Apex Legends devs looking to fix hybrid mouse and controller aim assist exploit


Dexerto 05 July, 2021 - 10:49am 21 views

Did apex legends get hacked?

Apex Legends has officially been hacked in an effort to bring attention to Titanfall's hacker situation. Modes are currently locked and a prompt to a save Titanfall website is plastered everywhere. I do not recommend visiting any of these links for security purposes. staycationApex Legends is Hacked...

The resulting disruption to matchmaking in Apex Legends prompted Respawn to publish a server update that it said resolved the issue. In tweets, the studio added that the attack "has not put players’ personal information or accounts at risk."

While game hacking is often associated with cheating or theft, it seems in this case it was an extreme case of fan frustration over Respawn's lack of attention toward Titanfall. Using it to advocate for an end to game hacks is also something you don't see that often.

In short, Titanfall has suffered from numerous vulnerabilities that are leading to crashed or overloaded servers and disconnections. After years of complaints, Respawn recently confirmed that it was working on a fix for the problems, which have plagued the title on Origin and Steam.

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‘Save Titanfall’ messages interrupt EA’s billion-dollar Apex Legends franchise

The Verge 06 July, 2021 - 12:01am

The billion-dollar battle royale franchise is having problems that tie back to previous games from Respawn

Respawn acknowledged the issues on Twitter, saying “We are aware of and actively investigating issues impacting @PlayApex playlists that are preventing players from getting into matches.” In a follow-up tweet at 7PM, the developer said these attacks don’t put the personal information of players at risk, and that the team is testing a fix. As of 10:15PM, the developer appeared confident that problems for Apex Legends are resolved

The issue went on for hours, and when players were affected, they couldn’t queue for new games. All of this happened at the same time that Apex is hosting a special event drawing players back to the original versions of its first two maps (including divisive areas like Skulltown, pictured above). As PC Gamer and Kotaku report, the messages have been appearing for players on PC, Xbox One and PS4. I joined a game on PC and when the match was over, I was greeted with the following message pointing to a “Save Titanfall” website. After Respawn indicated the problems were over, I managed to play a few matches without any odd messages or matchmaking problems beyond the usual ones, like not getting paired with enough/any teammates.

In recent months Respawn has tweeted that “help is coming ASAP” and “the team is investigating” problems like DDOS attacks on the Titanfall series, but the issues continue. With hacking becoming a game-stopping problem for a franchise that EA is counting on to provide over $750 million in net bookings during its 2022 financial year, solutions can’t wait much longer.

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Apex attack 'has not put players' personal information or accounts at risk,' according to Respawn

Dot Esports 06 July, 2021 - 12:01am

The latest attack on Apex Legends’ servers did not endanger users’ accounts or information, according to Respawn. The studio is also “testing a fix” for the lengthy disruptions, although the solution may require “additional updates.”

“We’ve determined that this attack—while disruptive—has not put players’ personal information or accounts at risk,” Respawn wrote. Though the integrity of accounts does not appear to be in jeopardy, the studio is working on a solution and is “continuing to validate” a solution, according to a recent update on the topic.

The issues with Apex matchmaking started earlier today after an attack tampered with playlist data and took down the servers. Instead of seeing the usual playlist options such as Duos or Arenas, players faced a screen that was nearly blank. All possible game modes were locked except for one: a playlist called “savetitanfall.com,” a message from the attackers.

The savetitanfall.com website was created by fans to expose the state of the servers for the first Titanfall, which have been plagued with hackers and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks for some time. Both the page admins and the hackers were quick to deny any affiliation between the two parties.

Titanfall, by several accounts, is unplayable due to security issues that allow ill-intentioned players to crash servers. Respawn has addressed the issue repeatedly in recent months, with statements in April, May, and June.

Respawn is tweeting hourly updates on its efforts to restore matchmaking in Apex. While servers are out, however, players at least have the relief of knowing their accounts and personal information are safe.

