Banks, brokerages, PSN, the Steam Store, and more went down in massive internet outage


The Verge 22 July, 2021 - 12:18pm 41 views

There's also a brand new error code to go along with the outage

Just earlier today, at approximately 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm BST, it was noted by users that the PlayStation Network was inactive. GamesRadar+ has verified this and the PS5 error code given for those attempting to connect is CE-109506-1.

The PSN appears to have gone down for both the PS4 and PS5 console, users have noted. All throughout Twitter, various users were noting that the PlayStation Network seemed to have been taken entirely offline. This means there's no accessing the PSN storefront on either the PS4 or the PS5, and no playing online games on either console, which is a pretty serious issue.

Right now, there's been no official word from Sony on why PSN is down. All we have to go on right now is speculation surrounding the nature of the outage, but if any official word does come from Sony or PlayStation, we'll be sure to update this article straight away. As of now, PlayStation's official site claims that all services are up and running. 

As we mentioned previously, it's not clear why the PSN appears to be down at the time of writing. However, we can report that Steam has also been affected with a similar outage, meaning the big storefront on PC is currently entirely out of commission. It'd be interesting to know why both of these servers have been taken offline at seemingly the same time, but we don't think either Sony or Valve would be too eager to reveal why.

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Dozens of websites briefly lose service amid short Akamai outage

News 5 Cleveland 31 December, 1969 - 06:00pm

Several large companies reported brief internet outages early Thursday afternoon after a large cloud storage company reported a "service disruption."

According to Downdector — a website that crowdsources internet outages — dozens of companies, including HBO Max, Amazon, UPS and the PlayStation Network, all experienced outages early Thursday afternoon.

Akamai Technologies, a provider of cloud storage and computing services to many large companies, said Thursday at 12:30 that it was experiencing a "service disruption."

It's likely that disruption caused the widespread outage. Fifteen minutes later, the company tweeted that it had "implemented a fix for this issue, and based on current observations, the service is resuming normal operations."

Downdetector reported that following the Akamai fix, reports of service disruptions dropped.

Akamai says it "will continue to monitor to ensure that the impact has been fully mitigated."

We have implemented a fix for this issue, and based on current observations, the service is resuming normal operations. We will continue to monitor to ensure that the impact has been fully mitigated.

Online banking and gaming services hit by internet outage

The Guardian 22 July, 2021 - 01:44pm

Major online banking services – including Barclays, TSB, the Bank of Scotland, Tesco Bank and Sainsbury’s Bank – were either entirely or partially inaccessible for a short period.

Airbnb, the PlayStation Network and Steam also experienced the temporary glitch, with some showing users a DNS error.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the problem may be linked to a performance product offered by Akamai, an American firm, which began investigating issues just after 5pm UK time.

Its Edge DNS service is designed to improve loading times and combat attacks, using a network of servers dotted around the world.

Later, Akamai tweeted: “We have implemented a fix for this issue, and based on current observations, the service is resuming normal operations.

“We are continuing to monitor the situation and can confirm this was not a result of a cyber-attack on the Akamai platform.”

The incident follows a similar outage six weeks ago, which affected prominent websites including

The US-based Fastly said the issues experienced on 8 June were down to an “undiscovered software bug” in its system, which was triggered by a single unnamed customer who updated their settings.

PSN, Steam Are Down Along With Big Chunks Of The Internet [Update: It's Fixed, Sort Of]

GameSpot 22 July, 2021 - 01:31pm

August's First PS Plus Game Confirmed As Hunter's Arena: Legends

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 Coming July 13, And Here's What It Does

We have implemented a fix for this issue, and based on current observations, the service is resuming normal operations. We will continue to monitor to ensure that the impact has been fully mitigated.

However, Down Detector reports that other services are experiencing issues. This includes games like Destiny and Titanfall, as well as Grand Theft Auto V mod FiveM. Apparently, even McDonald's is having problems. Microsoft is also looking into issues with launching Xbox game streaming titles.

We are aware that users may experience issues launching Game Streaming titles with a controller from We are currently investigating and will update here & on our status page as we learn more.

Original Story: Tons of websites and games--including Fortnite, the PlayStation Network, Steam, and Warframe--are experiencing a Domain Name System (DNS) failure, resulting in pages that won't load and titles that can't be played.

