Amazon Assures Fans New World Is 'Safe To Play' In Wake Of High End GPU Failures When Playing Beta

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When does New World Beta Open?

The New World beta began on July 20, 2021 at roughly 12 p.m. Eastern. The official New World website notes that the beta will conclude on August 2, 2021. Inverse'New World' beta end date — and what to know about PS5, Xbox ports

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New World beta hits 190,000 concurrent players on Steam

PC Gamer 22 July, 2021 - 11:11pm

People are really hungry for a new MMO, huh?

There are some caveats to these numbers, though. Currently, the closed beta is accessible to those who have pre-ordered the game, but because the beta and the actual game are separate listings on Steam it's likely that some players could've pre-ordered and refunded that purchase just to get beta access. There's probably also a lot of players who jumped in without having to pay any money through giveaways or because they already had access from earlier tests. It'll be interesting to see how the closed beta numbers compare to the actual launch on August 31.

New World's closed beta lasts until August 2. The full game launches on August 31.

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New World Is Riding A Pre-Release Wave, And That's A Good Sign For Amazon

GameSpot 22 July, 2021 - 11:11pm

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It's all largely thanks to the game's closed beta, which is now live. Preordering the game, either via Steam or Amazon, gives players guaranteed beta access. Many Twitch streamers are doing beta key giveaways and have drops enabled, allowing viewers to score in-game loot just by watching streams.

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Now Playing: 16 Minutes Of New World Expedition Gameplay

Amazon, of course, owns Twitch, so it makes sense that Twitch would be an essential part of New World marketing. It's safe to say there are likely more than a few streamers who have been paid to promote the game. Some of the biggest streamers in the business are currently playing New World, including the likes of TimTheTatMan and Asmongold.

That's been done before in the past with previous Amazon Games titles, including an extended beta test for New World itself last year following the game's delay into 2021, as well as with the short-lived third person hero shooter/battle royale Crucible, which rode a very brief high as one of the top-viewed games on Twitch before becoming one of the only games in history to be unreleased into closed beta. Crucible was abandoned entirely shortly after, with developers who worked on the game instead shifting to help on New World and other "other upcoming projects."

But the Twitch integration for New World goes a bit deeper than simply having streamers promote the game. On certain streams, players can link their Twitch account and collect resources that randomly appear on stream. Those resources are then used to craft weapons, which in turn reward points to that streamer's in-game faction of choice. It's an interesting interactive element that makes watching the streams a little more engaging as players wait to score a drop.

The beta has so far been such a success that the game was experiencing server issues, with many players waiting in queues to login. Amazon has since added numerous servers for the closed beta to meet demand. One issue that has cropped up are player reports of New World essentially bricking high-end graphics cards, a major problem that could put a dent in the game's forward momentum if not fixed soon.

Despite the graphics card problem, it's mostly good news for Amazon Games. Regardless of what happens when the game actually launches, New World is already Amazon's most successful game by a mile. While that's not exactly saying much given Amazon's previous video game track record, it is a step in the right direction, and proof that perhaps the studio does have what it takes to make a hit.

What is New World? Amazon’s new open world MMO game

Dexerto 22 July, 2021 - 11:11pm

Having knocked Just Chatting and Warzone off of Twitch’s top spot, Amazon’s MMO game, New World, has become quite the sensation despite still only being in its beta phase.

With renowned MMO streamers such as Asmongold taking to the dusty plains of Aeternum Island, the title has generated an impressive amount of buzz in the gaming universe.

If you’re totally baffled about Amazon’s grand new adventure, though, then we’ve got everything you need to know about New World right here.

You’ll be able to hone your skills with the likes of cooking and blacksmithing, and will extend your seat of power by fending off enemy players in fierce PvP encounters. Your friends will be able to join, too, making those victories even sweeter.

The abbreviation of Massively Multiplayer Online, MMOs provide players which huge landscapes filled with PvE and PvP challenges.  Some of the most popular titles include Blizzard’s iconic World of Warcraft, and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV Online.

Channeling aspects of both of these, New World revolutionizes the genre by letting players choose whichever class they like, as well as switch between them as their adventure progresses. Not unlike the Elder Scrolls, your destiny is yours to mold.

Additionally, unlike WoW and FFXIV, the game is buy-to-play and therefore doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

This is because Amazon have released a closed beta, which allows players to get a snapshot of what the future game will look like. If you want to sign up, we have all of the information right here.