Update July 4 8:38pm CT: Respawn pushed out a server update that appeared to fix the issue, but it might take “hours” for the fix to reach all servers. Dot Esports was able to see the regular playlists.

Strange Apex Legends bug lets Rampart teleport through walls and buildings

Dexerto 06 July, 2021 - 12:01am

When Rampart was first introduced to Apex Legends, there was plenty of concern about how her minigun ultimate and Amped Cover ability would fit into the battle royale.

There was plenty of interest in her at first, but in the seasons following her release, the legend has slowly slipped down the popularity charts even though she has been buffed by Respawn.

It’s not uncommon to see a Rampart posted up with her minigun in a match, but if you’re not careful, she might just slip away and teleport through the floor.

Why is this the case? Well, as Redditor Riolzy shows, it appears that if Rampart is backed too far into a corner by her own abilities, and then disengages the minigun, the animation causes her to take a step back.

Given that she’s not got much space to step back into, the character just floats through the wall and drops down a floor. She doesn’t take any damage in doing so, nor are her abilities lost, so she can actually make a slippery escape.

Some players suggested that it may be a bugged spot, but if it’s actually an issue with her, it can go both ways when it comes to benefitting one team or another. If you get into a fight, you do lose a teammate for a few seconds.

On the flip side, the Rampart gets a free flank and can jump on the back of unsuspecting players.

It remains to be seen if Respawn will address it anytime soon, given it may work similarly to how Rampart was able to get into vaults without a key. 

Apex Legends gets disrupted by Hackers » TalkEsport

TalkEsport 06 July, 2021 - 12:01am

Respawn Entertainment’s most successful game, Apex Legends – set in the same universe as Titanfall games, was targeted by hackers yesterday. Apex Legends has had over 100 million players during its lifetime, with 330,000+ concurrent players on Steam alone. 

Breaking: It appears a hacker is taking over Apex playlists with a message about 'Saving Titanfall'. pic.twitter.com/XpMzfRNQZB

Players who launched Apex Legends were unable to play the game, except for a ‘limited-time event’ mode which diverted the players to a website called savetitanfall.com. The website, set up by disgruntled Titanfall fans, claims that “hacker issues have been at rise. The Titanfall community has been begging Respawn to fix this issue for over three years but to no avail. Today this game is still being sold while being completely unplayable. It’s time we speak up.”   It seems that the hack was clearly intended to spread awareness to the glaring problems with Titanfall.

Titanfall has been a victim of DDoS attacks and is still being sold, despite lacking an active player base. The game has been review-bombed with negative reviews on Steam and the fanbase has been vocal about its unplayability. Although its sequel, Titanfall 2, which was well-received for its creative level design, campaign, and multiplayer, has a modest amount of player base which has steadily grown, especially after its release on Steam.

Respawn has issued a server update, several hours after the issue and stated that “this attack—while disruptive—has not put players’ personal information or accounts at risk. More updates to come as we make progress.”

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Apex Legends Dev Explains Why Wattson Looks Odd When Holding a Gun

GameRant 05 July, 2021 - 12:00pm

For those who don't know, Wattson is a legend known for her iconic hood as well as favoring a defensive playstyle with her unique loadout that allows her to place electric pylons on the map. She is the daughter of the lead electrical engineer of the Apex Games and eventually went on to build the Apex Games' Modified Containment Ring herself before joining the Apex Games as a competitor.

Despite all of her knowledge of electrical engineering and the Apex Games, however, she is very new to combat. In a recent Twitter thread, Apex Legends developer Moy Parra revealed that Wattson's animations look so awkward intentionally. She says that it was done to help communicate her innocence on the battlefield and to help make her look as though she isn't even used to holding a gun. This helps Wattson feel very different from Apex Legends' numerous other characters who all have varying levels of combat experience and are much more comfortable with their weapons.

