Ask Windows Central – Episode 4: Microsoft Store, Windows 11, Snapdragon Developer Kit


Windows Central 21 July, 2021 - 07:59am 6 views

Is Windows 11 released?

Windows 11 is due out later in 2021 and will be delivered over several months. The rollout of the upgrade to Windows 10 devices already in use today will begin in 2022 through the first half of that year. That being said, new devices running Windows 11 are still expected to release this year. Moneycontrol.comWindows 11 RTM release date: Intel's support document may have leaked it

Win32 version of VLC now in the Windows 11 Store - MSPoweruser

MSPoweruser 21 July, 2021 - 04:00pm

The Win32 version of the VLC app for Windows is now available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11.

Unlike the UWP app, this is the full-fat, full-featured version with all of the codecs we have come to expect from the app.

The arrival of the app in the Store is proof of Microsoft’s commitment to make the Store a source of all your apps, no matter what platform they are coded for.

The app can be found by searching for VLC win32 in the Windows 11 Store.

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The Microsoft Store in Windows 11 Just Got Serious | Digital Trends

Digital Trends 21 July, 2021 - 01:40pm

Although Microsoft Edge is already pre-installed in both Windows 11, there is an important milestone that Microsoft just hit with today’s news. Edge is now the first official Microsoft Win32 app that you can grab on Windows 11 via the Store. Previously, all of Microsoft’s apps in the store were either traditional Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) or Universal Windows Apps (UWPs.)

This availability shows that Microsoft is setting a standard and getting serious with making it easier for developers to download traditional programs on Windows 11. It also lives up to Microsoft’s promise of bringing more of its other Win32 apps to the store, like Microsoft Teams and Visual Studio (which have yet to arrive).

Installing this store version of Edge, however, won’t do much. Based on our tests, it will just re-download Edge and then open up and link you back to your current browsing section. This is because Edge is already pre-installed on Windows, without the need for a separate download. If anything, the listing just showcases how easy it is to discover Win32 apps. You’ll no longer have to open a web browser, and just begin your search right in the store itself.

Outside of Microsoft, other developers have already started uploading Win32 apps to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. Previous examples include the popular streaming app OBS Studio, as well as Adobe’s popular PDF reader, Acrobat DC.

Microsoft is also working to bring Android app support to the Microsoft Store via the Amazon Appstore. The company has yet to ship this feature, but many Windows users are already anxious, thinking about sideloading otherwise incompatible apps.

You can find Microsoft Edge today in the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 today by searching for “Microsoft Edge Browser.” Interestingly enough, the app is published under the name “Microsoft Corporation II,” perhaps as a way to separate out Microsoft’s other listings and showcase the new Win32 apps from Microsoft.

Microsoft did not announce the availability of Edge in the store, so it’s likely this could just be a beta test for the moment.

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Windows 10/11 vulnerability exposes admin passwords to local users

Tech Xplore 21 July, 2021 - 09:49am

July 21, 2021 report

Others on Twitter and elsewhere have noted the vulnerability exists only for systems running build 1809 of Windows 10 and some versions of Windows 11. They note also that in addition to allowing access to SAM data, the vulnerability also allows access to certain system and security files. For a nefarious person to take advantage of the vulnerability, the system must have a VSS shadow copy of the system drive. This copy may exist on user systems due to inadvertent actions they may have taken, such as installing a hard drive that holds more than 128GB and then conducting a Windows update. Adding an installer package file format called MSI will do so, as well. Users who want to know if their system has the vulnerability can run the system command vssadmin.

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