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Who won the first part of Big Brother?

The series premiered on July 5, 2000, and lasted for a total of 88 days. The season concluded after 88 days with Eddie McGee being crowned the winner, and Josh Souza the runner-up. wikipedia.orgBig Brother 1 (American season)

‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Final Head of Household competition Part 2 winner is …

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With Tiffany and Hannah evicted after the Cookout made it to the final six, the four remaining players made deals with one another to progress to the finale. Kyland had a deal with Xavier and Big D to go to the final three together. When Xavier won both the final four Head of Household and Power of Veto, Kyland expected him to honor the deal. Instead, Xavier used his power to grant Big D the sole vote to evict either Azah or Kyland. Xavier and Big D decided to evict Kyland because he posed a bigger strategic threat. Big D then blindsided Kyland on eviction night, and Kyland responded with indignant anger and personal attacks on his way out the door.

Upon being evicted, Kyland decided to bring up Xavier's nephew, Kobe, in an attempt to malign Xavier's character. Xavier's brother passed away earlier this year, only a few months before Xavier entered the Big Brother house. Xavier has expressed his grief over his brother's passing, as well as his desire to provide for his brother's son and be a positive male role model for him. Kyland weaponized Xavier's real-life situation to impugn Xavier's honor as a man due to his betrayal of Kyland in the game. "You know, named after Kobe, Kobe doesn't step down from a challenge. He accepts it," Kyland remarked in a nonsensical reference to Kobe's name being the same as basketball legend Kobe Bryant. Face-to-face, Xavier heatedly warned Kyland to stop talking about his nephew. "I think that, if your nephew has nobody to look up to, that is gonna figure out how to raise him and teach him how to be a man," Kyland began before host Julie Chen Moonves came over the loudspeaker to authoritatively demand that Kyland immediately exit the house. After another fraught moment, Kyland left.

Unfortunately, the incident provides a clear window into Kyland's hypocrisy and warped perception of the game. He was able to manipulate the other players, including his friend, Sarah Beth Steagall, throughout the season and frame it as gameplay. But when Xavier made a strategic move to benefit his own game, Kyland responded with a distasteful low-blow. He then went on to eagerly express his desire to return for an All Stars season in his exit interview with Julie, which solidified that the moment is sure to dwell in infamy in the Big Brother world.

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