AOC Torches Jeff Bezos 'Joyride': His Workers Having to 'Pee in Bottles' Financed 'His Little Jaunt Into Space'


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Who is in Blue Origin?

Besides Bezos, the crew included brother Mark Bezos (left), 18-year-old physics student Oliver Daemen and 82-year-old pioneering female aviator Wally Funk. NPRJeff Bezos' Completes His Blue Origin Flight To Space

Where is the Blue Origin launch site?

If all goes to plan, the company's New Shepard rocket and capsule will take off for an 11-minute journey, launching and landing outside Van Horn, Texas at Blue Origin facilities, dubbed Launch Site One. Space.comBlue Origin to launch its 1st astronaut flight with Jeff Bezos and crew of 3 today

Why did Jeff Bezos go to space?

Updated at 1:45 p.m. ET on July 20, 2021. VAN HORN, Texas—Jeff Bezos really flew to space. ... By going first, Bezos wanted to prove that his vehicle is safe, and that Blue Origin is finally ready to make its 11-minute suborbital trips an experience people can buy. The journey was lightning-fast by spaceflight standards. The AtlanticJeff Bezos Really Flew to Space

Why is Jeff Bezos wearing a cowboy hat?

“It's utilized as a symbol of individualism.” Bezos' particular hat, says Reynolds, is reminiscent of the one Robert Duvall wore as rancher Augustus “Gus” McCrae in the miniseries of Larry McMurtry's novel “Lonesome Dove.” The top of the hat is pinched with a downward slope, the “Gus crease.” San Francisco ChronicleDid Jeff Bezos just ruin cowboy hats for everyone?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was subject to ridicule and scorn Tuesday, for what many deemed a tone-deaf comment thanking Amazon customers and employees for bankrolling his trip to the edge of space. Now, one of the company’s fiercest critics is joining in on the Bezos mockery.

Speaking with TMZ outside the Capitol Tuesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tore into the Amazon founder for what she deemed the “exploitation” of the company’s employees, which enabled Bezos to take his 11-minute flight.

“If he didn’t drive down Amazon wages, if he didn’t bust the union, if he didn’t have drivers, frankly, having conditions where they feel like they have to pee in bottles — that is what financed [his trip],” Ocasio-Cortez said. “It’s the exploitation of workers that financed his little jaunt into space. Well, not even space. The edge of space. And for what? We did this 60 years ago with NASA with the public. All of this for a billionaire to have a joyride into space? I think people would rather have healthcare.”

AOC has long been an opponent of the Internet retail giant. Back in 2019, she vehemently opposed the proposed construction of the company’s new headquarters in Long Island City over billions of dollars in tax incentives that Amazon was slated to receive. She has also spoken strongly in favor of efforts on the part of Amazon employees to unionize.

In addition to slamming the Bezos space flight, AOC also was unmoved by the Amazon founder’s nine-figure charitable donations announced at a press conference after he touched down.

“If it comes to a nice donation or paying his taxes, I would prefer Jeff Bezos pay his taxes,” she said.

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