max could have nor should have done. It was up to LH to control his car and he didn’t.

In general what I always keep in mind with these situations is that it is always the trailing driver than has more control over the situation for he is the one that has the full view of it. Max in this case had his vibrating right side mirror and the knowledge that he was way outside the apex. When he sees LH he jinks his wheel to the left. It was LH that had the greater control over the situation, having the full forward view. He chose to go in ‘too hot’ as DR put it, and whether or not that is what sent him so wide of the apex I don’t know, but surely Max had to be thinking there was nothing more he could do given the space he was leaving. It was certainly not on Max to back out when he was always ahead and LH had plenty of room inside to own a line.

Like Szafnauer, Chandhok, Palmer, Salo, and co.

@tifoso1989 What have they done wrong? The latter is a former driver, after all.

Obviously, the most credible source is Christian Horner for Tifoso1989.

Anyone that actually analyzes the on-boards of Max and Lewis will know it wasn’t a true racing accident. Max took evasive action Lewis did not. Lewis was not on the racing line, he completely missed the apex by 2 meters.. maybe understeering or maybe even intentionally… Either way he drove into Max and he should have driven a different line. So he’s 100% at fault, Max not at all.

True, Chandhok analyzed it and put the blame on Verstappen

Yep, and they’re wrong @f1osaurus!

@f1osaurus Obviously there are many arguments. The latest I have come across is from Scott Mansell, a.k.a. Driver61. I think that he gives a pretty balanced and decent view on this from a racer’s perspective.

i don’t understand the “not on the racing line” argument. of course he wasn’t on the racing line, he was attempting a pass. if everyone was on the racing line at all times there would be no overtakes

@nickthegreek Maybe it would be better simply to say he was “wide of the apex,” as Leclerc noted. Verstappen gave him just enough room, but Hamilton didn’t take it.

Of course, Verstappen made it very difficult for Hamilton to hit that apex by forcing him so low on the run down to Copse. It would have been hard to sight the apex, with the old pit wall so close. And even if Hamilton had aimed for the apex, given that he was pinned that far to the inside, he would likely have run wide and possibly could have hit Verstappen at a blunter angle deeper into the corner. Really, his only choice to avoid contact would have been to back out.

Of course, that was an option, so in the end, I think the 10-second penalty for “causing a collision” is fair enough.

I have a hard time calling it a 50/50 because I don’t think Verstappen did anything wrong, as far as the regulations are concerned. But Hamilton was far enough alongside that he had earned the right to contest the corner, and with Verstappen being on the outside and with a championship lead to defend, one can certainly argue that it would have been wiser for him to leave more room and lived to fight another lap.

Hmm, so Max was 2 meters from the apex. Interesting, as an F1 car is 2 meters wide… You’d think a good driver doing 180mph would leave a bit more room considering there’s a car on his inside.

I’ve watched the footage frame by frame and Max turns in, then opens the steering before sharply turning in again. Max took no evasive action at all. Plus let’s not ignore the fact that Hamilton was on that line because Verstappen pushed him there in the first place. Sometime you have to know when to back out and manage the race. Verstappen had the pace to win even if Hamilton got ahead.

Completely agree with the fellow racing drivers here. 50/50. Both played a part now on to Hungry.

@Tom: no Lewis was 2 meters from the apex

@Tom: steering right as Copse is a right turn, and then he clearly steers left and steers back right to not plough into the barriers head first. I don’t know what you expect when a driver takes evasive actionut that was what the steering left bit was…

Lewis only has to leave Max one car width. He left much more than that. Max didn’t have to turn into Lewis. He had more than a car width on the outside.

wOoOdy Agreed. As per the stewards decision.

the stewards didnt put all the blame on lewis tho

Expert opinion = It was a Racing incident.

Definitely a tough one to decide. On the one hand, Max was in front and on the faster outside line coming into Copse and Lewis was on the tighter slower line. So the Mercedes was always going to understeer a bit into that corner. On the other hand, Max didn’t need to cut across that much in front of Lewis and cross his line (reminded me a little bit of Max vs Ocon in Interlagos 2018).

In the end there was contact and Lewis did hit Max. Racing incident or not, the stewards have decided and that’s most likely going to be the end of that story.

Well, it’s already pretty late. Time to pick up Christian and Toto from the kindergarten ;)

max only ended up infront after lewis braked before him…but like alonso said,,by that time lewis couldnt just disapear.

Alonso is bang on the money. 20 cars driving around on a piece of tarmac at 200+mph, sometimes two of them might inevitably collide. There was no malice involved – the move itself was not inherently dangerous (for those saying “you can’t overtake at Copse” you are plain wrong, as we saw several other times yesterday alone).

