Anniversary: The Nintendo 64 Launched 25 Years Ago Today


Nintendo Life 23 June, 2021 - 06:00am 23 views

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On 23rd June 1996, Nintendo launched its latest home console, the Nintendo 64, in Japan. Boasting a 64-bit processing unit and good old clunky cartridges (incidentally, the N64 would go on to be the last home console to use game cartridges until the Switch), the system has become one of the most iconic consoles in gaming history.

It landed on store shelves alongside Super Mario 64, Pilotwings 64, and Saikyō Habu Shōgi in Japan; North America and Europe had to wait several more months before it was available overseas, but were also treated to Mario and Pilotwings on launch day (European players could also grab Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter).

The successor to the SNES, the N64 caught the attention of gaming fans thanks to its jump to 3D graphics – who could forget running around Super Mario 64 or Zelda: Ocarina of Time's worlds for the first time? – as well as its, erm, unique controller design. The three-pronged lump of plastic bundled with each machine has never seen its design repeated since, and it still divides player opinion to this day.

Despite having to compete with Sony's super-popular PlayStation and the Sega Saturn, the N64 went on to sell 32.93 million units in total. 224.97 million games were also sold for the machine.

Did you own a Nintendo 64 back when it launched in the '90s? What games do you remember playing on it? Feel free to share your fondest memories in the comments below.

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GBA and N64 games on NSO today

I HOPE this comes to switch online soon.we need another classic console.

@panthro Unfortunately I think Nintendo have realised they can make more money selling N64 games through HD emulation than sticking it on NSO.

@FragRed my uncle works at Nintendo and he said............!

@panthro Sounds more convincing than anything shat out by leaKeRS. But seriously I'd enjoy those on NSO

I went from NES to N64 (1997: 12-13 years old when I got it) and I have the fondest memories of this console! First game was Mario Kart 64, followed by Bomberman 64 and Diddy Kong Racing. Soon enough, GoldenEye 007 and Ocarina of Time followed. For me personally, that was the golden age of gaming! Some friends had it as well. Probably nostalgia bias, but I consider this one to be my favourite console of all time.

Dusted my n64 off and cleaned it up this week, I had no idea 25years ago I got this bad boy! Favourite console ever (switch very close second)

This was the first console where for me games went from arcade driven distractions on the Mega Drive to full stories that made me feel invested in the world. Mario 64 and Goldeneye were terrific but for me Ocarina of Time took storytelling in video games to a whole new level.

Sin and Punishment. Just showing some love for it ✌

Yep, still have my N64 that I got on launch day, along with Super Mario 64.

Back then, we didn't have the internet generating all sorts of weirdness...can you imagine today, having to wait over 2 years for a Zelda to release for a new system? Oh, wait...we did that with BotW for the WiiU, lol

I played one recently and the controller felt awful to hold. Goldeneye had tank controls, Still a great machine for it's time, Ocarina of Time and pretty much every Rare game were my favourites.

Still waiting for them to revive all those characters on Xbox and I'd love a switch but Nintendo really need to come up with some exciting new IP for me to bite!

Hmm, perhaps a 25th Anniversary N64 Classic Mini would be in order. I'm sure that Nintendo could make more than a few sales of such an item, especially if it somehow included four-player support and titles like Mario Kart 64, GoldenEye 007, and Perfect Dark.

In perfect timing my Nintendo 64 Anthology book arrived today!

I loved mine back in the day, but I don't think a lot of its games, and indeed 3D games of that era, have aged well at all. I was astonished to realise how crappy the camera on Mario 64 really is in this day and age.

It was also the worst trade-in I ever made, a Saturn and some 30 games, PLUS £100.00 for an N64 with Mario.... what a moron.

As not to end on a negative note however, the console still plays host to the best wrestling game of all-time (either WCW vs NWO or WWF No Mercy), the best arcade football game of all-time in ISS 98, and one of the most under-rated 2D games ever in Go Go Troublemakers.

@panthro Your uncle must know my uncle. Does he always work the toilets on level 3?

My first Nintendo console and I've been a Nintendo fan ever since.

Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Ocarina of Time Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing, WWF No Mercy, Turok Rage Wars, Perfect Dark, Mischief Makers.

I have 2! My original one and a RGB modded unit I got later down the line, both PAL systems.

Advanced RGB modded 4938 borti connected via component cable.

