Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode leaks ahead of EA Play


Polygon 22 July, 2021 - 10:09am 53 views

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Battlefield 2042's 'love letter to its fans' leaks ahead of tonight's reveal 22 July, 2021 - 09:37am

Details emerge of map editor that mashes together eras. 

Ahead of tonight's EA Play event, details have leaked on the Battlefield 2042 mode being developed at Ripple Studios that had previously been billed as a "love letter to fans", with Battlefield Portal introducing a powerful level editor that reintroduces classic maps and lets players tinker with them as they please.

The details come via a now-deleted article on Game Rant, which revealed maps from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 will feature, alongside the armies and factions from those games and a selection of their arsenal. Players will be able to mix and match elements - so it's possible, it's said, to pit WW2 soldiers against Battlefield 2042's all-new specialists.

Players will be able to adjust settings, and there's also mention of an in-depth logic editor which allows more granular adjustments.

Battlefield Portal will launch alongside Battlefield 2042 and will be updated as part of the live service - and it'll be joined by the as-yet-to-be-leaked Hazard Zone mode alongside the All-Out-War mode we've already had a glimpse of. We should find out more in the immediate wake of the EA Play event taking place at 6pm BST tonight.

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Today is the day for exciting reveals at EA Play Live

RealSport101 22 July, 2021 - 08:22am

It's finally time! EA Play Live 2021 happens today and we're really excited for what they're going to show off.

We know that the annual slate of sports titles will be shown off, but everything else is shrouded in mystery. Here are 7 things to watch out for at EA Play Live 2021 today.

Since gameplay was the focus of the Spotlight event, the EA Play details will likely be focused on the game modes and any overhauls they might be getting.

While we've heard little about the mode so far, Career Mode is rumoured to be getting a full overhaul in the new game, following years of minor updates and major disappointment.

Hopefully these rumours are true and Career Mode gets the attention it deserves. Also, we wouldn't be surprised if EA Play Live marks the first time we hear about Ultimate Team.

This one is likely to be the big non-sporting reveal of the showcase. The leaks and rumours have been so widespread that it's almost certain that a Dead Space Remake will finally be revealed.

After the franchise's YouTube logo was changed a few weeks ago, and Jeff Grubb confirmed that a remake was coming, fans knew that news was imminent.

Since EA Play Live 2021 is the publisher's biggest show of the year, today would be the perfect time to revive the series.

Rumours suggest that the remake will follow the trend set by Resident Evil, completely remaking the original for modern audiences. Maybe it'll see the full revival of the series down the line.

Today has the potential to be a huge day for Sims fans. Not only is The Sims 4's latest expansion pack, Cottage Living, set to release today, but it's possible that The Sims 5 is revealed during EA Play Live 2021.

Presumably following some promotion of Cottage Living, which we'll have guides on really soon, a reveal of The Sims 5 would make a lot of sense.

It has been 8 years since The Sims 4 launched, so it really is time for The Sims 5.

If multiplayer really is set to be a big component of the new game, as was teased by the developers, it would be great to see exactly how that's going to work at EA Play Live.

More Apex Legends Season 10 details is another sure fire reveal for EA Play Live.

We already know when the new season is starting, and who the new hero is, but we're due to hear more about the map changes, new weapon, and some of the new features.

We'll inevitably be provided more details on the new season during the showcase, possibly even focusing on just one of those new areas.

Need for Speed and Burnout have always been EA's flagship racing titles, but the publisher's acquisition of Codemasters fills out their portfolio even more.

Which games we might actually see during EA Play Live, we're not sure, but you can bank on seeing one or two reveals.

Dirt Rally 3 is the one that makes the most sense, with it being next in the Dirt series schedule, but we could see something from the likes of GRID, Need for Speed, or if we're dreaming, something on the future of Burnout.

Under the EA banner, Codemasters games could be bigger than ever, showcasing expanded modes and impressive graphics. Hopefully today is the day we find out.

News about Battlefield 2042 has been almost constant since it was revealed back in June. We know what modes will be included, when it will come out, what the setting is, and more, but DICE confirmed that more details are to come.

We expect to hear more about the prospect of older Battlefield maps being remade and included in 2042.

Previous games in the series have been made free recently, with fans speculating that it's so that players are familiar with older maps before they're re-released in the new game.

Since the nostalgia of old maps is pretty exciting, EA Play Live would be a great time to show them off. After all, we know almost everything else there is to know about the game already, unless there are some surprises prepared.

