Are Mario Golf's Motion Controls Any Good on Switch?


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Is Mario Golf Online?

Of course, you're also able to play online with other players in Mario Golf: Super Rush. To do so, select “Play Golf” once again, but this time, you'll have to choose “Network Play” afterward. Inverse'Mario Golf: Super Rush' multiplayer: How to play local, online with friends

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Mario Golf Super Rush - How To Use Motion Controls

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There are many sports that would be hard to simulate with a motion style controller, but golf has always been pretty good one over the years. Whether in VR or on consoles like the Wii, golf has always been a lot of fun to experience in motion. Due to this, the new Mario Golf Super Rush has motion controls as an option and this guide will tell you how to use them in the game.

Motion controls are likely going to be the most difficult option in the game when it comes to playing golf, as it can be harder to be as precise as when pressing the buttons and such. However, motion controls really can add to the experience by making it really feel like you are playing golf. This goes back to golf on Wii Sports where the Wii Remote was really fun to use, but now it’s much more involved.

Motion control options are available all throughout Mario Golf Super Rush, with you getting to select between them and button controls. Such as when selecting what type of mode you want to play within the Play Golf section of the main menu, you are always asked what play style you want first between Button Controls and Motion Controls. Unfortunately, motion controls are not available within Golf Adventure mode for some reason, so you won’t be able to switch to them.

As for the motion controls themselves, it’s recommended that you have the wrist strap attachment on the Joy-Con that also makes the SL and SR buttons easier to hit anyways. From there, main sure you have enough room around you to stand and face the TV as if you were about to hit a real life golf ball in that direction.

While standing like this, you can practice your swing without hitting the ball itself by just moving the Joy-Con in the motion as if you were hitting it. When you feel ready to actually hit the ball, hold down the SL button or SR button depending on which side Joy-Con you are using and tee off. Just like with a button controller, you can aim the shot and change clubs with the Joy-Con’s analog stick, so make sure to do any of that before swinging if you wish.

Mario Golf Super Rush is now available exclusive for Nintendo Switch. Make sure to check out all of our other guides as well if you need additional help with the game.

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