⏪ if you ever wondered why Wattson holds her weapons a bit awkwardly compared to say, Bangalore. That's because my niece who provided the MoCap for her had never held a gun before in her life and we wanted to capture this natural innocence in all of Wattson's move sets ⚡️❤️ pic.twitter.com/HZyfYW73LE

Parra also revealed in the thread that the MoCap actor for Wattson was her own niece. She says that her niece was chosen because she had never held a gun before in her entire life, which helped make Wattson's natural awkwardness holding it feel more natural. The tweet also included a small behind-the-scenes look at Apex Legends' MoCap process as well as a comparison with how it translates into the game. The tweets come shortly after Apex Legends suffered a massive hack by Titanfall players trying to raise awareness for that game's unresolved issues with hackers.

It is great to get a brief look at the developers' thought process behind Wattson's animations, as well as getting a look at the team's process. Wattson's animations have always played a big role in making her feel distinct from the rest of the game's characters. It will be interesting to see what else the team does to make characters stand out as Apex Legends continues to add more to the game's roster. Hopefully, the developers' recent commitment to tackling hackers in ranked Apex Legends matches helps more players enjoy the game so that they can see what other cool things Apex Legends has going on.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

The Legacy Of Titanfall Deserves So Much Better

TheGamer 05 July, 2021 - 11:00am

Its sequel was sandwiched between the launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1, leaving it to die in a period packed with not only other shooters, but a number of industry mainstays that made standing out as a smaller title almost impossible. Titanfall 2 has achieved cult status in hindsight thanks to its spectacular solo campaign and ambitious multiplayer component, but it’s a game that has never been able to stand alongside its rivals, no matter how much EA tries to convince you that launching it at that time was the right decision.

Fans aren’t happy with the state of Titanfall, with references to its world and characters in Apex Legends doing little to appease those who not only want a third entry, but for respect to be paid to its predecessors in the form of official support and ensuring the servers aren’t being brought down by hackers and bigotry. It isn’t a lot to ask, but judging from events this past weekend, Respawn Entertainment has yet to address a number of longstanding issues. As someone who sunk countless hours into Titanfall 2 during my time at university, I can’t help but agree with these grievances, and hope they’re resolved soon.

Players are being given this "Important Message" after finishing a match. pic.twitter.com/SGKvduO95p

To catch up anyone unacquainted with what’s been happening: for several months, the original Titanfall has been subject to a number of server issues due to hackers spreading bigoted rhetoric and making it impossible to enjoy the game on PC. Despite Respawn Entertainment publicly addressing these concerns on Twitter and promising to do something about it months ago, these changes haven’t come. Earlier this month, someone hacked Apex Legends and left a message for all players.

After logging into the game, you were met with a message that read “[Titanfall 1] is being attacked, so is Apex” while also being encouraged to visit a website dedicated to saving the first-person shooter. The page delves into all of the problems currently plaguing the game, ranging from server issues to a lack of official support from Respawn and EA. Admittedly, the game launched in 2014, so it makes logistical sense for an online title to be left behind, although I think players are just hoping for a way to play without so many issues. The reality is simple - Titanfall is still on sale and isn’t a functioning product anymore, and that isn’t acceptable.

Hacking a game like this is objectively bad, although it's not as if Respawn is listening to its fans either, so it’s unclear where to draw the line here. Apex Legends takes place within the Titanfall universe, and has been making increasingly obvious references to characters and events from the series as part of recent seasons and hero additions. For example, Valkyrie, the latest legend to be introduced, is directly related to a character who appears in Titanfall 2.

Whenever I talk with friends about the best shooters of recent years, Titanfall is always brought into the conversation. The second entry’s main campaign is held in similar esteem to Half-Life 2 and Call of Duty 4, praised as a new benchmark in level design and narrative complexity that forces players to engage with initially familiar systems in new and exciting ways.

Respawn has previously ruled out the possibility of Titanfall 3, and is instead focusing on Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I’m not expecting a third entry, and I imagine existing fans are now sceptical as to whether or not it would even be good given how the existing games are being treated. But my hope remains, because Titanfall’s legacy is continually looked to for inspiration both in and outside of the studio that helped create it - that recognition can’t be for nothing. Live-service games and expansive multiplayer affairs are a big part of gaming’s future, but sometimes it’s okay to step back and do something unique - something like Titanfall 2. Maybe one day.

