Braves: Similar moves to the Joc Pederson trade to add before the deadline (American League)

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Who did the Braves trade for Joc Pederson?

The Cubs traded outfielder Joc Pederson to the Atlanta Braves on Thursday night in a deal for minor-league first baseman Bryce Ball. The move ends Pederson's half-season tenure with the organization after putting up a .230/.300/.418 line with 11 home runs, 11 doubles and 39 RBIs in 73 games. Chicago TribuneChicago Cubs trade Joc Pederson to Atlanta Braves

Who did the Cubs trade?

The Chicago Cubs have traded outfielder Joc Pederson to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for Bryce Ball, the teams announced on Thursday. In 73 games for Chicago this year, Pederson slashed .230/.300/.418 with 11 home runs and 39 RBIs. The AthleticCubs trade Joc Pederson to Braves for prospect Bryce Ball

Braves Acquire Joc Pederson From Cubs

MLB Trade Rumors 16 July, 2021 - 08:01pm

The Braves and Cubs have swung a notable trade, as outfielder Joc Pederson is on his way to Atlanta in exchange for first base prospect Bryce Ball.  Both teams have announced the trade, and there doesn’t appear to be any money changing hands in the deal.  This means the Braves will absorb all of the approximately $1.84MM remaining of Pederson’s $4.5MM salary for the 2021 season, as well as the $2.5MM buyout of the $10MM mutual option on his services for 2022.

Pederson addresses a clear and obvious need in the outfield for Atlanta after superstar Ronald Acuna Jr. was lost for the season due to a torn ACL.  Pederson has a lot of center field experience over his career, though it is probably more likely that he’ll be deployed mostly as a corner outfielder for the Braves.  With Pederson handling left or right field on a regular basis and Guillermo Heredia getting the bulk of the work in center field, the Braves can toggle between Orlando Arcia, Ehire Adrianza, Ender Inciarte and Abraham Almonte for the other corner spot and as backup options.

It also possible the Braves could add another outfielder on the trade market, since today’s swap indicates that the club hasn’t conceded anything in the wake of Acuna’s devastating injury.  Atlanta has a 44-45 record but sits just 3.5 games back of the Mets for first place in the NL East.  Since the Braves have a tough schedule between now and the July 30 trade deadline (five games against the Mets, three against the Phillies, and three each against playoff contenders Tampa Bay and San Diego), it also isn’t out of the question that Pederson could be flipped again if the Braves struggle over the next two weeks and decide to sell some pieces.

An above-average bat for most of his seven seasons with the Dodgers, Pederson was also dealt to the Angels in a rather infamously scuttled deal prior to the 2020 campaign, but he remained on L.A.’s blue team long enough to capture a World Series ring.  He posted a .991 OPS over 37 plate appearances during the Dodgers’ postseason run, providing a happy ending after a struggle (.681 OPS in 138 PA) of a regular season.

The Braves had some interest in Pederson as a free agent, but he ended up signing with Chicago, and still hasn’t really gotten himself right at the plate.  Pederson has been a slightly below-average (95 wRC+, 96 OPS+) hitter in 287 total plate appearances this season, hitting .230/.300/.418 with 11 home runs.  All 11 of those homers have come against right-handed pitching, yet while Pederson sought out more playing time against lefties during the winter, the irony is that he has now struggled to hit righties for two straight seasons.  Pederson has only a .218/.285/.442 slash line in 221 PA against righties this year.

The Cubs have a 44-46 record, only a half-game behind the Braves in the standings and yet seemingly a world apart in terms of expectations for the remainder of the 2021 season.  Chicago has won just six of its last 25 games, thanks to a crushing 11-game losing streak that seems to have put them in a seller’s mindset as the deadline approaches.  As a rental player, Pederson was a natural trade chip to be moved, and speculation has swirled for months that such impending free agents (and franchise cornerstones) such as Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, and Anthony Rizzo could be on the move by July 30.

