Apex Legends Season 10 buffs and nerfs for Legends so far


Dexerto 20 July, 2021 - 07:19am 14 views

Who is the new Apex legend?

EA and Respawn Entertainment have pushed out a surprise new trailer showing off the upcoming playable legend, Seer, ahead of his in-game arrival in August. VG247Apex Legends is getting a new character, Seer, soon

Buffs and nerfs to the various playable characters are a necessary part of every major update, to prevent any under/overpowered characters from staying too long, and to keep things fresh.

However, these balancing changes can often be controversial, as your favorite character might receive a nerf you think was unjustified, for the overall betterment of the game.

There are some characters that definitely need some improvements, while others might be on the chopping block for a nerf. Here are all the changes that Respawn devs have alluded to in the build-up to Season 10.

Wattson is one of the most controversial topics in Apex. Her players want her to be buffed, but Respawn points out that her win rate is already very high.

Respawn has said that although they will be giving her a buff, she will also get a nerf, to keep things balanced. The buff will be to make her more fun to play, so that her pick rate increases, but the nerf will likely increase the size of her hitbox, according to live balance designer John Larson.

It will be no surprise that Crypto will be getting some buffs, hopefully right at the start of Season 10. Although Respawn accepts that Crypto will never be the most popular pick, because he is a more “cerebral” character, they want to make him a bit more popular still.

“When assessing how to make him a bit sexier, I think streamlining the flow between Crypto mode and drone mode, and maybe distributing that power in a more healthy way so it’s not quite as binary, would be a nice way of approaching that,” the developer said.

Whether we get these Crypto changes right at the start of Season 10, or in the mid-season update, remains to be seen.

We don’t know what Respawn has planned for Horizon yet though, only that they have “some stuff in the oven” for her.

Caustic’s gas is no longer the serious threat it once was, due to the big reduction in damage output.

Speaking on the Apex Uncut podcast, it sounds like Respawn will be adding some of that fear factor back into Caustic’s gas, hopefully at some point during Season 10.

Part of this will likely be a change to Revenant’s ult, to make it a bit more punishing to push a team with Octanes’ jump pad and death protection. You can read more about the potential changes here. 

For Rampart, she will be receiving a buff, but developers have said not to expect it right at the very start of Season 10, as they still need to complete some development and testing on it.

This buff will likely be related to her Ultimate ability, which is really the most ineffective part of her kit.

In Season 9, Fuse was given an extra charge for his Knuckle Cluster tactical, but it’s still not all that powerful. There’s no confirmation on what the Fuse buff will be, but we’d expect it to target his tactical once again.

Gibraltar is a powerful character, and is very popular with high-skill players. Unfortunately, lower-skill groups rarely pick Gibraltar, probably just due to his large, cumbersome size.

However, Respawn want to make him a bit more popular, without making him more powerful. We don’t know how they will achieve this yet, or when that change will come.

That’s all we know so far about potential buffs and nerfs dropping in Season 10, either at launch or in the mid-season update. Remember none of these changes are guaranteed yet.

Everyone is now just looking forward to the full patch notes, to break it all down for us.

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Apex Legends devs reveal new Legend Seer

TrueTrophies 20 July, 2021 - 12:54pm

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Apex Legends Season 10 World's Edge map changes: Train Yard, Sorting Factory & more

Dexerto 20 July, 2021 - 04:47am

When Respawn Entertainment dropped a new season update for Apex Legends, it gives everyone a chance to reset, learn the new legend, pick up the new weapon, and start exploring map changes.

In Season 10: Emergence, the new legend has been confirmed as Seer, players will be able to use a new LMG in the form of the Rampage LMG, and World’s Edge looks set for a big shake-up, rather than getting a brand-new map.

The changes to battle royale’s second map have already been teased in-game with screens showing warning signs as well as rumbling being heard in the pre-game loading screens.

As we already know, the three biggest affected areas of World’s Edge are set to be Train Yard, Refinery, and Sorting Factory.

Train Yard, of course, has become renowned for fights taking place across different levels of height. You can easily be sat in one of the suspended pods above the yard and pick off enemies from below, and vice versa.

However, that appears to be coming to an end with the Train Yard resembling more of a scrapyard in the new Season 10 screenshot.

Though, as leaker Shrugtal points out, the spot looks have pretty much submerged into lava and now features a tram system, seemingly to help players get across the lava pit quickly.

As for Refinery, while the warning signs have pointed to its out-and-out destruction, there aren’t any screenshots of what it’s going to look like once the changes are implanted.

Yet, it seems like whatever takes its place, there will be more snowfall across the map, just like there is nearby Refinery. It is something that the devs have alluded to in the last few weeks.

That's a great follow up question. Guess you'll have to wait and find out.

— Eduardo Agostini (@DigitalGuido604) July 19, 2021

Of course, while these are set to be the standout changes, there will likely be tweaks to other locations as well.

Once we know more, we’ll update this article so you can get a full picture of whats changed.

Apex Legends new hero Seer revealed before Emergence

SlashGear 19 July, 2021 - 08:53pm

When does Apex Legends' season 9, Legacy, end? | Dot Esports

Dot Esports 19 July, 2021 - 04:07pm

The latest season of Apex Legends, Emergence, is set to begin at the start of next month. And with that, season nine, Legacy, will come to an end.

The official Apex Twitter account posted a teaser today for the season’s new character, Seer, and the season’s official webpage on EA.com shows that season 10 will start on Aug. 3.