Looking back, the golden age of Nintendo was SNES, N64 and GameCube.

Ah man. When I was like 13 my mum made me give it away to a foster kid. She said I didn't need it because I got the OG Xbox. In some ways I'm glad to have helped someone out who didn't have anything. In others I'm still really peed off with her!

As with most Nintendo hardware of the time, I only discovered it in emulated form later. I haven't even experienced the most talked-about icons like SM64, Ocarina/Mask dilogy or Banjo-Kazooie, but this was the platform I discovered 1080° Snowboarding, Body Harvest, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Cruis'n series (one of the recent Direct's most wowing comebacks), Diddy Kong Racing, Mega Man Legends (aka 64), Mischief Makers, Nightmare Creatures and Nuclear Strike, Pokemon Snap, Star Wars Racer, Turok, Wonder Project J2... and possibly my top fave in the library so far, Sin and Punishment. The damn thing redefined rail shooters for me. N64 may be lacking in JRPGs and losing to PS1 in terms of available game file sizes (although that ironically contributed a lot to my aforelisted acquaintance with the games - back in the late Noughties, even my home internet and even hard drive weren't equipped to afford many PS1 scale downloads😆), but it's still a solid machine that saw Nintendo, Rare and some others continue shaping many of the video game tropes and conventions we take for granted today. Happy anniversary!

OMFG that picture just reminded me how bad I want OoT and MM HD on Switch XD

I wonder if that hype is real, that GBA and N64 might come onto NSO today. Honestly I'd much prefer having the virtual console back. This is all garbage. No incentive for Nintendo to put out "free games" the way it is. Just make us pay a fifth time for old games all over again. If the price is right, I won't mind.

Oh, and finally give us voicechat lobbies online. I mean come on, even XBOX had it back in the day...

Ah, my very first console ever.

One of the hardest decisions of young life was deciding between a PS1 or an N64 lol. Though I don't regret going the playstation route, I really hope these the classic N64 games come to NSO even though games from that area didn't age very gracefully imo.

I still have my atomic purple PAL N64 up and running. He lives in my Retro-/Gaming Room.

But meanwhile I uprgraded to an NTSC RGB modded N64 powered up with a RetroTINK 2x SCART and an EverDrive 64. The result is crisp AF. This guy resides in my living room hooked up on an 4k Ambilight TV.

The most overrated Nintendo console. It was an amazing system back in its day but going back to N64 games is incredibly rough, especially when compared to the SNES and Gamecube that came in-between it. Awful controller, super blurry visuals and very little variety.

Fortunately most of the essential N64 games have remakes/remasters.

My system of choice at University, from 1997 to 2000. A lot of the games haven’t aged well and being in the U.K. I don’t miss Nintendo of that era (late releases, dreadful PAL conversions, crazy prices and all). However I have a real nostalgic love for that system. I played on it so much and associate it with a fun time in my life.

Ocarina of Time, Christmas morning 1998 ❤️

Wheres the option, I bought one way after launch but still have it and it works. I bought the Golden Eye pack in version, still have the box too.

Love mine, remember playing Perfect Dark multiplayer as you could have Bots. It was mind blowing at the time. We used to put them all as pacifists (if you have a gun they would disarm you but dont kill you) then load my friend up with remote mines (they could stick to your character), get him to pull out a gun, where (i think it was up to 12) all computer players would all run towards him to disarm him, then KABOOM

Mum threw mine out ages ago because it was dusty... Luckily she couldn't find the games and we ended up replacing it later, but we never let her live it down.

High School 1998 after school at mine with a few mates: big glass of Milo (8 heaped table spoons with a dash of milk) followed by endless games of 007 Golden Eye multiplayer followed by some Mario Kart 64 mayhem.

I got mine in ‘97, the SM64 pack. It’s hard to believe now but they were already heavily discounted due to the PlayStation’s success, which everyone seemed to own. The tie-in packs were £99! By 2000, the transparent variants were £49.99 in Woolworths.

I sold my original N64, but got a new-old stock transparent model for £55 a few years ago.

None of the options fit. I bought mine early 1999 with Mario 64 and Mischief Makers for £60. One of the best £60 spent ever. The other being the SNES with Starwing some time in 1994.