Today’s trade could be the first of many for the Cubs over the next two weeks, and the Wrigleyville side has already picked up one interesting minor leaguer in Ball.  A 24th-round pick for Atlanta in the 2019 draft, Ball was a power-heavy prospect who immediately displayed that skill in his first pro season, batting a cumulative .329/.395/.628 with 17 homers over 263 PA with the Braves’ rookie league and A-ball teams in 2019.  It hasn’t been as smooth for Ball this year, however, with only a .207/.354/.396 slash line in 212 PA at high-A ball, including a power dropoff resulting in only six home runs and a big reduction in slugging percentage.

MLB Pipeline ranked Ball as the 12th-best prospect in the Braves’ farm system, so he is more than just a lottery ticket at age 23 if the Cubs development system can sharpen his hitting potential.  For the sake of future trade speculation, Ball isn’t really enough of a premium first base prospect that it would make a Rizzo trade any more likely than it already is, necessarily.  (By that same token, dealing a first base prospect probably also isn’t a hint about Freddie Freeman’s future with the Braves, though Freeman certainly doesn’t look like a trade candidate.)

Thank you Joc for your service. You were great in spring training.

Bryce Ball seems like a overpay. Braves must be planning to give Freddie a big extension.

I think too much stock was placed in an absolute torrid start to his career two seasons ago. Yes, due to COVID, he’s still 23 and struggling so far in High-A. Definitely power which is what the Cubs hope translates in a few years.

Even if Freddie were to walk, Ball wasn’t going to be in the picture until at least 2023, if at all depending on how the next 1-2 years go for him.

Yea he’s a first base- only, 23 year old at A ball. I wouldn’t get THAT worked up over losing him.

A little shocked they’re buying. Someone make it make sense

Division looks like it can be had

Central is very different. Cubs are 8 back. Braves are 4. Mets haven’t really lit the world on fire. Brewers and Reds have at times.

Mets have been injured, and are getting healthy, and they’re still ahead and the Braves are getting more and more injured

The Mets have gotten significantly worse as they got players back. Nimmo aside, the backups were out performing the injured players. The Mets August schedule is absolutely brutal. Will the Mets win the division? Probably, but the Braves, Phillies and Nats absolutely have a decent shot. If the Mets get swept by anyone of those teams, their lead is gone.

It’s not realistic to believe, that when injured players get back, the team will then remain healthy for the rest of the season. This is true for every team. not only to the Mets. Too much can happen for any team without a huge lead to be confident that they’re going to the PS.

Mets have had a propensity to choke all year and still can’t hit. We just split at home with Pittsburgh. One bad series against Atlanta or Philly and we’re suddenly tied up.

It doesn’t matter that the Mets are ‘getting healthy’, and I say this as a Mets fan. They’re only up four games and also can’t hit. If you’re that close, you buy.

Had by who? Braves have maybe a 3 percent chance with no acuna and a crap bullpen plus sketchy starting pitching.

I will never ever understand the over confidence of Mets fan. Don’t get me wrong, the Mets are who I think will win the division at this point. But they are 3.5 games up after a fairly weak stretch. They cannot hit at all. Is it really so insane to think the Braves can make a run? Or the Nats? Or the Phillies or Marlins? I fully admit it’s unlikely, but do you really feel super confident right now after splitting with the Pirates? It’s the Mets division to lose. I can see their offense clicking down the stretch, but I can also see another collapse. Unlikely, but not impossible.

I don’t care how well you hit.

And yet, still a more reliable offense than NYM lol. Smyly, Morton are two of the hottest pitchers right now, Fried coming back and Muller on a roll with d’Arnaud and possibly Ynoa back in August.

I am skeptic, but bullpen can be built quickly (just like AA did 2 years ago with Greene, Martin acquisitions).

Braves bound to have something go right, eventually. Mets keep playing around not wanting to take the killshot.

you also forget to mention the series before the mets the pirate didnt split but took the series against the braves and one of the mets games (the last one before the break was they threw out the spare parts for the most part for that game.