This means that in just two weeks, we can kiss the current season goodbye. 

A bad omen cast a shadow over Obi’s birth: will his light survive and emerge from the darkness? pic.twitter.com/uRBPA30r3q

Apex season nine will end on Aug. 3 when the next season begins.

Legacy started on May 4 and it was the season that introduced players to the new character Valkyrie and a new weapon, the Bocek Compound Bow. It also brought in the new Arenas mode.

There hasn’t been any indication of what loot might be vaulted after this season, but Legacy brought us arrows, shatter caps, and Deadeye’s Tempo. At the same time, it vaulted Hammperpoint Rounds and Skullpiercer Rifling.

Season nine was the host to three events and the ALGS Championship Sale. Along with the Arenas Flash Event, this season went on during the Genesis collection event and Thrillseekers event.

While we know when season 10 will start now, there’s no indication on how long it might last or when it will end. But last year, season six, which started in the middle of August, ended at the beginning of November.

If Respawn keeps its seasons around the same length this year, you could expect to see another new season around the end of October, give or take a few weeks.

Apex Legends is going to have a hot boy summer, thanks to Seer

Polygon 19 July, 2021 - 02:46pm

Seer is a character with a great and distinctive visual design. He has an exposed midriff, facial piercings, and a moth motif. Fans are already pointing out unique parts of his design and planning to pick him up in game.

Other fans have noticed Seer’s similarities with a striking TikTok figure, William Knight, who’s eager to let people know that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Seer has the exact same enigmatic energy. Perhaps you might even spot him on a jog through the woods?

"There's no such thing as a coincidence." pic.twitter.com/gJiOpGdNlu

A ton of fans have already started drawing, painting, and sketching the new Legend. His design is pretty distinctive in the battle royale space, and it’s hard to name anyone who has his style.

cant wait to play him #seer #apexlegends pic.twitter.com/hUIHj8PFM5

He's so pretty I'm SO EXCITED FOR HIM!!! #ApexLegends #Seer #ApexSeer #ApexLegendsSeer #ApexLegendsFanart pic.twitter.com/WSF4FkZ2CV

We have yet to learn what his exact skill set is on the battlefield. We know he is an artistic sort who uses microdrones, but there’s still a lot to learn about this mysterious man.

Seer will debut during Apex Legends’ new Emergence season, which will be available starting on Aug. 3 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Apex Legends Emergence First Details: New Legend, Ranked Arenas, Release Date

GameSpot 19 July, 2021 - 12:53pm

August's First PS Plus Game Confirmed As Hunter's Arena: Legends

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 Coming July 13, And Here's What It Does

While we don't know a ton about Seer's abilities yet, based on the cinematic Metamorphosis trailer, he was born under a bad sign, which gives him strange powers. The Apex website mentions his "artist's eye," which may mean that he'll be able to see things that other Legends can't, similar to Bloodhound and Loba. Also, he has glowing blue microdrones that look pretty scary, so watch out for those.

In terms of other additions, Emergence will include a new weapon in the form of the Rampage LMG, which appears to be a light machine gun similar to the Devotion and Spitfire. It will also add a Ranked Arenas mode to the game, which will allow players to become Apex Predators in both the game's core battle royale mode and 3 v 3 Arenas mode for the very first time. As with all Apex Legends seasons, Emergence comes with a new battle pass, complete with exclusive skins.

It's worth noting that the image of World's Edge on the game's website seems to show the arena with blue skies, which we haven't seen since Season 3, and it appears the Train Yard landmark has been wiped from the map. Curious players can also find one of Seer's drones on the Olympus map, which reveals a few more details about him, as well as giving you a gun charm.

In a panel discussion at the recent EA Play event, developer Chad Grenier confirmed that ranked arenas will be added to the game in this update. He said that the mode was almost ready for Season 9, but they decided to delay it in order to ensure its quality. More information on Seer will be revealed at the next EA Play Live event on July 22.

Apex Legends Debuts an Intense Promo by Love, Death and Robots Animation Team

CBR - Comic Book Resources 19 July, 2021 - 11:36am

Metamorphosis focuses on upcoming legend Seer, as it chronicles his life from birth through to adulthood. According to the trailer, Seer is cursed with some form of terrible power. While the world turns its back on the small boy with glowing blue eyes, his parents train him to survive. This results in Seer joining what appears to be an underground fight club, where he uses his mysterious abilities to best his opponents.

While the trailer gives away little on how Seer will play in Apex Legends, it does provide both a stylish introduction to the character and a date for the Season 10: Emergence reveal trailer. The upcoming trailer will debut during EA Play Live on July 22.

Animation fans will no doubt recognize the style used in Metamorphosis. The trailer is a collaboration between Respawn Entertainment and Passion Pictures, perhaps best known for its work on Netflix's highly acclaimed Love, Death + Robots. Passion Pictures created Zima Blue for the anthology series' first season and Ice for the second season. Robert Valley, director of both of the aforementioned animated shorts, also directed Metamorphosis.

Respawn Entertainment remains tight-lipped on any specific information regarding Seer's play style. While several brief videos were released on the developer's Twitter account, they were largely cryptic teases on the origins of the character. Several voice lines recently added to the game further hint at Seer's abilities; Caustic describes Seer as a coward due to his use of "subterfuge and misdirection."

If you want to check out Seer when Season 10: Emergence eventually launches, then you should grab Apex Legends. It's free-to-play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. It's also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility.

Source: YouTube

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