Branson’s Virgin Orbit plans new satellite launches in 2022


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When is Blue Origin launching?

Blue Origin's first human launch with Jeff Bezos: When to watch and what to know. The launch is set for 9 a.m. EDT (1300 GMT) on July 20, 2021. Space.comBlue Origin's first human launch with Jeff Bezos: When to watch and what to know

Is Bezos going to space?

When is Jeff Bezos going to space? Bezos will head skywards on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 on a journey that from lift-off to soft landing will take just 11 minutes. ForbesJeff Bezos In Space: When And Where You Can Watch The Billionaire Take An 11-Minute Trip To The Edge Of Space

Earth leaving its billionaires behind is an exhilarating feeling 17 July, 2021 - 02:01pm

Chuck Widely: This is your on-the-spot reporter Chuck Widely at Virgin Galactic’s space-port in the New Mexico desert. Earlier today – right at this location – Planet Earth left billionaire Richard Branson behind in order to float freely in space for a total of four minutes. And now, in an exclusive interview, I’m here talking to Planet Earth itself. Have you had enough time to take it in? How are you feeling?

Planet Earth: I’m thrilled. I’m absolutely exhilarated. What a ride! Just the idea of leaving Richard Branson behind me, floating un-Bransoned even for just four minutes – it’s... it’s... I’m sorry, I’m overcome with happiness.

CW: It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it, this adventure? You’ve had a lot invested in this.

PE: Oh yes, this is a day I’ve been looking forward to for so long. Ever since, I don’t know, Richard Branson stopped paying tax in the UK, or got in the habit of flinging female flight attendants over his shoulder, or maybe it was just generally when he started being a pompous self-aggrandising speechifying arse – anyway it’s been a dream of mine for ages. And today, even if only for a short time, that dream was achieved.

CW: If I recall, Richard Branson did leave Planet Earth once before in a hot air balloon.

PE: Yes, I remember that gaudy over-inflated windbag did take to the skies in a hot air balloon, alright. And boy did he make sure we heard about it. But that was nothing compared to this. What a feeling! The sense of freedom! Sorry, I’m getting all emotional again.

CW: That’s quite understandable. And of course this is just the beginning, isn’t it?

PE: I know! Apparently it’s only a matter of days before I can also leave Jeff Bezos, the well-known richest man in the world whose employees have such strict conditions they’re forced to urinate in bottles. How ironic and how very fitting that it took a urinating competition between these two billionaires to get us to this historic point. What a time to be alive!

CW: Can you foresee a day when ordinary people may be able to leave Richard Branson, and indeed other billionaires, for days, weeks, even months?

PE: Why not? The technology is there for us to harness. I can see a day when every person, no matter what their ethnicity or sexual orientation, can stump up with a couple of hundred thousand dollars to put some space between themselves and these ego-flagellating megalomaniacs.

CW: Is that really possible?

PE: I really think it is. As Richard Branson said “I was once a child with a dream looking up to the stars. Now I'm an adult in a spaceship looking down to our beautiful Earth. To the next generation of dreamers: if we can do this, just imagine what you can do”.

CW: Truly, we are all Richard Branson today.

PE: Speak for yourself.

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