'American Horror Stories': Paris Jackson says her vindictive character 'makes my blood boil'


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How many episodes is American horror stories?

As of November 13, 2019, 103 episodes of American Horror Story have aired, concluding the ninth season. The series has been renewed for a tenth season, set for release in 2021. wikipedia.orgList of American Horror Story episodes

American Horror Stories: Every AHS Murder House Ghost in Rubber (Wo)man

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The first episode’s title, “Rubber (Wo)man,” led many to believe Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga would reprise their respective roles as Tate Langdon and Violet Harmon, but such a return didn’t occur. Following season 1 of American Horror Story, the last time Ryan Murphy returned to Murder House with the memorable ghosts was in season 8, AHS: Apocalypse. Tate and Vivien’s baby Michael Langdon became a psychopath like his father, so Coven’s witches and Apocalypse’s new characters went back to Murder House to preemptively stop his madness. The new episode follows Murder House today as new residents move in and are corrupted by its all-consuming sinister nature.

While most ghosts are only referred to or mentioned in passing, American Horror Stories actually shows a few of the spirits from season 1. As “Rubber (Wo)man” introduces the new psychopathic ghost Ruby, she chases season 1’s Nurse Gladys around the house before stabbing and killing her, which she apparently does as a pastime. One of the first recalls is Beau Langdon, Constance’s son and Tate’s deformed brother who was smothered to death by Larry as a child. Beau notably rolls a red ball to someone he likes in the house, which he does to Scarlett in the new episode and Violet in season 1. Nora Montgomery's son Thaddeus, or Infantata, is also featured in repeated shots of his face when scaring the popular girls who break into Murder House.

Some of the notable ghosts from AHS: Murder House aren’t physically featured, though are mentioned or heard by some of the new residents. As Maya and her friends break into Murder House, they hear the laughing, smashing, and breaking of pop-its that play when the twin boys Troy and Bryan are near. Similarly, as the girls walk down the steps, they hear Addy’s prophetic warning to the twins, telling them they’re “going to die in there.” After Dr. Andi Grant is murdered after her session with the new family, she becomes the second ghostly therapist of Murder House. In American Horror Stories, Dr. Grant mentions to Scarlett that she and the house’s other therapist, referring to Dr. Ben Harmon, are thinking about writing a book about Murder House.

5 really queer reasons we love ‘American Horror Stories’

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Ryan Murphy works so much we’re not sure he sleeps. For that matter, we aren’t sure he wants us to sleep either, given his love of horror.

On July 15, Murphy returned to the macabre with the new series American Horror Stories, streaming exclusively FX on Hulu. The show acts as a spinoff from the popular American Horror Story, reuniting some of the original cast for seven new stories of terror and suspense.

As such, we’re excited to check it out and have at least five good reasons to watch the new show.

Have a look to find out why you should stream American Horror Stories this weekend, exclusively FX on Hulu. (New episodes Thursdays.)

American Horror Story earned acclaim for its adoption of the anthology season—that is, a season that tells a single story, with additional seasons using the same cast in different roles. American Horror Stories takes that concept one step further, with each individual episode presenting a new nightmare story a la Black Mirror. That opens the door to a wide variety of tales where anything can happen, and ups the suspense factor, and it looks like anything in fact will happen.

The AHS franchise has long won praise for some stunning visual elements. American Horror Stories plans to continue that trend with a particularly stunning surprise: Matt Bomer, very easy on the eyes at age 43. More than just his famous features, however, we look forward to seeing Bomer take on a leading role in the AHS universe yet again (he previously starred in AHS: Hotel). He’s at the top of his game, giving stunning performances in Papi Chulo and The Boys in the Band. We look forward to seeing him show some range here…even if it involves him perhaps running for his life.

Fans of American Horror Story will never forget Naomi Grossman, the talented character actress that became downright iconic thanks to her portrayal of Pepper in Seasons 2 and 4 of the series. Now, she steps back into the world of horror as Rabid Ruth, a mysterious woman in the episode “Drive In.” Grossman has a unique charisma that makes her a compelling performer to watch, and we feel confident American Horror Stories will give her some juicy material to bite into.

Speaking of talented kids of talented parents, Billie Lourd, the daughter of the late, great Carrie Fisher, scores a role in this season as well. We’re still in stitches from Lourd’s outrageous, scene-stealing performance in Booksmart, so any opportunity to see her show off again has our interest piqued. Lourd has a natural beauty and comic timing so here’s hoping AHS gives her a chance to nab some laughs.

In addition to Bomer and Jackson, the inaugural season of AHS will also feature a litany of talented LGBTQ actors, including Kevin McHale, Dyllón Burnside, Gavin Creel, Madison Bailey, and Nico Greetham. Ryan Murphy muse and Horror Story alumni Sarah Paulson will also direct the series, and promotional materials also hint at a number of LGBTQ characters on the show.

We can’t wait to see for ourselves. Bring it on!

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