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What is tap strafing in Apex legends?

So what is tap-strafing, exactly? Basically, it's a maneuver in Apex Legends that lets you change direction midair in a pinch without slowing down at all. Imagine zipping around corners as if momentum was never interrupted, and that's tap-strafing. For The WinControversial 'tap-strafing' move in 'Apex Legends' is getting removed, and pros aren't happy

Apex Legends Patch 10.1: Release Date, Patch Notes, UK Time and All You Need To Know

GameRant 01 September, 2021 - 10:48am

Apex Legends will be releasing an update 10.1 very soon and we have all the details around what you need to know before it is released.

Players are always happy to see updates come to Apex as they typically fix bugs and make minor changes to weapons and Legends.

The battle royale game has been a huge success during Season 10 and the new Legend named Seer has quickly become a fan favourite.

Hopefully this upcoming update sorts out overpowered issues as well as some of the bugs that are causing Apex to not run as smoothly.

Here is everything you need to know about Apex Legends patch 10.1:

For now the release date for this upcoming patch has not been released. We should find out this information very soon and when we do find it out we will provide all the updates and information right here.

Not all the patch notes have been revealed yet and no doubt Apex will post them on social media soon.

There has been some news around what will be in the update as Apex told the community they have decided to remove tap-strafing from the game in patch 10.1.

They are doing this because it's inaccessible, lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by movement abilities.

We normally see an update drop in the morning in the UK and it will be no different for the 10.1 patch.

Hopefully it should be out around 9-10am on the date that it is released.

Kings Canyon has gone through some big changes since Emergence went live, and it would be interesting to see whether this patch made any minor changes to the map.

This update will be coming very soon, so be sure to keep an eye on this page for any updates and no doubt there will be a lot of patch notes to get through by the time the update drops.

What Is Tap Strafing In Apex Legends? - PlayStation Universe

PlayStation Universe 01 September, 2021 - 07:04am

What Is Tap Strafing In Apex Legends, Apex Legends Tap Strafing, Apex Legends, Tap Strafing – Respawn recently announced plans to stomp down on tap strafing in Apex Legends this week, but naturally, a lot of folk aren’t actually sure what the mechanic is. Well, we’ve got the answer below, so read on!

Tap strafing is a technique used mainly by PC gamers and allows players to quickly change direction after performing a slide jump. The involves tapping the forward key after a slide jus while strafing in your chosen direction. Commonly, those performing tap staffing bind their forward command to their roll wheel, allowing the move to be activated easily.

Overall, the technique allows players to make sharp turns and evade or counterattack opponents who are less mobile than they are.

Respawn has said that it’s removing tap strafing due to the following reason: “It’s inaccessible, lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by movement abilities.”

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Apex Legends Removes Tech That Grew Beef Between PC And Console Fans

Polygon 31 August, 2021 - 05:05pm

One of the game’s higher level techniques that makes such domination possible is, or was, known as tap strafing. Tap strafing allows someone to jump into the air, and perform a full 180 while maintaining their jump momentum before hitting the ground. It combines a bunch of different movement abilities together with some unique quirks of the Source engine to create some truly wild shit. It is also only possible on PC, which is why it was taken out as of late August.

I’ll break it down into its component parts. First, it requires you to be able to bunnyhop. Bunnyhopping is the process of jumping the same frame your character makes contact with the ground in order to maintain momentum and quickly displace your hitbox making you harder to hit. Bunnyhopping is possible, but difficult on controllers because it has some pretty tight timing. It is much easier on PC, where you can bind “jump” to your scroll wheel allowing you to input dozens of jump inputs every second. It is a pretty common strategy in basically every first-person shooter.

There’s an advanced version of this technique known as strafe jumping. Moving diagonally in a video game is faster than moving forward because that’s how triangles work. You’re moving the same forward distance in the same amount of time, with added movement to the side. You can then combine this with bunnyhopping. Once you’re bunnyhopping while strafing, you can quickly move the mouse to the direction you’re strafing in to convert your sideways velocity into forward motion. This allows you to move incredibly quickly, albeit with a slight curve.

