Black Widow Star Teases Taskmaster's Possible Return to the MCU


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Does Black Widow post credit scene?

Black Widow's post-credit scene gives us a sneak peek into what lies ahead in Yelena's story, with the surprise appearance of a character who was introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently. The Indian ExpressBlack Widow post-credits scene explained: How it sets up MCU’s new team-up

Is Black Widow on HBO Max?

The live-action/animated movie is also available on HBO Max. (Black Widow is likewise playing in the home via Disney Premier Access.) ... Black Widow is facing a huge drop in is second weekend of 65 percent-70 percent. Hollywood ReporterBox Office: ‘Space Jam 2’ Streaks Past ‘Black Widow’

How did Black Widow do at box office?

I cover the film industry. Black Widow and F9 may spend most of the rest of 2021 as the year's biggest Hollywood grossers. Black Widow earned another $5.5 million in North America yesterday, crossing the $100 million mark on day six of theatrical release. ForbesBox Office: 'Black Widow' Tops $100M US And $200M Global

‘Black Widow’ Star Teases Taskmaster's Possible Return to the MCU

Black Widow actor talks about their big reveal in the movie, and the possible future of Taskmaster moving forward.

Once the revelation had been made, and based on the very themes of the movie, it made perfect sense that they wouldn't want the strongest character - with the ability to mimic and take on the ability of any adversary - to turn out to be anything but unexpected. Actress Olga Kurylenko, who played the character whose agenda and priorities had been reset by the end of Black Widow, spoke to recently, and had a little to say about her MCU future.

"That's what's so exciting about her. There are so many directions she could go," Kurylenko said. "She could go so many different ways. And because there's a battle in her between the good and the evil, and she has both and she is both, obviously she has the skills, but in the end, as you say, that spell is off her and she's not under control anymore. So there is this potential freedom and it could go that way. Who knows? The thing is, it's exciting. It could be anything. There's a lot to explore. But the skills are indeed incredible and, yeah, the character could, I mean, do a lot."

Asked about who she thought would be a great character for Taskmaster to either team up with or fight against, Kurylenko went on, "Everyone asks me that question. And it's hard to pick one because they're all different and they're all great, and I always say since Taskmaster can mirror the others, wouldn't it be cool if he's just facing all of them and maybe at the same time? That would be such a cool fight because it's like fighting yourself, right, when you fight Taskmaster because I'll be replicating all their moves. So anyone could be great."

Black Widow writer Eric Pearson spoke to the site recently to discuss the character and the decisions that went into making Taskmaster Dreykov's daughter, and why there was a lot of reasoning behind making the reveal mean something in the movie. "Taskmaster was going to be involved and there was versions before I came that was Tony Masters," Pearson explained. "I kept thinking, I was like, 'Can this guy somehow not just be a goon?' Because Dreykov in the Red Room is the thing that's tied into Natasha personally in her past of giant, nefarious, that as we learned, the spy station, that is circling the globe in the atmosphere. Why is there this guy? Why would this guy be an arm of them? That's what I kept trying to be... Trust me, I looked very, very far for how do we get this Tony Masters guy to believably be an agent of the Red Room? And then just leaned more towards other things were making sense, other parts of the puzzle were adding up."

He concluded, "Oh, they stole from Ohio the cellular blueprint of the basal ganglia, the way to deconstruct freewill. Okay. They've got the ability to rebuild the mind. Oh, Dreykov's daughter, Natasha used her as bait, blew her up. Well, what if she didn't survive and this guy who has a lot of brain science, was that a good way to find these photographic reflexes? It just seemed to make more sense. I mean, that's the good thing, is they really, at Marvel, they treat you for your story. Is this working for your story? And everyone felt like it was so we went with it. It felt like it made it more personal and I mean, I hope that fans like it. I know that some won't." Black Widow is currently in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access.

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Secret Empire: How the Corrupted Captain America Killed Black Widow

CBR - Comic Book Resources 18 July, 2021 - 06:01am

This is "Can't Cross Over," a feature where I look at instances when comic book writers had to adjust their stories to deal with crossovers.