Apex Legends: Revenant Finds Himself Getting More and More Popular Following Recent Update

EssentiallySports 05 July, 2021 - 08:37am

One of the good things about this update was Revenant got some much-needed buffs and has been gaining popularity since. Revenant has always been a cool-looking legend, but players were apprehensive of using him, courtesy of his lack of ability to climb structures.

His inability to climb saw him go down in popularity, and this displeased players who really wanted to use Revenant to get some wins. Fortunately, Respawn took heed of these calls and the complaints of the players and gave Revenant some much-needed buffs.

Respawn has buffed Revenant’s climbing ability and also reduced his hitbox. Before the update, Revenant was a Legend decent in certain situations but lacking versatility. Following the update, most of this has changed, surging the legend’s pickrate.

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Another thing that has made the Legend all the more special is the new heirloom, which is a scythe. And it suits the Revenant’s appearance so well that it almost seems like the heirloom is an extension of the Legend and not a add-on.

Players will also have an easier time surviving gunfights, thanks to the aforementioned reduced hitbox. With all the buffs and the heirloom combined, Revenant seems like one of the best and balanced legends currently available in Apex Legends.

You can expect Revenant’s popularity to only increase with time.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Leaked Files Confirm the Abduction of Coral Castle by the Giant UFO

Hackers break into Apex Legends, accusing Respawn of abandoning Titanfall... to hackers

TechSpot 05 July, 2021 - 08:17am

The hacked in-game content was first spotted by Apex Legends News on Twitter, with players being limited to the hacked (and broken) "SaveTitanfall" playlist. While it initially seemed to be solely limited to PC players, it also spread to those on Xbox and the PS4.

The hacked content was replaced with text protesting the state of Titanfall and incidents of hacking in the game, along with a promotion of the website SaveTitanfall.com.

Players are being given this "Important Message" after finishing a match. pic.twitter.com/SGKvduO95p

That website is part of a campaign that claims that the 2014 FPS is "unplayable" as it is, with hackers filling lobbies with bots and blocking any legitimate players from connecting, and even preventing private lobbies from running.

There's plenty of documentation of the game's issues on the site, by both gaming media and community posts on Reddit and Steam. With "over three years" of fans trying to raise the issue, it would be hard to not feel that EA and Respawn have abandoned the title.

The website goes a step further, describing the continued sales of Titanfall in such an unstable state -- still listed at $20 on both Origin and Steam -- as "an act of fraud."

However, it turns out that the creators of SaveTitanfall.com aren't the ones responsible for the attack, but have had their campaign co-opted by the hackers. TF Remnant Fleet -- the "biggest original Titanfall community" and who created the site with the help of the NoSkill modding community -- disavowed the attacks and sought to clear their name, with admin RedShield stating to IGN:

I would like the Apex Legends' community, on behalf of the TF Remnant Fleet and the Titanfall community, [to know] that we stand with you.

We are not behind the recent attacks and have no control over them, and that's something that we know the pain of very well. We empathize with you, and hope that things can return to normalcy soon. At the very least, even if Titanfall doesn't get fixed, we hope that Apex Legends can be, as I know that's a game that far more people cherish just as much as we cherish our game.

According to RedShield, the attacks might have been from someone trying to tar Remnant Fleet's name but were more likely simply a well-intentioned hacker who wanted to raise awareness for their campaign, since the hackers quickly updated their content to say they weren't affiliated with SaveTitanfall.com.

Thankfully, the company quickly jumped on the issue, providing hourly updates until they could confirm that matchmaking was fixed with server-side updates. Still, it's not a good time for either fans or developers at Respawn, especially as both Apex and Titanfall -- as well as the latter's sequel -- were only last month hit by a wave of DDOS attacks.

Images: PVPX via Twitter, SaveTitanfall.com

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