Box Office: ‘Black Widow’ Spins Record $80M U.S. Opening, Earns $60M on Disney+ Premier Access


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When does Black Widow movie take place?

The timeline of Black Widow is something of an MCU sandwich. The pre-credits prologue — set during Natasha's childhood — happens in 1995. After that, the bulk of the movie takes place in 2016, right after the events of Captain America: Civil War. VultureWhen Does Black Widow Take Place in the MCU Timeline?

What movie does Black Widow come after?

Black Widow, which joined Phase Four of Marvel's sprawling cinematic universe Friday, takes place after the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. (The former debuted in 2016; the latter, in 2018.) Daily BeastMarvel's 'Black Widow' Movie Is One Last F*ck You to Natasha Romanoff

Who plays taskmaster in Black Widow?

Olga Kurylenko, who previously appeared in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace and the Tom Cruise actioner Oblivion, plays Taskmaster in the film. EW.comTaskmaster explained: How Black Widow retconned character's origin |

By Rebecca Rubin

Disney and Marvel’s superhero adventure “Black Widow” captured a massive $80 million in its first weekend, crushing the benchmark for the biggest opening weekend since the pandemic.

In a first for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film opened simultaneously in theaters and on Disney Plus as part of the streaming service’s Premier Access offering, where subscribers can rent “Black Widow” for an extra $30. Disney reported that “Black Widow” generated more than $60 million “in Disney Plus Premier Access consumer spend globally,” marking the rare occasion in which a studio discloses revenues for digital rentals. Overseas, “Black Widow” collected $78 million in its debut, boosting its global box office haul to $158 million.

Disney didn’t share viewership data for the previously released “Cruella” starring Emma Stone and the animated “Raya and the Last Dragon,” which also premiered simultaneously in theaters and on Disney Plus. It’s unclear if Disney will continue to report digital rentals for the upcoming action adventure “Jungle Cruise,” which opens in cinemas and on Disney Plus on July 30.

Disney’s media and entertainment distribution chairman Kareem Daniel on Sunday morning touted the success of “Black Widow,” the first Marvel movie to be released in two years.

“‘Black Widow’s’ strong performance this weekend affirms our flexible distribution strategy of making franchise films available in theaters for a true cinematic experience and, as COVID concerns continue globally, providing choice to consumers who prefer to watch at home on Disney Plus.”

The performance of “Black Widow” is notable because it displays that movies can bring in solid box office receipts despite being available on streaming services at the same time. However, David A. Gross, who runs the movie consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research, notes that Marvel movies are in a league of its own at the box office. Not every new release would be able to replicate those results. In total, the 24 films that populate the commercially unrivaled Marvel Cinematic Universe have brought in $22 billion theatrically since 2008.

“Certainly the figure would be higher if every theater were open, if there were zero concern with COVID, and if there weren’t a streaming option,” Gross says. “For now, those impediments make ‘Black Widow’s’ opening all the more impressive.”

Universal’s “F9: The Fast Saga” came in a distant second place with $10.8 million. Since it released on the big screen three weeks ago, the action sequel starring Vin Diesel has generated $141 million in North America. At the international box office, “F9” crossed the $400 million mark, boosting its global total to $541.8 million.

Universal also took third and fourth place on domestic box office charts with “Boss Baby: Family Business” ($8.7 million) and “The Forever Purge” ($6.7 million). “The Boss Baby” sequel and the most recent “Purge” installment each opened theatrically over the July 4 holiday weekend and have now collected $34.7 million and $27.4 million, respectively.

Paramount’s “A Quiet Place Part II” took the fifth spot with $3 million, pushing its domestic tally to $150 million, the biggest result yet for a movie released during the pandemic.

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Black Widow: Why Natasha Isn't Hunted by the Red Room | CBR

CBR - Comic Book Resources 11 July, 2021 - 01:49pm

One of the biggest notches on Natasha's (Scarlett Johansson) belt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been her taking down the Red Room -- the Russian program that turned her into a spy and femme fatale before she took up duty with S.H.I.E.L.D. She spilled a lot of blood for them before defecting, but it's never stopped haunting her, especially as she gave up so much -- the least of which was that horrific forced hysterectomy. However, in Black Widow, it's revealed that the sinister operation is back up and running, becoming a major force in the world again. But while one would assume it'd go after a traitor, especially one so public like Nat has been, there's a perfectly good reason it didn't.

Nat makes her way back to Budapest after mysterious vials are sent to her by Yelena (Florence Pugh), who wants Nat to use whatever Avengers connections she has left to mass produce the chemical inside. When the sisters eventually reunite, Nat's shocked to learn that the Red Room is back in business and this is the serum to break its women out of the mind control that Dreykov (Ray Winstone) has them locked in.

However, when Nat queries why they didn't ever come for her for betraying them -- especially as Dreykov was so loyal to making Mother Russia the ultimate world power -- Yelena reveals that it's because of the Avengers. Sure, Dreykov would have loved to kill Nat for trying to murder him and his child, but it'd require sending agents after her.

This would be a major risk, because if the operatives failed or were exposed, it'd reveal his operations were up and running again. And as he says later on, he loves the veil of secrecy and the cloak that his 'death' gave him, allowing him to work in the shadows. Seeing as he was influencing politics, wars and terrorism in general, akin to S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra, he just couldn't harm what was now a tremendous organization, even equipped with its own Helicarrier and many sleeper agents out there.

It's worth noting that Russia took note of the heroes, considering the way Yelena mentions the space god who "doesn't need ibuprofen" in Thor, as well as Iron Man, and how Red Guardian can't stop raving about Captain America. And as much as they might have pretended, they knew these soldiers were way more superior. So the best bet for Dreykov was to remain out of sight and out of mind, not only in the interest of self-preservation, but for the future and the sake of a thriving billion-dollar business.

Scarlett Johansson And Florence Pugh Dreamed Up 'Black Widow' Clapback

UPROXX 11 July, 2021 - 01:25pm

In a new interview with Polygon, director Cate Shortland — previously of dramas like Somersault and Lore — talked about a scene where David Harbour’s Alexi tries to make an old school sexist joke about his two “daughters.” “Why the aggression?” he asks them. “Is it your time of the month?”

But Yelena isn’t having it. “I don’t get my period, dips*it,” she responds. “I don’t have a uterus.”

“That’s what happens when the Red Room gives you an involuntarily hysterectomy,” Yelena continues. “They kinda just go in and rip out all your reproductive organs. They just get right in there and chop them all away. So you can’t have babies.”

Thing is, the clapback to their Red Room origins wasn’t in the original script, credited to Eric Pearson. But the time-of-the-month joke was.

“So Eric, who is our writer, had written a joke about women being in bad moods because they have their period,” Shortland told Polygon. “And I remember Florence and Scarlett and I reading it and just being like, ‘Oh, my God, this is ridiculous.’”

Shortland thought about cutting it entirely, but Johansson and Pugh had another idea: They’d “answer” it by delving into their Red Room origins.

“I love it,” Shortland said. “Because it’s like, if you’re gonna make that joke, I’m gonna unleash Florence Pugh on you. She’s gonna Yelena you. It’s one of my favorite moments in the film.”

It was in keeping with Black Widow’s mordant tone. “What we tried to do was use humor to talk to the trauma,” Shortland added. “Most people in this film who’ve been victimized, are actually making jokes about that because they’re trying to overcome it.”

In other words, listen to your actors. They might come up with one of the most talked-about parts of your film.

(Via Polygon)

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