This time around, I thought I'd play around a bit with the theme of this feature, which is typically about how crossovers mess with the plots of other comic book series (you know, like the last installment, where the X-Men were believed to be dead in the late 1980s, but Storm was then involved in the companywide crossover, Atlantis Attacks, which obviously conflicts with the idea that everyone is supposed to believe that she's dead and the solution was...well...just go read that one. It's pretty hilarious), but then I thought that an interesting twist on the idea of crossovers messing with the plots of comic book characters is the fact that comic book crossovers often involve the DEATHS of major comic book characters, so in the future, I'll continue to work in some examples of the ol' "If the crossover is expected to 'matter,' then someone better die in it!" approach to comic book crossovers, and our first example is, of course, Black Widow's demise in Secret Empire.

There's a few things you need to know about Secret Empire. The first thing, naturally, is what the crossover was about. You see, during Rick Remender's run on Captain America, a villain had, in effect, neutralized Captain America's Super Soldier Serum to the point where Steve Rogers lost the effects of the Serum, thus instantly becoming a dude in his 90s (albeit a dude in his 90s that was in really good shape. Also, since this was a sort of magical superpower of the villain, it didn't have to necessarily make sense how "neutralizing" the Serum worked, ya know?). During a future crossover, Steve helped save a fragment of the Cosmic Cube that had gained sentience (as Cosmic Cubes are wont to do) named Kobik. Kobik, having the mentality of basically a toddler, had been manipulated by the Red Skull so that all Kobik really knew was the Skull's evil view on the world. Thus, when she decided to "reward" Steve Rogers for rescuing her by giving him his youth and his powers back, she also decided to alter him to make him fit in with the Red Skull's view on the world.

HOW she did it changed over time. The initial approach was that she literally altered reality so that Steve Rogers was just ALWAYS a Hydra agent, but eventually (whether through a change in their initial idea or whether it was just not revealed until later) it turned out that Kobik basically created a new version of Steve Rogers that believed in the Hydra and replaced the "real" Steve Rogers with this fake one. Anyhow, the Secret Empire storyline was about this Steve Rogers finally implementing his long-awaited plan to take over the United States and put Hydra in charge.

MEANWHILE, while this version of Captain America was still in the planning stages, there as a whole OTHER crossover that involved an Inhuman named Ulysses who could see into the future and the debate was basically your classic "can you punish people for crimes they're GOING to commit but have not yet committed?"

And one of those visions was of Spider-Man, Miles Morales, having murdered Captain America...

So anyhow, Secret Empire begins and Cap very quickly takes over the United States. There is still a Resistance, though, led by Hawkeye and Black Widow. The young superhero team, the Champions, made up a good chunk of the superhero membership of the Resistance. Well, after they were caught visibly defying Hydra in Las Vegas, Captain America ordered the city to be destroyed. He then had his former sidekick, Rick Jones, murdered and Black Widow determined that they had to assassinate Captain America. However, before he died, Rick Jones pieced together the whole Cosmic Cube story and realized that they could, in effect, "fix" Cap by putting together fragments of the Cosmic Cube. Hawkeye and some others were, like, "Awesome, let's do that," while Black Widow disagreed, thinking that it was just fanciful nonsense and that the only way out was for her to assassinate Cap (as shown here in Secret Empire #2, by Nick Spencer and Andrea Sorrentino)...

'Black Widow': Some MCU Fans Still Want a TV Show Instead of a Movie

Showbiz Cheat Sheet 18 July, 2021 - 04:33am

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While many are happy with the movie, other fans would still like it turned into a streaming series on Disney+ in the vein of several other Marvel characters. Read on to find out what some fans are saying about Black Widow as a character for a streaming show and why it might make sense. 

(Warning: If you haven’t yet seen Black Widow, this post will contain several spoilers about the film.)

Black Widow was supposed to start the MCU’s Phase 4 in 2020, but it got delayed due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Disney eventually released it during the summer of 2021. The delay saw several other Marvel properties get their release dates ahead of it — namely the three Disney+ series WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki

The film is a prequel, following Natasha Romanoff as she meets up with her surrogate sister, Yelena, prior to the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Both are graduates of the Black Widow program and aim to stop the program’s founder, the evil General Dreykov. 