Lmao nor will I. Yet I am envious of this blind faith. Mets gonna Met

i mean its not that outlandish. and worse case scenario is they. can just deal him again in a few weeks if they fall out of it.

Exactly, a more desperate team might even give them a better prospect for him if they eat some salary too

Whenever someone starts a sentence with “I mean…” it always sounds like a pre-teen girl. Why are young men so feminine now?

Cubs making room for activating Matt Duffy to make their big comeback.

Nice move by Jed. Got the jump on the others. This guy has some real decent stats in high class A.

Outfielder injury. They replaced him. They didn’t see a great outlook in the prospect. The cubs did. See what happens in the next 2 weeks. If they fall back they can try to trade Joc for a prospect they like better. They have pitching and freeman is back. They aren’t finished yet.

My guess is this is an early attempt to avoid overpaying for better quality while waiting to see if they can hang in the race. If they fall back, they’ll probably still end up as sellers, if they hang on, they may upgrade

People saying they should be buying because the division is in reach are missing the big picture.

Even if they manage to win the East, this team is not equipped to compete in the playoffs. I’m sure someone will hit me with the anything can happen in the playoffs perspective and it’s not entirely wrong but the likelihood this team makes any real noise is very slim.

Win or lose the NL East, this team simply isn’t that good. Let’s hope they don’t buy any more.

Let’s hope if they buy more, they aren’t rentals but players with control through 2022 at least. Someone like Gallo would be good.

There’s an option for 2022 in Pederson’s contract so he may not just be a rental..

Speaking of Xabial. That’s who MetsBoy22 reminds me of. A dude that literally just wants to cause problems on here. No real opinions. Nothing really to say. Just an obnoxious “fan” who bumped his head too many times.

He didn’t like me very much. Poor little fella

Been trade time for Brewers and Jays.

yeah but not the classic player-prospect sort of swap that highlights deadline moves

I’ve always been a supporter of Joc

Ironically, jocks are also great for support.

I think everyone who misuses that should be called Alanis the rest of the day.

I wonder if the Cubs threw in a little cash.

Probably upset the Cash family if they did.

Pretty good then. More cash to give up to try and see if they can wrest away a Top 100 for the bigger trade chips they have.

LOL! This team should not be buying. This actually makes me happy. Give all your prospects away!

cmon man. the Braves can do without Bryce Ball.

He’s Freeman’s replacement…means they will extend Freeman most likely.

Ball’s 23 and in A+ ball producing mediocre results. i cant imagine they were banking on him.

Sure darkside, 23 years old, OPS over 1000, and 13 HRs and 38 RBIs in about 150 ABs. But to you, that’s mediocre. Lol. He just turned 33 a couple weeks ago.

Oops, that was in Rookie ball, my bad.

No, they weren’t banking on Ball, but he was a High-A prospect that got an invite to spring training and impressed camp. Aside from Ball, only Backstrom (#27) is listed as a 1B in their Pipeline top-30, meaning they had little 1B depth, and just got less. Yes, 1B is much easier to fill than most, but it’s interesting that they just traded away the closest 1B replacement for Freeman.

Ball is struggling. If they seen him being a above average player and soon they wouldn’t have traded him for Joc. Cubs see something in him and can afford to wait. Will see how it turns out.

Ball is 23-years-old and limited strictly to first base or DH (it’s coming) if he reaches The Show. He turned a lot of heads with as hot a start as you can two years ago, but is struggling after missing all of last year like everyone else.

He won’t even be in the major league conversation until at least 2023, likely later, and again has to hit enough to stick as he’s a first-base only type.

Could be a nice piece for the Cubs in a few years, but he has absolutely no bearing on the futures of Freeman or Rizzo.

Yeah and how’s Lindor working out for you?

He laughs now but when the Braves play the Mets, Joc is due for a tear and I don’t mean the crying kind.