It's not just Fortnite, the PSN, Steam, and Warframe. Other parts of the internet, like Home Depot and Newegg, have also been affected. Even wholesaler Costco has been hit, as well as Call of Duty, HBO Max, and certain parts of both Amazon Web Services and Google, according to Down Detector.


The DNS failure is a result of a widespread outage affecting the Content Delivery Network (CDN) Akamai, which alone handles approximately 15-30% of the world's web traffic. Most of the issues seem to be server-side, with Down Detector reporting 58% of the problems occurring there.

Warframe developer Digital Extremes issued a statement regarding the connectivity issues, saying it's aware of the situation and actively looking into solutions to fix the problem.

Sony's PSN Service Status page states that services are "up and running but external, internet-wide issues" are impacting the experience. Of the PSN services affected, it's everything from account management to gaming and social connectivity to accessing the PlayStation Store. In other words, online play is probably not possible and you probably can't play your digital games right now.

Steam, PSN, Fortnite, online banking and more were down; services recovering now

TechRadar 22 July, 2021 - 01:25pm

Multiple platforms were down, but now coming back

Many major services and sites were affected - the list includes popular gaming platforms Steam and PlayStation Network, many popular multiplayer video games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, various EA games (including FIFA) and Warframe, banks like USA Bank and Barclays, and other sites like AT&T, Sony Direct, John Lewis, FedEx - the list, frankly, kept going. 

Some of these services were affected just in certain regions, or not for all users - for example, members of the TechRadar team could access McDonalds in some circumstances, and could play already-downloaded games and use the network on Steam, though not access the store on the website or app itself.

These systems all reportedly use the Akamai Cloud Delivery Network, which seemed to be suffering outages. A system status update posted by the company, however, says that the issues have been resolved.

On Downdetector, Fornite was reportedly spiking in outages, however the number of reports was noticeably lower than some of the aforementioned services - it's likely that outages were region-based, and not global, at least in this circumstance.

However, McDonalds seemed unaffected in our testing - it's possible that the outage didn't totally affect services for all websites. Also, some Steam users were reportedly able to access games, though the Steam app and website itself seem down.

Many US sites like FedEx, UPS, Home Depot, Fidelity, Southwest Airlines, USAA, Newegg, US Bank, Discover, AT&T, Costco and Delta suffered from the outage.

Lots of other UK services were reportedly down like HSBC, John Lewis, Sky Bet, Waitrose, Halifax, TSB Bank, Lloyds Bank and Barclays - that's a list with many online banks, which might be worrying for some, but services seem to have resumed now.

Amazon Web Services was reportedly down too, which affected websites that use the service. Other services said to temporarily fail include UPS, Nvidia, Now TV, the Epic Games Store and Warframe.

It's not totally clear why, but major content delivery network Akamai suffered a temporary outage, which means websites it services - including all the above listed ones - temporarily went offline.

Per Akamai's tweet, a software configuration update was to blame, but this was rolled back to mitigate the outage:

Akamai Summarizes Service Disruption (RESOLVED)At 15:46 UTC today, a software configuration update triggered a bug in the DNS system, the system that directs browsers to websites. This caused a disruption impacting availability of some customer websites. (1/3)July 22, 2021

Akamai says it will "will continue to monitor to ensure that the impact has been fully mitigated" - you can read the full statement on an analysis of the event over on TechRadar Pro.

So, fingers crossed we've seen the worst of it - but back up your work, so to speak, just in case. 

A similar issue happened in April when Google services all dropped, and June when CDN Fastly saw outages that knocked Amazon, Reddit, eBay and more offline. Apparently, the entire internet is based on far too shaky foundations, so when one CDN crumbles everything falls.

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Playstation Network, Steam, Banks, and More Knocked Offline by Massive Internet Outage

Gizmodo 22 July, 2021 - 12:21pm

On Thursday, DownDetector began showing reports of mass user accessibility issues for the likes of American Express, Capital One, Fidelity, Airbnb, Sony’s Playstation Network, and many others.

Going to a number of these sites proved many of them are having trouble resolving. An attempt to reach the gaming streaming service Steam, for instance, yields a “Service Unavailable - DNS failure” message.

Meanwhile, Sony recently put out a statement in regards to ongoing PNS issues: “PlayStation Network services are up and running, but there are external, internet-wide issues that might affect your experience,” it says.