I have so many many good memories of playing Goldeneye and Mario Kart and getting drunk off my ass with my friends during this time. I do think it's the one system that has aged the worst, and going back to play some of these games now is rough. That being said, it holds a nice place in my nostalgic gamer heart. I do hope they release an N64 mini someday though. It deserves it.

Got mine 2 days after launch, because someone preordered it and never collected, and the guys in ToysRUs were mercenaries.

Didn’t get Mario 64 until the next day.

Longest 24 hours of my life.

My mom let me pick either an N64 or playstation for my 18th birthday. Two neighbor kids I was friends with back then kept telling me I should get a playstation because discs were better and N64 was for babies. I chose N64 and I stand by my decision! I bet you can guess which game made me choose N64.

Oh and I still have the very same one. Best birthday ever!

A pal and me pre-ordered one each from Game, but I had to cancel my pre-order as my Citroen AX needed brake pads and discs. Got one for my 19th birthday shortly afterwards so was all good! 😁 Those metal Mario graphics still look amazing even today. Adore the N64.

I got an N64 much later on - well after the Wii was out. After playing a bunch of classics on Wii Virtual Console, I needed to get the N64 to play games like Banjo and Castlevania that weren't available on the Wii shop.

Loved it. The first console I bought with my own money. I remember seeing trailers showing the battle of Hoth from Shadows of the Empire and Mario swinging Bowser around by his tail. Much as I love my Switch and PS4 with their excellent libraries, to this day there's never been a more instantly impressive generational leap for me.

I'm under the impression that this system was perceived as amazing back in the day, but the more it goes the more underrated it becomes. I for one love it. True, the graphics aged badly and the fog trick is laughable nowadays, but people now don't give it the credit it deserves. Happy Birthday!

@Roibeard64 “3D games were muck”

The original Doom (1993) was played by an estimated 15-20 million people, so it must have been halfway decent

I know Nintendo helped, but you gotta know they weren’t the only people putting out decent 3D games at the time, right? Doom and Wolfenstein (1992) were the games that really popularized 3D, and the N64 only has about 10 worthwhile titles. I wouldn’t say we started to see REALLY good 3D games until the PS2 era of consoles. It took a long time for 3D games to really grow. N64 was good, but by today’s standards it needs some updating!

I bought an Ice Blue Nintendo 64 for $70 around 2000. Had it a few years, then sold it when I was low on cash. Then a few years ago, a friend gave me a black N64 that he'd picked up from someone giving it away on the side of the road. I still have that one.

Playing Super Mario 64 and that crazy N64 controller for the first time is possibly THE highlight of my gaming career.

Then we could finally boot up Mario 64 and play with his face.

@BloodNinja Doom and Wolfenstein weren't true 3D games, though. Developers were still figuring out 3D in the mid-90s. Nintendo weren't the first to give people a true 3D environment to explore (Jumping Flash!, for example, came out a year earlier), but they set the standard for how 3D games were played and controlled with Super Mario 64.

100% nostalgia based but for me the N64 was my favorite console ever. The gaming memories of a 14 uear old me, firing up games like Diddy kong racing, Mario64, Killer instinct gold, Ocarina of time, Majoras, Banjo, Pilot wings, Waverace, Golden eye and so many more will never ever be topped by anything gaming can offer again.

Good times back then. I would definitely buy a N64 Mini if ever released.

God this makes me feel old, I remember the hype in the gaming magazines before it was released (there was no Internet then) when it was still called the Ultra64!

My first pay packet went on one of these. Great memories.

@Dr_Corndog Whatever Doom/Wolfenstein did, you can’t deny that it a) looked 3D, and b) was insanely popular and far from rubbish. Nintendo certainly did not set the standard, because no company uses that control scheme, 25 years later and 3D animation was a thing before the N64. The standard was set with dual analogue sticks, which is still used to this day. They helped popularize 3D, but were not the standard setters and certainly not the only company working on it. These things tend to be community efforts.

NL really need to sense check their Poll options... how do those 4 options cover even half the possible answers to the question they have asked ?!!

N64 launch was the greatest time ever. I'm not sure it will ever be repeated... perhaps when AR/VR becomes amazing?

I got mine on launch day but on March 1st 1997 here in the UK still have it to under my TV and have a large collection of games. Most I have are the original copies I had growing up too. I also have started collecting some of the third party controllers from back then as some are weird and wonderful and actually seeing them up close changed my perception of how I remember them in magazines back then.

