Army of the Dead's Zack Snyder & Dave Bautista:Which Movie Characters Would Survive a Zombie Attack?


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When is Army of the Dead on Netflix?

Army starts streaming on Netflix on May 21 and will continue theatrical play at the same time. Deadline‘Army Of The Dead’ Cinemark Booking Points To More Theatrical Runs For Some “High-Profile” Films From Netflix & Other Streamers, CEO Mark Zoradi Says

Call Of Duty: Every Celebrity Guest Star In Cast Of Zombies

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One reason fans always return to Zombies is the celebrity maps. Typically, each game will feature at least one map featuring an all-star cast to play as and/or fight. Some of these guest star appearances are so beloved that fans wish that Activision would just make a standalone Zombies game about them.

These four horror icons are battling another icon; George A. Romero, the famous director that revolutionized zombie movies is the boss zombie. Horror fans and gamers alike get a lot of joy out of this map.

So much so that these mobster characters would be referenced in one of Black Ops III's Zombies maps if one pays close attention.

Later, John Malkovich was replaced with none other than the Evil Dead star: Bruce Campbell. With the exo-suit abilities and unique zombie mechanics, Advanced Warfare brought new life to Zombies. This game rivals Call Of The Dead in bringing so many horror legends together.

Robert Picardo of Star Trek: Voyager plays the Shadow Man and - much to the shock of fans - directly ties into the main Zombies storyline featuring Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen, and Nikolai when he returns in Revelations. Also appearing in Revelations is the reveal of Dr. Monty's face which happens to be Clockwork Orange star: Malcolm McDowell.

With Infinite Warfare's Zombies mode embracing the cheesy and over-the-top tone of Return Of The Living Dead, these personalities fit well within the context of the maps. There are also some famous voices for the playable characters including Seth Green and Ike Barinholtz. On one map, Kevin Smith ends up being playable.

This is where it features Ving Rhames - who is in Zack Snyder's Dawn Of The Dead -, David Tennant of Doctor Who fame and fought vampires in Fright Night, Elodie Yung who some might know as Elektra in the Netflix Marvel Universe, and Kathryn Winnick fresh off her success on Vikings.

The cast really embraces that era of horror and all of them give great performances. Helena Bonham Carter is easily the funniest while Charles Dance feels straight out of those movies. Obviously, there is a lot more action since it is a Call Of Duty map.

Watch Army of the Dead's Gory First 15 Minutes and See Las Vegas Fall

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Army of the Dead opens in theaters this weekend and hits Netflix May 21.

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