LOL, here comes MetsFan22 – he’s terrified of the Braves! Anytime there is a Braves post, MetsFan22 starts ranting. Wait till he gets warmed up, he’s hilarious!

Yes. Because if recent history taught us anything, it’s that a 3 game lead is 100% safe. The Mets would never blow that in the NL East. May as well wave the white flag.

Are you trying to convince us, Metsfan22… Or are you just nervous after declaring the division over in June? Feels like the latter to me.

The Mets are a good club, but the division is winnable for a few other teams.

That’s not a very good ceiling. He’s definitely not a future replacement for rizzo at all not even it he hit .400 between Double A and Triple A

Finally someone with a brain. The Mutts front office are too busy updating their camera phones to get on the phone and improve their mediocre club.

Braves gave up too much for 3 months of a struggling Joc Pederson

Ball is a one year wonder

Ball has no future in Atl.

Ball is blocked by Freddie, sadly he will now be blocked by Rizzo

Ball more than likely never amounts to a good starting player. I hope the cubs pay good money to keep rizzo but the smart thing is to let him leave and I wouldn’t rule it out.

Says to me Freeman will finish his career in ATL

@inkstainedscribe you came to that conclusion from trading away a failing barely inside the top 30 prospect who is years away from the majors?

Just getting out of the 22 buyout was a win for Chi …Balls just gravy

Jed Hoyer doing his best impression of Rick Hahn fleecing an NL east team for a washed up outfielder

Ball is hitting .207. Learn your baseball.

Getting anything of value for Joc is good for Chicago since he’s a rental and the Cubs are about to tear it all down and sell.

He might be hitting 207 and his other numbers aren’t great either, but that’s somehow good enough for a wRC+ of 112? Is that a super pitcher friendly league?

23 in high a ball ( no pun ) for whatever that’s worth

Lol.Batting Avg. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Oh boy, another tool bag who likes to talk crap on people who value batting average. Get a life.

Normally batting average is that indicative of value , but at his age you would hope he was dominating in high A ! Maybe he will be a late bloomer though

Batting average, is this the 80s?

Ball was in the top 20 prospects for the Braves… Having an off year last year and a bum year this year, it sounds like a guy who could benefit from a change of scenery.

That could happen he’s. A lotto ticket with many possibilities! Also possible each step up in competition going forward will lead to even bigger struggles or overwhelming him ! He won’t be the most talented prospect to flame out in the minors or the least talented to find his niche at a much older age then projected

Fangraphs has him as Brave’s #10 prospect.

Getting a flyer on a guy that at least some project as a minor leaguer and the.control that comes with it while not having to pay down any of the joc salary apparently is a win for the Cubs !

And Christian Pache was one of the top prospects in the game and flamed out in the league and is batting something like .061 in Triple A. So yeah, prospect rankings are the be all end all of a player.

Fleeced them for Freeman’s replacement in return for 3 months of Joc!

He is old. Not worth new paper.

You just like to hear yourself talk man. I’m a Phillies fan and even I think what you just said was stupid.

-0.2 WAR this year, replacing Acuna’s 3.6 WAR, yikes

Presumably he’ll be better with a better lineup surrounding him, but yeah…he’s not replacing Acuna. That’s impossible. He’s replacing the AAA backup that would be starting had the Braves not made a trade.

How much better is the Braves’ lineup sans Acuna?

The Cubs lineup was putrid of late. The Acuna-less Braves lineup is still better than the Cubs.

Except the lineup really isn’t better.

Given what the Braves have in Gwinnett, Joc is an upgrade. But for $4M between remaining salary and buyout, this is on AA for not having a cheaper -0.2 WAR veteran replacement in AAA.

Not the player I thought Cubs would deal but a solid player.

Really hate trading Ball but he’s stinking it up in the minors this year (although killing it to get on base). With the NL DH likely in the picture in the future, great pickup for the Cubs cause that’s all Ball will be good for. Can’t field at all. That said, Braves must feel good that Freeman is coming back, cause other than Riley converting to 1st, not much 1B talent in the minors.