Nintendo 64 was my first home console. I got it as a Christmas present in 2000. It was on the N64 that I played some of my favorite games, like Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 64, Mario Tennis, Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Weighing everything up, I think would still say it's the best console I ever owned. Oot, Banjo and Goldeneye are part of my gaming DNA, to say nothing of Mario 64 (awesome, although I preferred Banjo), MM, Mario Kart, Turok, 1080, F-Zero, Mario Party, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong 64, Perfect Dark... Christ, I think I'm going to have to boot up Rare Replay on the XBox tonight...

I’d love a n64 mini. Yeah it’d be expensive, but having easy access to a good selection of games that would boot right up with ease would be so worth it for me.

Live & Kicking had a competition, they picked a post card out of a tombola to win an N64. Mine was pink, and I'm sure I saw Zoe Ball grab mine, drop it and grab another one. So I had to wait until Xmas, and I haven't forgiven her to this day

My family was N64 crazy for a while. We sat together with my mom and my sister and played DK64, Banjo Kazooie, Pokemon Puzzle League and Diddy Kong Racing. So much so that we had to buy a second console because everyone wanted to play.

@BloodNinja you are right, and then some. 3D started way, way back, mainly in flight and race sims (even going back to ZX Spectrum/ C64 days).

Playing Smash Bros. at my friend’s house was the reason why I wanted one so badly.

@NeoNeoNeo Wow! I didn’t know those systems used 3D! That’s fascinating. The more you know lol

I was 11 (almost 12) when the N64 released. No hype will every live up to the amount of hype I had for N64. Not just at launch but even up until this day it holds a special place for me.

I didn't really "get one around launch", but I got one while it was still a thing. Middle of 1999, if I recall correctly.

We were still waiting on the likes of Smash Bros., Majora's Mask, and Perfect Dark.

You see those four holes in the front kids, that's what we call real multiplayer gaming that!

Like obviously nothing looks amazing now 25 years on.

The N64 showed us how console gaming could do 3D well and how platformers could work in 3D.

N64 games added to NSO would be a nice surprise by nintendo. Lets hope.

@panthro I think GBA will be first on NSO. We will be given access to Fusion and Zero Mission leading up to Dread’s release.

But Nintendo should have added N64 and GBA games a long time ago. Anything that was on VC should be able to work with Switch.

I had a SNES growing up, but the N64 era completely passed me by — I got back into Nintendo in 2008 when I finally picked up a Wii and played a wealth of N64/GC games via Virtual Console/Backwards Compatibility.

@Roibeard64 I specifically stated that the N64 has 10 good games. Do you enjoy the vast library of N64 shovel-ware such as Superman 64 and Quest 64? lol Might want to read my replies before replying so you can be caught up on the conversation.

One of my favorite systems and fondest birthday/Xmas (it was a connected/IOU gift) memories. I remember playing Mario 64 until I passed out on the floor or when OoT came out, the wonder and “realism” of the opening scene. Still one of my favorite systems to play.

No one is saying its as good as a switch or ps5 just that it was an important bit of gaming history doesn't matter that other things after it did x or y better.

"Worthwhile games" I say it's more than 10 probably arround 30 or so.

@Roibeard64 Not arguing with fanboys, have a nice day bro.

I got the original model with Super Mario 64 in 97. I saved for a YEAR because I was 11 and had no job. My parents took mercy on me and paid for Mario when I could afford the console. They went out and bought both for me one morning, so I woke up to that lovely cloud packaging. That was a great day.

I sold my N64 for a Voodoo 3 back in the day. I wish I still had it.

Crazy to think that around 25 years ago, I used to stay up all night at sleepovers playing the likes of Mario Kart 64 & Goldeneye. Now I'm at an age where I can't wait to get to bed & holding a controller for that long is likely to affect my arthritis.

@sikthvash you aint lying

We are all the N64 kid.

Good grief, 25 years already? Thanks for making me feel old

Still have my launch system and games, and can remember waiting at a blockbuster prelaunch to play super mario 64 and being floored by it.

I wish I still had an N64.