Finally, Madden is another game that will 100% make an appearance. Much like FIFA 22, news has been drip fed to us over the last few weeks, but a blow out today at EA Play Live is on the cards.

We expect the time spent on Madden 22 to be a bit more general, focusing on the game and its new features more than any specific mode.

Of course, EA will want to sell the game, so expect news on bonuses, MUT, and more, as well as a repeat of details on pre order.

Many of the player ratings will be revealed throughout the week next week, so we have that to look forward to.

Today, though, we're in the dark about what to expect. We know for sure that it'll make an appearance of some kind, however.

Amazon Prime Members Can Get Two Battlefield Games For Free This Summer

GameSpot 21 July, 2021 - 01:24pm

August's First PS Plus Game Confirmed As Hunter's Arena: Legends

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 Coming July 13, And Here's What It Does

Battlefield 1 is available to claim now, and Battlefield 5 will be available next month.

Battlefield 1 takes place during World War I and was the first entry in the series to feature the non-linear War Stories campaign mode. War Stories is an anthology of missions that an be played in any order and includes a multitude of different perspectives. Of course, Battlefield 1 also has a variety of online multiplayer modes, too. It earned a 9/10 in our Battlefield 1 review. Battlefield 1 is available to claim for free through August 4.

Battlefield 5 takes players back to World War II. The standout game mode is Grand Operations, which injects narrative into matches that take place across three separate rounds. While the War Stories campaign falters compared to Battlefield 1, it's still worth running through. The gunplay and emphasis on teamwork makes for one of the best multiplayer experiences in series history. It earned an 8/10 in our Battlefield 5 review. Battlefield 5 will be free to claim from August 2 through October 1.

The pair of Battlefield games aren't the only bonus freebies you can claim in the coming months. A trio of LucasArts games are up for grabs on Prime Gaming, with The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition available now. You can also still claim July's lineup of Prime Gaming freebies, including Batman - The Enemy Within and Rad.

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Battlefield 1 is free on Amazon Prime Gaming now, and Battlefield 5 is next - VG247

VG247 21 July, 2021 - 12:00pm

Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 are coming to Amazon Prime Gaming.

Battlefield 4 is clearly not the last Prime Gaming Battlefield freebie, because Amazon announced today that Battlefield 1, and Battlefield 5 will soon follow.

Starting today and until August 4, Prime Gaming members will be available to claim a free PC copy of Battlefield 1, redeemable on Origin. Then, on August 2 until October 1, Battlefield 5 becomes available for free.

You’ll be claiming the standard edition for either game. This means it does not include DLC for Battlefield 1, whereas this matters less in Battlefield 5’s case as all of its meaningful content was made available for free.

Ahead of the release of Battlefield 2042, now is probably a good time to return to these older Battlefield games. If the Battlefield 4 freebie is any indication, this will likely attract plenty of players, enough to revive the population for a few weeks – though we do hope servers can sustain the load this time.

Head over to Prime Gaming’s main page to claim those games. Prime Gaming is included in your Amazon Prime subscription, and it’s also available as part of Prime Video in countries where Prime proper is not available.

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Battlefield 2042 Teaser Video Hints That Bad Company 2 Map Valparaiso Is Coming Back

GameSpot 21 July, 2021 - 09:53am

August's First PS Plus Game Confirmed As Hunter's Arena: Legends

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 Coming July 13, And Here's What It Does

An eagle-eyed fan on Reddit used Photoshop to reveal that the video contains what appears to be a reference to a map that bears a strong resemblance to Bad Company 2's Valparaiso. As you can see in the image below, and more clearly in the comparison shot further down the page, the map shown in the teaser video very much appears to be Valparaiso.

Battlefield 2042's new mode will feature fan-favorite maps from the Battlefield series, and Valparaiso would certainly fit the bill. As for how this map would factor into the new Battlefield game, that's anyone's guess. So far, DICE has confirmed only that Battlefield 2042 will have seven All Out Warfare maps at launch, with more to come over time.

Bad Company 2 never got a sequel, but if one of its maps lives on through Battlefield 2042, that'll at least be something for fans of the sub-brand to enjoy.

Whatever the case, we'll know more very soon, as EA and DICE are set to officially announce this new mode on July 22 during EA Play Live. The show is also expected to bring news about what's next for Apex Legends and reveal the first gameplay for the EA Originals title Lost in Random.

There may also be some surprises, EA teased. It's widely believed that EA will formally announce the heavily rumored new Dead Space title at EA Play Live.

For more, check out GameSpot's breakdown of how to watch EA Play Live and what to expect.

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