Frankly, I think we can all be united in being thankful that Max emerged relatively unscathed. It was a scary impact, and shows how well the FIA have done in improving safety over the recent years.

Lewis just has to leave Max one car width. He left more. The stewards did not say Hamilton was entirely at fault.

I wonder if the first two think Imola was a racing incident too. This and Imola are both racing incidents. I’m gonna be backlashed in 3,2,1…

I saw the leclerc interview when answering that question and it was pretty obvious he was just being polite and trying not to take sides (Hamilton was right next to him)

Alonso is basing his opinion on this:

“It looked quite close, I think Lewis had more than half a car alongside Max,” said Alonso. “So in a way, Lewis could not disappear from that inside line. It’s not that you can vanish.”

Which is simply wrong, Hamilton did not have more than a half car along verstappen, he had his front wing by verstappen’s rear tires. If Alonso knew that he’d probably have a different opinion

While bottas… I mean… it’s bottas

go watch the onboards from both cars,because youre talking nonsense.

After the emotions have settled down a bit and I have had a few more chances to watch the replays, I think these guys have it best. I initially thought, as a Max fan in the context of the championship, it was a bit of a silly move from Lewis and that he should have received more than 10 secs. However, looking back, I think while Lewis still holds a little bit more of the blame, it is nowhere near as black-and-white as I initially thought. I would probably now lay the blame 55-45 on Hamilton’s side. Whether that is enough to justify 10 seconds, 5 seconds, or even no penalty at all, I’m not knowledgeable enough to say.

These incidents happen in sport, especially in this sport. Pretty much all the great rivalries feature one (or more): Senna vs Prost, Schumacher vs Hill, Schumacher vs Villeneuve, Schumacher vs McLaren (I think the Spa 1998 crash with Coulthard is worth counting), Schumacher vs Alonso, Hamilton vs Rosberg, Hamilton vs Vettel (if you count that Baku SC incident). It’s what makes these rivalries so exciting and interesting. However, whether Hamilton deserved a penalty or not, it did make the race much more exciting than if he had overtaken Leclerc in the pitstops and driven off into the sunset on his second stint.

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Hamilton praises ‘very respectful’ Leclerc after lead battle

Motorsport Week 19 July, 2021 - 11:42am

Second placed Charles Leclerc (MON) Ferrari congratulates race winner Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 W12 in parc ferme. British Grand Prix, Sunday 18th July 2021. Silverstone, England.

Lewis Hamilton described Charles Leclerc as “very respectful” during their battle for the lead at Formula 1’s British Grand Prix.

Hamilton contested top spot with Max Verstappen on a frantic opening lap and the two came to blows when Hamilton attempted a move up the inside of Copse.

Stewards deemed Hamilton to be predominantly at fault for the clash, which resulted in Verstappen’s retirement, and was handed a 10-second time penalty that relegated him to fourth.

Hamilton reeled in long-term race leader Leclerc through the closing stages and attempted a move into Copse with a handful of laps remaining.

Leclerc initially held on around the outside but a snap of oversteer forced him wide, and Hamilton swept through to take the lead.

“He was very respectful in terms of leaving a gap,” Hamilton said of Leclerc.

“I got relatively… somewhere alongside him so he knew that I was there but he stayed committed and just did a wider line and he nearly kept it and that was really great racing.

“I think for me in that moment, I backed out at one point just to make sure that we didn’t come together but I think it was just a really nice balance and I think that’s really how the racing should go and close.

“In a perfect world, that’s what would have happened in the first attempt but different time, different place, different driver.”

Discussing the move, Leclerc said: “I knew Lewis was in the inside, I left a space and unfortunately I think I had stayed in front but in the very end of the corner I got a snap and lost a little bit of time and then Lewis got in front of me.”

Leclerc, having jumped Valtteri Bottas at the start, was directly behind the squabbling Verstappen and Hamilton when they clashed into Copse.

“I think it’s a racing incident,” he said on the clash. “It’s quite difficult to put the blame on one or the other.

“Obviously there was space on the inside. Maybe Lewis was not completely at the apex but it’s also true that Max was quite aggressive on the outside.

“So, things happen, so what is the most important [aspect] is that Max is unharmed and is fine.”

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Honda hopes for better news: 'It seems that the damage is less'

GPblog 19 July, 2021 - 06:12am

Tanabe doesn't dare say that for sure yet, however, because first the car has to go for a check-up. "The actual damage cannot be known from its appearance when it is installed in the car. So we would like to send it back to HRD in Sakura and check it before making a decision."

For Verstappen, the incident has a major impact for the standings in the world championship. The Red Bull driver had built up a big lead over Hamilton, but that difference is now down to eight points. In two weeks time both drivers will fight for the main prize in Hungary.

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