The late 90s were a weird and exciting time for videogames, especially coming off the timeless refinement of the best SNES games. You play A Link to the Past or Super Metroid today (or yesterday, in my case) and they just exude absolute confidence. You play Final Fantasy VII and Super Mario 64, on the other hand, and they're comparatively scrappy and experimental, with lots of rough edges you have to forgive. At the same time, though, I actually appreciate that sense of experimentation and danger, the sheer variety of weird mini-games and art assets in Final Fantasy VII, the jazzy freestyle vibe of Mario 64, the wild ride that is Half Life (which kickstarted the whole linear cinematic shooter trend we're still living with, but because Half Life was first it's also — and thankfully — far more relaxed and hands-off than later cinematic shooters, including Half Life 2, which are always pushing you forward like a drill instructor). Anyway, I guess my point is that, if you can roll with the datedness of N64-era games, the datedness itself can become an asset rather than a fault.

Of course, then there's Doom, which came out way before the N64 and does 3D exploration better than most games being released today. It's insane. But Doom is Doom.

Picked the first option since I did have the N64 back in its heyday, but I never had it at launch. Thanks, Nintendo Life...

Anyway, the Nintendo 64 was the first console I pretty much had to myself! I got mine on Christmas 1997, I was 5 at the time. Loved games like Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Banjo-Kazooie (I used to rent it a ton, didn't own it until much later) Diddy Kong Racing, F-Zero X, Star Fox 64, Super Smash Bros., and even stuff like San Francisco Rush. Surprisingly, I wouldn't play the Zelda games until much later. Particularly when Ocarina of Time came out on the Wii Virtual Console.

@BloodNinja Of course, those are both fantastic games, but that's not the point.

When I said standard, I didn't mean merely a specific controller layout. 3D games have evolved, but you can still see the influence of Super Mario 64 today.

A great system with some truly amazing games and a now widely underrated controller.

@MightyDemon82 The controller is still one of the most comfortable controller shapes to date, if you actually hold it properly:

And you say GoldenEye had tank controls . . . yet it's probably the first fps game to offer proper dual analog controls as we recognise them today, if you bother to actually go in and choose that option and use two controllers this way:

Look, it's clearly no longer as revolutionary and mind boggling as the day it released, but I think a lot of people like to hate on the N64 controller now kinda out of pure ignorance and sheep-think half of the time rather than any actual objective truth.

My favourite console ever, lots of classic games that still hold up Today

"North America and Europe had to wait several more months before it was available overseas"

Yeah - infact, the N64 didn't release in the UK until March 1997 - the year after! There were several delays and it kept being pushed back, and it was agonising. I'd had a pre-order with Toys'R'Us since Christmas 1995 - after seeing the Shoshinkai demonstration of Mario 64 on TV its ALL I wanted, and asked for all my Christmas, birthday etc money from that point on to be saved up for it as soon as it released... not knowing it would be 2 years before it made it to the UK.

It was AGONISING every time it was delayed for another few months and I had to start the countdown to release again. All my friedns were getting Playstations for Xmas/Birthdays and having fun and I was just waiting with seemingly no end in sight... I still remember clearly my dad driving me to pick it up on launch day and looking at the box in my lap on the way home not being quite able to believe it was finally out after so many false starts!

Mario 64 was worth it though. I LIVED in that game for 6 months, and I still replay it all the way through at least once a year to this day.

@Zeldafan79 you made a good decision, those playstation graphics were awful compared to the n64 and they had awful loading times too.

@BlueOcean Actually, the golden age of Nintendo was clearly the NES, SNES and N64. The first two was when Nintendo utterly dominated the gaming landscape with world-leading systems that just had classic after classic on them and were beloved by all, and the N64 was an utterly paradigm-shifting system that helped usher in the true 3D era and is host to some of thee greatest early 3D games ever made. The GC was a solid console but it did nothing particularly different or special compared to the competition of the time, and it lost the battle in terms of sales too. Yeah, it had some very good titles for the time, but that's true of every single Nintendo console, and the three consoles I mentioned did pretty much everything better for their times than the GameCube did in its time. Imo the GC is actually one of Nintendo's most run of the mill home consoles, where almost every game that stood out was imo done better on one or more of the consoles from the previous generations--although I really did love Eternal Darkness. And the Wii and DS were like Nintendo's second renaissance where it just dominated everyone again, at least in terms of popular mindshare and sales numbers and indeed innovation and originality too, and the Switch is currently doing very well on many of those fronts too.

Bought one much later off a friend in the early 2000s has a fantastic lineup for a console that was only out for 4 years here in the UK. and Also the last home console to use cartridges which helped kill it. causing a shock allowing a none gaming company to dominate the industry which wasn't thought possible at that point.