So that’s everything you need to know about Amazon’s New World. If you’re looking to take to the Island in style, we’ve got a list of guides for you to sink your teeth into:

Will New World beta progress carry over to the full game?

Dexerto 22 July, 2021 - 11:11pm

If you’re just getting started in New World or need a helping hand, then be sure to check out our other helpful guides:

After New World's Latest GPU Controversy, Amazon Games Can't Catch a Break

GameRant 22 July, 2021 - 11:11pm

Unfortunately, thanks to this most recent situation with New World's GPU allocation and performance issues, Amazon Games can't seem to catch a break. Even if this last issue is less drastic compared to previous Amazon-published games, it's yet another blemish in the company's efforts in publishing games. Before New World's performance issues, nearly every previous Amazon Games title has released to middling/poor reception previously. Then, for Amazon's latest game to be widely known as problematic (to the point of literally killing a player's graphics card), New World's launch could suffer a similar fate to every Amazon-published game before it.

At least for New World, this issue with GPU resource allocation seems to have an easy temporary fix. That being said, that is absolutely no excuse for a AAA game to release (even in closed beta) with an issue capable of catastrophic hardware failure. Amazon has since issued a statement meant to reassure players that the current New World closed beta is "safe to play," which is a concerning statement to make even out of context. For now, players of New World who want to avoid the issue altogether need to make sure they disable the "Max Frame Rate" option in Nvidia Control Panel, and then set a maximum FPS within the game's settings as well.

For players that have already experienced the issue in-game, or even had the worst-case scenario of a fried GPU, now couldn't be a worse time for this kind of issue to crop up. The PC market has become incredibly volatile and expensive since the pandemic started, and has remained so throughout 2021 as well. Among other industries, computer technology is suffering significantly from the worldwide chip shortage. Having to source another high-end Nvidia GPU would be incredibly difficult. The fact that a game is capable of bypassing fail safes to cause such hardware damage is practically unheard of, and only hurts Amazon's reputation further as a games publisher.

In several cases, developers of the aforementioned games moved on to work on New World as well, the latest upcoming release from Amazon Games. Prior to this recent hardware issue on PC, by all accounts, the New World MMO was received particularly well by critics during preview events. Of course, this August will be the first time the public will be able to participate in playing New World, so fan reception could be a key indicator of the game's potential as well. That being said, the unfortunate circumstances of this hardware issue are not doing New World any favors, especially considering the history of lackluster releases from Amazon Games.

New World's issues contributing to legitimate hardware failure is an ill-fated turn of events for a game that can (and still could) serve as Amazon's potential comeback in the games industry. That being said, this short-term issue is by no means definitive proof that Amazon Games is doomed to fail, far from it. It's just a matter of Amazon being able to circumvent any semblance of "bad press" from this Nvidia GPU issue, whether that's through heavy marketing or the emphasis of New World's launch reviews. Either way, Amazon Games continues to be dug into an even deeper hole, and is going to need to make a serious comeback for New World to succeed.

New World releases on August 31, 2021, on PC.

Playing ‘New World’? Here’s Amazon’s Fix For 100% GPU Usage And Potential Damage

Forbes 22 July, 2021 - 08:15am

Upcoming MMO New World raised a few eyebrows this week for the wrong reasons. A number of beta players using EVGA 3090 FTW3s have had their entire GPUs bricked while playing New World, which Amazon says is “safe to play,” but they have now issued guidance for something they think might help with this issue.

It’s not just this card, many players have noticed that the game shoots up to 100% GPU usage in odd times, like being in a menu or waiting in queue to get in. Even if their cards are not fried, an issue Amazon says is “not widespread,” it’s concerning.

Here’s Amazon’s fix for this issue, as per their current analysis of the situation:

So, they’re citing driver settings and as many suspected, frame rate limiters, where one potential issue was totally uncapped frames in menus spiking GPUs, an old Starcraft problem, if memory serves.

Regardless of the card you’re using it would probably be wise to take these steps. Even if it’s only 3090s that seem to be suffering literal damage from this, ultra-high GPU usage for no reason is not really something you want to see regardless, and these steps should help bring it back down.

New World continues to enjoy a highly watched beta launch period, dominating on Twitch most of the time as players mess around in early zones of the game. The long-gestating MMO from Amazon is a big deal for the company, which has struggled to put out a high quality release since it started making games, but New World, technical issues aside, seems to be relatively well received by gamers and MMOs fans in particular so far.

More to come on potential tech issues, but hopefully this current issue may be helped by these steps.

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