Anthony Bourdain documentary sparks backlash for using AI to fake voice


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Can you stream Roadrunner?

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When is Roadrunner coming to HBO Max?

It was released on July 16, 2021 by Focus Features, after which it will air on CNN and HBO Max on an unspecified date. wikipedia.orgRoadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain - Wikipedia

Neville also told GQ that he checked with “his widow and his literary executor, just to make sure people were cool with that. And they were like, ‘Tony would have been cool with that.’” But turns out Ottavia Bourdain, the widow in question, was definitely not. On Friday morning, she tweeted, “I certainly was NOT the one who said Tony would have been cool with that.”

The day before, Twitter user @rcisneros1233 reached out to Ottavia Bourdain, asking if she had “anything to do with the documentary.” “Besides the interview I gave and supplying some of the footage, not really,” she responded.

Neville has given a follow-up statement to Variety, though it doesn’t address why people might feel uncomfortable with the director using an AI to essentially deepfake Bourdain’s voice. “There were a few sentences that Tony wrote that he never spoke aloud,” Neville says. “With the blessing of his estate and literary agent we used AI technology. It was a modern storytelling technique that I used in a few places where I thought it was important to make Tony’s words come alive.”

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Anthony Bourdain's estranged wife breaks down in tears in new doc

Daily Mail 16 July, 2021 - 03:46pm

By Natasha Anderson For Dailymail.Com

Anthony Bourdain's estranged ex-wife Ottavia Busia-Bourdain (above together in 2015) spoke publicly about their relationship for the first time in the new documentary Roadrunner 

Anthony Bourdain's estranged ex-wife has revealed how she watched him take a dark turn after they separated and said she wishes she'd kept a closer eye on him before his suicide in 2018. 

MMA fighter Ottavia Busia-Bourdain spoke out about her relationship with Bourdain for the first time in the new documentary Roadrunner, which takes a deep dive into the final year of the famed chef's life.  

Describing her husband of nearly a decade after the pair separated in 2016, Busia-Bourdain said: 'He was not the same person. 

'Something changed and became really heavy but he started going to therapy at a certain point and I thought: 'I can take a step back, I don't have to be like you know always so worried about him.' 

With tears streaming down her face she added: 'I feel like that is something that I will always ... I should have kept an eye on him more.' 

Busia-Bourdain (right) revealed how she watched Bourdain (left) take a dark turn after they separated in 2016 and said she wishes she'd kept a closer eye on him

Busia-Bourdain, pictured with Bourdain and their daughter, says her husband of nearly a decade 'was not the same person' after their split

Throughout the film released on Friday, Busia-Bourdain shared the emotional evolution of their love story beginning with how the couple was first introduced by chef Eric Ripert, their separation in 2016 and everything in between.  

Busia-Bourdain explained that their lifestyles took a toll on their family, saying that Bourdain seemed to always want the 'idyllic picture of family and ordinary life' and that when he got that, it 'wasn't enough anymore'.

The couple, who never legally divorced, separated after nine years of marriage, but continued to co-parent their daughter, Ariane.

Busia-Bourdain said she is so grateful for their child and all the memories the family shared together, noting that she chooses to remember Bourdain in that light instead of focusing on his death. 

Roadrunner was released in theaters on Friday. A poster for the film is shown above 

'I think this is the last time I'll ever talk publicly about it because that's not the way I want to remember him,' she said. 'I want to remember when we were together, all the amazing things that we'd done and the amazing person that he was.' 

Bourdain died by suicide at the age of 61 on June 8, 2018, while away in France with Ripert, who was reportedly his best friend.

Roadrunner features videos of the star himself interspersed with interviews from those who knew him best, including Busia-Bourdain.

The film also depicts his whirlwind romance with Italian actress Asia Argento, which began in 2017, and talks about his first marriage to Nancy Putkosi.

According to USA Today, although Busia-Bourdain appears in interviews throughout the film, Roadrunner director Morgan Neville chose not to speak with Argento due to the 'complicated nature' of her relationship with Bourdain.

Argento and Bourdain dated for two years and are said to have experienced 'very high high and low lows' that allegedly made 'Bourdain sometimes manic and unpredictable at work'.

Those who knew him say Bourdain (pictured above eating an ice cream cone) struggled with mental health issues for several years

Bourdain began a whirlwind romance with actress Asia Argento after his split from Busia-Bourdain. Argento and Bourdain are pictured together in April 2018 

It highlights his family life, career and takes a look at the sad truth behind his struggle with his mental health.

'The fact of the matter is, his life was full of darkness, always,' Neville told the New York Times earlier this week.

The academy-award winner says he wanted to show both sides of Bourdain's life.

 'What I felt like I had to do was figure out how to reconcile these two sides of Tony,' he explained. 'Because I think when he died, the overwhelming thought that I heard from people was, 'How the hell does somebody like Anthony Bourdain kill himself?' Because he had such an amazing life.'

Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain is in theaters now. 

Call the toll-free 24-hour hotline of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-900-273-8255); TTY: 1-900-799-4TTY (4889). 

The new documentary film highlighting the life of world-renowned chef Anthony Bourdain feature's the deceased star's voice thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Academy Award winner and Roadrunner director Morgan Neville says he has 'no reservations' using AI technology to record several lines for the film in the chef's voice. 

AI technology stitched together audio recordings of Bourdain over the years and recorded several lines for the film that he may have never actually spoken.

'If you watch the film -- you probably don't know what the other lines are that were spoken by the A.I., and you're not going to know,' Neville told The NEw Yorker.

For example, in the film, Bourdain's voice is heard saying, 'You are successful, and I am successful, and I'm wondering: Are you happy?'

This line was voiced by the AI but was actually written by Bourdain himself. Neville says he discovered the line in an email Bourdain sent to a friend before he died.

'It was a modern storytelling technique that I used in a few places where I thought it was important to make Tony's words come alive,' Neville told the news outlet. 

Neville said he gave a software company dozens of hours of audio recordings of Bourdain and they developed an 'A.I. model of his voice.' 

Additionally, Neville says he received permission to use the AI technology from both Bourdain's widow, Ottavia Busia-Bourdain, and literary executor.

However, Busia-Bourdain took to Twitter Friday saying she did not offer her approval.

'I certainly was NOT the one who said Tony would have been cool with that,' she wrote. 

AI technology has been used in several other films. In fact, Star Wars used AI technology and previously unreleased footage from The Force Awakens to have Carrie Fisher appear posthumously in The Rise of Skywalker.

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