Got mine in fall 98 when wcw/nwo revenge came out as I needed to play that and Ocarina of Time.

@KoenM84 I absolutely agree, for me that was a time of the most potent Nintendo magic. My favourite console of all time.

@Dr_Corndog I would say that the games that came before Mario 64 are what influenced and continue to influence modern gaming. Nobody is really trying to copy Mario, anymore.

I love the N64, I was playing Ocarina of Time just today, I’m at the Water Temple now. I’m not playing on my original PAL machine any more (although I’ve still got it) instead I’ve got an UltraHDMI modded clear blue and white Japanese console.

People often say the games have aged badly and the controller is weird and unusable, but personally I still find the games and the controller a delight. I’ve replayed GoldenEye countless times, the AI in that game still entertains me, and games like Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, WaveRace, etc are all still extremely good fun.

Nintendo’s second best console after the Super Famicom in my book.

@impurekind I don't understand the ridicule the N64 controller gets these days. Does it make sense that not all of the buttons are accessible no matter which of the three hand configurations you use? No. But had anyone ever made a controller with the possibilities the N64 controller offered? No, again.

Let's not forget that the Atari 2600 controller used an arcade-style joystick as its primary input, but without the base of support an arcade cabinet provides, and the Atari joystick was stiffer than what you'd find on an arcade machine.

Mine still works to this day. That's craftsmanship. Only needed to replace the controller's worn analog stick, and also get a new power outlet.

I still own the following cartridges; all working perfectly with original save files intact:

My dad got me one at launch and I played Mario 64 for months. Killer instinct gold and Mortal Kombat Trilogy kept me occupied for a long time soon after.

However, Final Fantasy 7 and RPGs that followed (and the 64’s total lack of the genre) made me a two-console kid for the first time. Sony and Nintendo is still how I roll today.

"The successor to the SNES, the N64 caught the attention of gaming fans thanks to its jump to 3D graphics – who could forget running around Super Mario 64 or Zelda: Ocarina of Time's worlds for the first time? – as well as its, erm, unique controller design."

(remembers having had often found what I had believed to have had been a certain kind of controller referenced in this part of the article to have had been very relaxing)

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Nintendo fan theory about potential announcement debunked by a 2001 magazine article

Gamesradar 23 June, 2021 - 05:11am

It was one hell of a theory though

Despite recently hosting a Nintendo Direct, one Reddit user Enryx25 has got their whiteboard out and come to the conclusion that Nintendo is due to announce something today. Yesterday, Nintendo was celebrating the 20th-anniversary of its Game Boy Advance handheld console, but Enryx25 took a closer look at the promotional art. They noticed that the game on the screen is Super Mario Advance and is playing through World 1-1 with an absurdly high lives count of 96 and a score of 1222360.

For most, these details would often go overlooked, but Enryx25 found that by rearranging the score, you can get the date 23/6/2021. They also noted Mario's odd number of lives, which when combined with the date, points to 23/6/96 which is when the Nintendo 64 released in Japan. These dates and "hidden clues" are certainly interesting.

However, one user highlighted that the screenshot on the official tweet actually appeared in an issue of Game Boy Xtreme Magazine. This was a UK magazine that ran from 2001 to 2002, and the particular article about Super Mario Advance looks to have been published in 2001 around the release of the game in that same year. So really, it just seems as if Nintendo has that particular asset lying around in their archives and threw it on for modern marketing.

Despite the debunk that Nintendo was slyly teasing an announcement through jumbled scores and lives through promotional material, it's still interesting that the dates line up. But alas, it all seems coincidental. 

For now, Nintendo doesn't appear to be indicating that they have plans to reveal anything. But speculation is understandable seeing as the company announced a new Game and Watch for The Legend of Zelda's 35th-anniversary, and last year it did the same for Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo is currently said to be planning to reveal a new Nintendo Switch Pro and was said to be revealing it around E3 2021 but nothing came from that. Nintendo president, Doug Bowser has recently side-stepped commenting on the rumors and instead talked about the company being dedicated to "looking at tech".

I'm partial to an action adventure RPG such as Skyrim and Cyberpunk 2077. I enjoy the occasional open-world driving games and even those skateboarding titles. But really, if any game I'm playing has a photo mode, I'll likely be found snapping pictures of anything and everything.

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