Black Widow died in Avengers: Endgame, and there doesn’t seem to be any plan to bring her back. While Scarlett Johansson‘s time in the MCU may be at an end, the same can’t be said for Florence Pugh’s Yelena. Based on a post-credits scene, it would appear that Marvel has big plans for her as a potential new Black Widow, following in her sister’s footsteps. 

One of the coolest aspects of seeing Black Widow’s story told in a movie is that fans finally get an opportunity to see her background filled out. Some Marvel fans took to Reddit to say they wouldn’t mind seeing more of that story explored, but in a streaming series rather than another film: 

“I just feel that that medium, instead of a movie, would allow for a deeper dive into her background and do her justice.”

If the movie’s success is any indication, fans would definitely go for even more Black Widow. This sentiment makes a lot of sense when you consider what Disney+ has done for the multiple Marvel characters it features on the platform. 

Marvel’s streaming series have all been radically different in style and tone. WandaVision took the format of multiple eras of classic sitcoms. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier played like part spy thriller, part action movie. And Loki is a mystery with comedic elements. 

All three shows may vary in terms of the content, but they all have one thing in common: They’re all character studies of their main characters. WandaVision has a lot to say about processing grief and shows us a woman struggling to move on from losing a loved one. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier follows two men grappling with their own identities. Loki deals with the idea of self-forgiveness and the ability to do good things after a lifetime spent doing bad ones. 

It’s easy to see how Black Widow could fit into this format. There’s plenty of background left to mine for either Natasha or Yelena, and there’s no reason it can’t be explored in a limited series.

Black Widow: 10 Things That Make No Sense About The Movie

Screen Rant 17 July, 2021 - 09:44pm

The movie was both an origin story for Black Widow as well as an introduction to a new hero that joined the MCU in Yelena Belova. While the movie was a hit and the biggest release of 2021 at the time of its release, there were several moments in the movie that had fans scratching their heads.

Even considering that the MCU is an alternate world to the real one, the entire idea of the law enforcement closing in and shooting to kill the Soviet agents and their two young children was terrifying. Add in the fact that there was no explanation on how the law enforcement officials found the secret airfield in the middle of nowhere, and the entire opening was exciting but made little sense.

There is a prequel comic Marvel released that explains how Ross convinced the United States to give him all the resources he needed to bring in the former Avenger. However, as far as the movie was concerned, why this was such an obsession for the actual U.S. government was unclear.

However, when it came time to break out, he broke metal doors off their hinges and tore through the barriers. Why was he there and why had he never tried to escape before?

Red Guardian said this all happened in a time frame where Captain America was still on ice. Was this a tall tale? There is a chance that Red Guardian did fight a Captain America. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showed the U.S. had more than one Captain America, and there is a chance he battled a Captain America — just not the Captain America.

This made no sense. There was no note explaining what this material actually was. There was no message telling Natasha that the Red Room still existed and was still churning out powerful assassins. Black Widow had no way of knowing what they were and what she should do with them, and she wouldn't have known if she hadn't brought them back to Yelena, which isn't what she wanted to happen.

Black Widow cemented her defection on the Budapest mission by helping Hawkeye assassinate Dreykov, the leader of the Red Room. She also caused the apparent murder of his daughter Antonia. The entire floor they were on blew up, but Dreykov came out without a scratch and his daughter was just scarred. How a little girl escaped this explosion with only scars is still unexplained.

What doesn't make sense is why it had to be Taskmaster specifically. The MCU clearly wanted to use a recognizable character as the villain, and Taskmaster is a comic fan favorite. However, the problem is that fans love Taskmaster from the comics and the MCU version is the villain in name and powers only.

Ross immediately showed up in a convoy of military vehicles to arrest Black Widow. This entire scene made no sense, including how they got there so fast and what authority Ross even has here, since most of the movie took place outside the United States.

However, what made even less sense was the next scene where Natasha showed up with a new hairdo and a jet to help Captain America break her friends out of prison. How did she escape? The movie never revealed how this final scene occurred.

Yelena Belova finished Black Widow with a true redemption by helping Natasha bring down the Red Room. Yelena then set out to save the brainwashed Widows across the nation. It makes no sense that Belova would end the movie with a heroic purpose and then end up as an assassin for Valentina.

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