Aussies Can Win This McDonald's Themed PS5 Controller


Push Square 30 July, 2021 - 07:00am 56 views

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Fries and burgers are always with you

Were those recently released PlayStation 5 controllers in red and black not really doing it for you? If your answer to that question is yes and you live in Australia, you could instead try to win this PS5 pad themed around one of the planet's most popular fast-food chains. McDonald's has created its own limited edition controller, and we'll let you decide if it's totally hideous or not.

You've got fries on the left, a hamburger on the right, and the McDonald's logo in the centre of the touchpad. You're basically a walking (or sitting down?) advertisement for the brand if you happen to win one, but then that might be no bad thing for someone so passionate about Ronald McDonald. While the thumbstick and triggers have been left alone, the D-pad and face buttons have also been spray-painted yellow.

There are 50 of these McDonald's themed PS5 controllers for the community to win, and to be in with a shot of doing so, you need to watch certain streamers on Twitch. They'll be playing the likes of Overwatch, Minecraft, FIFA 21, and Night in the Woods across the next seven days. Do you want one? If not, campaign to make the Big Tasty meal a permanent menu item in the comments below.


About Liam Croft

Liam grew up with a PlayStation controller in his hands and a love affair for Metal Gear Solid. Nowadays, he can be found playing the latest and greatest PS5 games as well as supporting Derby County. That last detail is his downfall.

Comments (40)

@render wtf mine too... how ugly it is... MC you can keep this crap.

If I would win this thing I would just buy a replacement shell lol

Ew. I’d put that thing straight on eBay.

I love the occasional maccy d's and a free spare controller is never a bad thing, but this pad looks like it has liver damage!

The only way this could be worse is if it had scary Ronald McDonald's face on it

I quite like it, not enough to ever watch someone on Twitch but still

Oh awesome, I hope it delivers an authentic McDonalds experience like using the speaker to play the sounds of screaming children and minimum wage staff being berated.

Does it come with some grease already on it?

Release that controller with a remaster of Global Gladiators and that's a winner.

God I fancy a Big Mac now.

Something's off.. This thing looks way too slim for what it represents

@Shepherd_Tallon I actually thought no one would get it plus it shows my age😂😂 you're right though, great game.

But they cant leave the house because of there dictatorship gov.

Na na na na naaaa, I’m hating it 😂😂😂

They can keep it, f*cking monstrosity...

one of the greatest mysteries of life is......that i want this.

At least if you get stick drift with this, chances are it'll be grease or ketchup stuck down the side of the stick...

I would buy it if it was just a red controller with an M in the middle

@HuJack007 What's the number of cases in your country? ...

@fR_eeBritney Good one!

I suppose it might be worth money one day.

As an Aussie: that is a goddamn^ eyesore. I will actively avoid Maccas just so I can’t accidentally be entered in the draw for this monstrosity.

^ (as an Aussie, this would also normally be a different word, but this is a public comment)

I thought maybe this was a controller for Kojima’s next game

Nope... just checked. Deffo 30th of July not April 1st.

I like the colour scheme, just a shame it has the McDonald's logo and food on it.

It’s the only controller that gives you heart disease while you play.

I absolutely need this idk why but I love it. Also finally Australia gets something exclusive

@fR_eeBritney lol

I hate it. The kids love it. Want to know if it's grease absorbing?

@HuJack007 Have to admit, my immediate thought was “boy this doesn’t make up for police lockdowns.”

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Maybe snow, rain, and even accelerated wind speeds can affect web swinging in a future title. Spidey sways in the wind during a storm, something which the player could feel with the DualSense controller. Wet surfaces may cause the side of buildings to be slippery, encouraging more careful button pushes and timing while pulling off all of Spider-Man's parkour moves. Having more locations that can be entered and exited in real time would be a great addition as well, perhaps introducing photography side missions in which Peter Parker has to report to J. Jonah Jameson inside the Daily Bugle.

An added bonus will be the inclusion of Queens, Peter's stomping grounds, which was notably absent from the first two installments. While the buildings are smaller and would not allow for as wild web swinging, it is bursting with personality - just like Harlem was for Miles Morales in his spin-off title. It would also be interesting if plot points brought Spider-Man to entirely new locations outside of New York for a change of visual scenery, as well as moment-to-moment gameplay such as Dr. Doom's Latveria or Wakanda, the home base of Black Panther.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is rumored to be in development.

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