Box Office: ‘Space Jam 2’ Streaks Past ‘Black Widow’


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Is Michael Jordan in Space Jam a new legacy?

Michael Jordan makes a surprising appearance in the long-awaited "Space Jam" sequel, "Space Jam: A New Legacy." ... "I don't know if this counts a miracle, but I found Michael Jordan," Sylvester tells his teammates, referencing the star of the original 1996 film. "He was in the audience, I know he can help." INSIDERThe new 'Space Jam' movie has a priceless, unexpected cameo from 'Michael Jordan'

Does Lebron James son play in Space Jam?

Young Actor Cedric Joe Stars as LeBron James' Son in "Space Jam: A New Legacy" Get ready to jam: The Looney Tunes gang is back in action! ... One face fans might not immediately recognize, however, is 16-year-old Cedric Joe, who plays Dom James (LeBron's son) and is excited for his film debut. Sports Illustrated KidsYoung Actor Cedric Joe Stars as LeBron James' Son in "Space Jam: A New Legacy"

How much did Space Jam 2 make?

Box Office: 'Space Jam 2' Dunks On 'Black Widow' With $13.1 Million Friday. I cover the film industry. By normal standards, a $150 million sci-fi kid-friendly sequel like Malcom D. Lee's Space Jam: A New Legacy opening with “just” $13.1 million yesterday would be a slight underperformance. ForbesBox Office: ‘Space Jam 2’ Dunks On ‘Black Widow’ With $13.1 Million Friday

Is Michael Jordan's real family in Space Jam?

Jordan's family and real kids were not in the original, however their names (Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine) were used. "New Legacy" features actors portraying James' family, with different names to highlight the fictional storyline. USA TODAY'Space Jam: A New Legacy' burning questions: Is that LeBron James' mansion? And his real family?

Look: LeBron James Has A Message For The "Haters"

The Spun 17 July, 2021 - 01:16pm

What's trending in the sports world today.

Nearly 25 years after Michael Jordan’s original Space Jam film was released in 1997, Warner Brothers has finally released the franchise’s second installment — this time with NBA superstar LeBron James.

After its release on Friday, Space Jam: A New Legacy grossed $13.1 million at 3,965 theaters in the box office, scheduled to make $32 million over this weekend, per The family box-office hit even surpassed Disney/Marvel’s highly-anticipated Black Widow in its second weekend.

While a good deal of people were clearly excited about this Space Jam: A New Legacy release, there were always those who felt James’ version could never top Jordan’s.

LeBron took to Twitter on Saturday to respond to the “haters.”

“Hi Haters!” he wrote with a link to his film’s box-office numbers.

Hi Haters! 😁

— LeBron James (@KingJames) July 17, 2021

Space Jam: A New Legacy earned the best box-office numbers of any Warner Brothers film released during the pandemic, topping Godzilla vs. Kong‘s 3-day of $28.2 million.

James has definitely been doing his part in promoting the movie. With an early exit for his Los Angeles Lakers in this year’s NBA postseason, the all-time great hooper has been all over Twitter with messages about his recently released film.

Space Jam: A New Legacy currently holds the No. 1 position in this weekend’s earnings.

Let’s see if these impressive opening weekend numbers can hold in the coming weeks.

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