'Bones' TV Reboot Teased in 'Lucifer' Final Season — Get Plot Details


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Is Season 6 the last season of Lucifer?

After six seasons, one cancellation by Fox, a rescue by Netflix and lots of romantic tension between Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), "Lucifer" said goodbye as the sixth and final season arrived on Netflix Friday. USA TODAYSpoilers! How 'Lucifer' says goodbye to a devilish good time in series finale

Why did Lucifer leave Chloe?

Lucifer does leave Chloe to raise a child on her own, though Chloe does it supported by friends and family. But that isn't the end of her story. Chloe lives a full life and dies with Rory by her side, then ascends to Heaven to be greeted by a familiar face. INSIDER'Lucifer' series finale: How did Netflix's 'Lucifer' season 6 end?

Lucifer stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German discuss chance of reunion movie

digitalspy.com 13 September, 2021 - 07:17am

"At least the movie sounds fun in the future."

After six seasons and a cancellation hiccup along the way, Lucifer has finally concluded, ending on exactly the "bittersweet" moment the cast had previously promised.

In terms of the series, Lucifer's finale was as closed a book you can get in television these days, with – spoiler! – Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker eventually reuniting in Hell after Chloe's death from old age on Earth.

(For a full breakdown of how Lucifer ended, check out Digital Spy's explainer here.)

A seventh season looks unlikely, but stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German are at least open to the idea of a feature-length Lucifer project in the future.

Opening up about her "fantasy" for Deckerstar now that the series has ended, Lauren told TheWrap that she's secretly hoping for a "Naked Gun/Airplane-style Lucifer movie", because why not?

"My fantasy is that we shoot a Lucifer movie, but in the style of Naked Gun and Airplane! So if we could ask the fans if they are okay with a Naked Gun/Airplane-style Lucifer movie...

"But no, I mean, Tom says it so well. How do you say it, muffin? It's the right time to say goodbye," she said.

"Will we ever reprise these roles again? I don't know. I don't know. But at least the movie sounds fun in the future."

The ball's in your court, Netflix.

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