Tap strafing built upon this technique with a quirk of the Source engine. The Source engine checks for player direction and momentum every time the forward movement key is pressed. So if you were to tap forward while facing a different direction mid-jump, you could change the direction you’re going in. You could do this by literally tapping the forward movement key, or you could just do the bunnyhopping trick again and bind forward motion to your scroll wheel. Doing this allows you to radically change your direction in the air, which lets you move in some incredibly wild ways.

This movement technique is only possible on a mouse and keyboard, which gives PC players a huge advantage in a crossplay game like Apex Legends. Respawn has been trying to get its PC and console communities to play nice for a while, and it has not been going well. The removal of tap strafing is its most recent attempt to level the playing field.

While this particular situation is unsurprising given Apex’s history, it does highlight the difficulties developers will continue to face as crossplay becomes increasingly common throughout the medium. Having to balance not only weapon and character variety, but for hardware differences, presents an incredible challenge going forward.

How to earn Crafting Metal in Apex Legends: What is it, what does it do & how to get more

CharlieINTEL.com 31 August, 2021 - 09:18am

Crafting Metal in Apex Legends is one of the game’s currencies, and our guide will run you through what it does, and how you can get it.

Given that Apex Legends now has a whopping 18 different characters to pick from, there’s a ton of different cosmetic items to unlock. Each Legend comes with their own huge set of customizable options from skins to quips to emotes.

Add to that a huge number of options for each rarity, and the number of selections available is quite staggering. Our guide should walk you through everything you need to know about Crafting Metal in Apex Legends.

Along with Apex Coins, Apex Tokens, and Heirloom Shards, Crafting Metal is a collectible currency in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends.

It’s distinctive thanks to its blue color and symbol, and you can view how much you have by doing the following:

Crafting Metal can be used to create and craft a whole different bunch of cosmetics for the characters in Apex Legends.

This is a full list of the items you can craft in the game:

Currently, the only way you can get your hands on Crafting Metal is by opening Apex Packs and hoping you get lucky.

Each pack will drop three items for you, and it can be a wide range of items from pre-made cosmetics to Crafting Metal itself.

If you do manage to get some Crafting Metal in a pack, it will be one of four different rarities, with each level representing a different amount, that you can see below:

Obviously, the dream is to open a pack and see that Legendary Crafting Metal drop, allowing you to make stuff a lot faster. Just keep earning them, opening them, and build your pile up.

If you do have some Crafting Metal, and you have your favorite Legend or bunch of Legends, then you’ll want to know how much you’ll need to spend to get the good stuff.

Here is the amount of Crafting Metal required for each type of rarity:

Hopefully, this in-depth guide has covered everything you need to know about Crafting Metal in Apex Legends!

Don’t forget to also check out how to get Apex Legends Tokens too!

The Monster Energy collab will bring some new cosmetics and skins to Apex Legends in Season 10, so let’s see what’ rewards are up for grabs for players.

There were plenty of changes in Season 10 of Apex Legends, including the new Legend Seer and changes to the World’s Edge map. With a new Collection Event arriving soon, Respawn has plenty of new content planned.

A new collaboration with ALGS, Monster Energy, has brought some brand-new cosmetics and skins to the battle royale, so let’s get into the details.

Notable Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal has discovered all of the cosmetics and skins that you will be able to earn in the Monster Energy collab. These include new outfits for Wraith and Octane.

The Apex Legends Monster Energy collaboration will take place from August 1 to December 31, 2021. During this time, you’ll be able to purchase select cans of Monster Energy that carry promotional codes, which can be redeemed in September.

Each code will grant you access to one of the following cosmetics:

With Wraith, Octane, and two energy weapons getting unique new skins, there are quite a few neat items for you to collect. However, the bad news is that these are only of the ‘Rare’ variety.