While it’s unclear what the ultimate source of these issues is, two major providers of internet services—Akamai and Amazon—would appear to be having problems.

DownDetector shows Amazon Web Services users have reported ongoing disruptions. Meanwhile, major DNS provider Akamai reported Thursday that its Edge DNS was having trouble. Edge is a cloud-based, high-performance domain name system service that many businesses rely on. At 12:09 p.m. EST, the company said:

We are aware of an emerging issue with the Edge DNS service.

A number of security experts pointed the finger at Edge as being the culprit behind. However, just prior to publication at around 1:15 pm ET, Akamai updated its status from having issues to “operational,” so this whole thing could be cleaned up soon.

We’ll keep tabs on the outage and update this space as things (hopefully) start to return to normal.

As of 1:09 p.m. EST, Akamai said that it had fixed the issue at hand. “This incident has been mitigated,” the firm’s website claims.

The company has further elaborated that the incident was “not a result of a cyberattack on the Akamai platform.” Instead, the company says that “a software configuration update triggered a bug in the DNS system, the system that directs browsers to websites. This caused a disruption impacting availability of some customer websites.”

“The disruption lasted up to an hour. Upon rolling back the software configuration update, the services resumed normal operations. Akamai can confirm this was not a cyberattack against Akamai’s platform,” the company added. “We apologize for the inconvenience that resulted. We are reviewing our software update process to prevent future disruptions.”

Providers of DNS services, like Akamai, have the responsibility of keeping things running smoothly for many large businesses, upon whom millions of web users rely. Edge is used by a whole helluva lot of large companies—which explains the scope of today’s big takedown.

Outage Takes Down Steam, Newegg, PlayStation Network, More

PCMag India 22 July, 2021 - 12:14pm

UPDATE 11:20 a.m. PST: Downdector says it recorded issues with more than 48 services, including: Airbnb, Discover, Expedia, Home Depot, Salesforce, and more. Affected users were mostly within the US.

UPDATE 10:05 a.m. PST: Akamai says it's implemented a fix, and "the service is resuming normal operations." It also confirmed that the downtime is "not a result of a cyberattack on the Akamai platform." is still showing sporadic outages.

Original Story:An internet outage has taken down numerous websites including Airbnb, Steam, and the PlayStation Network. 

The outage seems to have started at 8:30 a.m. PST time, according to Affected web domains have been showing the error “Service Unavailable - DNS failure” when you try to visit them. 

DNS is the domain name system, which acts as a phonebook for the internet, enabling your browser to load the correct web page. 

“We are aware of an emerging issue with the Edge DNS service,” said Akamai, a content delivery network provider that helps speed up access to websites. “We are actively investigating the issue.” Akamai counts thousands of companies, including retailers, game publishers, and travel companies as customers. 

Still, it remains unclear what's exactly causing the disruption. The CEO of Cloudflare, another content delivery network provider, tweeted: "Not sure yet why so many sites online not loading, but confirmed it's not a Cloudflare issue. Bad days happen to everyone so hope whoever is having one it gets resolved quickly."

According to IT company SolarWinds, the outage has already hit over 30,000 websites. Others ensnared in the disruption include UPS, Newegg, Fedex, LastPass, and Home Depot.

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Steam, PlayStation, Fortnite, and Warframe Experiencing Network Outages - Niche Gamer

Niche Gamer 22 July, 2021 - 11:53am

© 2013-2021 Niche Gamer. All rights reserved.

© 2013-2021 Niche Gamer. All rights reserved.

Steam, PlayStation, Fortnite, and Warframe are all experiencing network outages, thanks to issues with network services providers.

As reported by IGN and others, many gaming websites are currently down. This includes Steam, PlayStation Network, Fortnite servers, and WarframeDowndetector, a website for reporting website outages, notes that “Reports indicate there may be a widespread outage at Akamai, which may be impacting your service.” Akamai is a content delivery (CDN) and cloud services provider.

CloudFlare is another network services provider that is experiencing outage reports, and at this time of writing Downdetector is reporting outages for AirBnB, Amazon, AT&T, the McDonalds app, US Bank, and more. Due to the mass nature of the websites being affected, it is likely the network services providers will resolve the matter soon.

We shall keep you informed as we learn more.

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