Blake Lively Wore a Majorly Cut Out Dress for Her and Ryan Reynolds' Return to the Red Carpet


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Who is Ryan Reynolds wife?

Ryan Reynolds has marked a very special occasion with his wife Blake Lively. On Wednesday, the 44-year-old actor jokingly made his Instagram debut with his wife of nearly a decade after the couple attended the New York City premiere of his new film Free Guy. PEOPLE.comRyan Reynolds Jokes He and Wife Blake Lively Are Finally 'Instagram Official': 'What a Huge Night'

FREE GUY "Deadpool Suit" Trailer (2021) Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds Shares Fake Sequel Posters For Deadpool, Van Wilder & The Proposal

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Ryan Reynolds shared hilarious fake sequel movie posters for three films, including Deadpool the Musical, The Annulment and Van Wilder: Back 2 School.

Ryan Reynolds shares hilarious fake posters for some of his hit movies. Reynolds is best known for his portrayal of the Merc With A Mouth in Deadpool and Deadpool 2However, before Deadpool made it to the big screen, Reynolds had already made a name for himself by starring in hit films like National Lampoon's Van Wilder in 2002 and 2009's The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. In real life, Reynolds is just as humorous as his characters onscreen, which he displays through his social media presence.

It's practically inevitable that anything Reynolds shares online or videos or fan content that he responds to will quickly go viral in one way or another. Reynolds has participated in a funny friendly feud with Hugh Jackman for years. The feud has generated some great posts aimed at Jackman, but Reynolds hasn't stopped there with the comedic content. Even his simple response to a K-Pop group performance saw Reynolds quickly trend on Twitter. Justice League director Zack Snyder once joked that he'd be okay with Reynolds leaking the Snyder Cut online.

Reynolds commemorated the last day of Twitter Fleets by sharing three movie posters. The posters imagine follow-ups to Deadpool, Van Wilder, and The Proposal. Sadly, the funny movie concepts probably will never come to fruition but the posters look great. Check out all three of Reynolds's sequel concept posters below.

Not only did Reynolds come up with three hilariously feasible movie concepts, but he also managed to throw in yet another Jackman joke as well. It's an impressive feat, and it's also highly likely that fans would flock in droves to see a Deadpool musical. All jokes aside, Reynolds has done a great job establishing himself not only as a great actor but also as a source of fantastic, non-toxic internet fun. Reynolds has also been honest about his own struggles with anxiety, making a post about it for Mental Health Awareness month with the hope that his honesty would help others.

While there's no sequel to The Proposal or Van Wilder in the works, Deadpool 3 has thankfully been confirmed. While it's been three years now since Wade Wilson was last seen on the big screen, and five years since the first Deadpool, Reynolds' return as Deadpool and debut in the MCU will definitely be a case of better late than never. In the meantime, fans can catch Reynolds in Free Guy, a movie about a non-player character stuck in a video game that's garnered great reviews ahead of its August 13th release in theaters. The question that remains is, what will Reynolds do next?

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