Luckily, @alphaINTEL has presented the number of cans you will need to gain specific rewards in the Monster Energy x Apex Legends collab:

In addition to these cosmetics, a few players also discovered High Energy badges after the 9.1 update. These will reportedly unlock higher-tiers depending on the number of codes that you redeem.

These will level up in tiers as you redeem more codes. While there aren’t any legendary or epic skins in this collab, you’ll still have some new activities to try out until Season 10 goes live.

For those who like to collect exclusive skins and have cosmetics that not many players have, make sure to purchase Monster Energy and redeem as many codes as you can for the best rewards.

Also, be sure to check out our article on tap strafing being removed from the Apex Legends in a future update.

NICKMERCS has revealed a surprising setting in Apex Legends that has improved his aim in Respawn’s battle royale shooter.

Apex Legends has multiple settings to help you refine your aim, but Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has shown off the Color Blind Mode setting that has helped him to land his shots more accurately in Season 10.

Having the right aim settings for a first-person shooter can be the difference between winning and losing fights. You might have the natural aiming ability, but if the settings you use aren’t attuned to your playstyle, then you might be hindering yourself.

NICKMERCS found that he’d been missing more than his fair share of shots in Apex Legends with his current settings, but with some tinkering, he discovered that one of the game’s Color Blind options actually helped him.

Nick said in his video: “Now, the other day I was having trouble hitting some shots with certain sights in the Apex game. I watched a couple of other streamers, y’know, some controller guys, and I see them all playing on this Color Blind Mode. So I flick it on, right? And after I’d flicked it on…I didn’t miss!”

These settings have traditionally been for impaired players that suffer from colorblindness, and have trouble distinguishing certain colors from each other.

After Nick jokingly had a few attempts at pronouncing the name of the setting, we can confirm that the name of the setting is Tritanopia. The game’s official description of it says: “It “compensates for a blue-yellow color deficit.”

Nick added more about the setting saying: “It’s fire! It makes things a little bit colorful, but if you can get past that, then I think the sight being a different color, it works for me.”

We will just give you a quick run-down on how to turn this setting on to, hopefully, better your aim in Apex Legends.

Here’s how to turn the Tritanopia setting on:

It should now be equipped, and you can go and test the changes to see if the differences in color make a huge difference to your gameplay.

Also, check out how to make care packages drop instantly in Apex Legends.

An Apex Legends player has encountered a crazy new glitch which causes a Legend change mid-game, an issue that has confused the community.

Although a recent update for Apex Legends fixed some bugs and issues players had been experiencing during Season 10, a few new glitches and exploits have been floating around and gaining attention, like the instant care package drop.

As well as this, players have also been reporting a Legend change mid-game when being respawned from a drop-ship, something that is obviously not supposed to be happening.

Usually, in Apex Legends, players chose their character before the game starts, giving players the freedom of choice. Every season brings a new Legend to the game, and with Apex Legends now in Season 10, the selection of characters to choose from is vast and varied.

Players, of course, have their favorites, so the option to pick is very important. Although NICKMERCS had some words to say about the selection system, overall, the game provides players with enough time to select their choice before a game.

However, what if the game gave you no choice and you were involuntarily chosen a character upon spawning into the game. Well, a new glitch in Apex Legends is causing exactly that mid-game when players are respawned.

Reddit user and Apex Legends player Mrpineapplehead559 reported the issue with a video showing off the bug, asking if it had happened to anyone else: “I changed from mirage to bloodhound mid game??? Has this happened to anyone else?”

The glitch caused the player to turn from Mirage to Bloodhound, with others in the comments also stating they have had similar experiences: “Same thing happened to me. I was Valkyrie, died, got rezzed as gibby soon after. My teammates and I were just wtf.”

This glitch isn’t great for those who really enjoy playing a certain character or are even trying to complete challenges with a particular character. This kind of glitch can really ruin someone’s game, especially just after being respawned back into the map.

This is obviously something that isn’t supposed to be happening, and hopefully, the developers can work on a fix as soon as possible. For more on Apex Legends, check out our article on the best settings for controller.

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