Not much infield offense in the minors at all. Agree that there may be no place to hide Bryce Ball in the field… he is awkward. That likely soured the Braves.

True. I’ll say this though, watch him crush it. He’s struggling this year, but that will change. You don’t find pure raw hitters like Ball often. But like we said, dude can’t field :/

Fangraphs has him at 50 FV Defensively . I’ll take their opinion over yours.

Maybe Ball has simply had a rough 50 games to start 2021… this year at Rome is all I have to go on.

The Cubs have no real prospects at 1B anywhere in their system. Ball will get a solid chance to prove himself. Missing 2020 probably hurt him a lot. It will be interesting to see if the Cubs assign him to High-A or regular-A.

Bryce Ball; 6’ 6” 240lbs.; Cubs should flip him to the Bears as a tight end prospect

Wonder if this signals Rizzo’s fate when his deal is up

Bryce Ball doesn’t signal anything for anyone on the ML roster.

Bryce Ball is a future DH.

Bryce Ball is a steep price to rent Joc

A player that has no future with the team is certainly not a steep price.

Just because he doesn’t have a clear path to an MLB job doesn’t mean the asset, the prospect, was used in the best way to maximize value….

Ball is a whole lotta nuttun’….OTOH, Pederson isn’t much better. Surprised the Braves are accepting the contract (about 2M left) as is.

Pederson was huge for the Dodgers in the playoffs last season. IF the Braves actually make the playoffs, they might be happy to have a “replacement level” player like Joc.

Profile seems like lottery ticket version of Joc/Schwarber. Suppose you get whatever you can with rental trade chips.

All things considered the Cubs did well in this deal. They aren’t going anywhere, and Pederson would have been bought out after the season any way. Ball at least has potential. I think either Baez or Arrieta are next.

Ball has potential – JOC is .230 74k in under 300AB with declining power and speed. Cubs realized he was worse than the other reject Hayward.

Joc saves them remainder of $4.5m

Why do the Cubs need to save money? They are a top 5 revenue team.

With Ball going back that has to be a sign that the FF deal is close.

Better than what I expected they’d get for Joc. Looks like he has a ton of power and will take a walk. Most likely ends up as a DH or PH.

Ball is a long way from even getting to AA if does not turn around his current numbers

True, but to save $4M, the Cubs will be thrilled if he gets to AA a year from today.

Just when you thought the Braves were out they pull off biggest deal of the trade season.

I’d tend to agree with you. Ball may not be a future star and he can’t field, but there would seem to be some decent potential in his hit tool. Great raw power (not as much this season, but it is still there) and has showed some good plate discipline. Nice get for the Cubs. I’m not sure I like it very much for the Braves, but hey at least they are doing something instead of giving up.

Big move in name only. Braves aren’t serious contenders without Acuna. I expect a few more small buys for the Braves but they won’t go all in, nor should they.

They weren’t serious contenders with Acuna.

Joc doesn’t move the needle at all, not with his current negative 0.2 WAR.

I like the move. I liked having Joc on the squad. Seemed like a good, fun player. Wish we would have played better and were buying, but this was smart. Hope he does well for the Braves and gets a nice deal this off-season. As for Bryce Ball, 60 power grade. 6-6, 240. 12th ranked prospect. Not bad for 3 months of Joc. I think both sides should be happy with this move. Buckle up Cubs fans. Gonna be an interesting 2 weeks.

Kris Bryant and Craig Kimbrel to the Astros will be next

Dream big and prepare to be very disappointed

No thanks. Astros don’t have any prospects. It would have to be minimum 5 for 2 deal. 2 of them being 2 top 10 prospects.

For two rentals who aren’t what they used to be, idk about that

Finally, a win for Hoyer the Destroyer

Rizzo trade incoming. Ball has been good in the minors. Figure he would take over 1st

Ball has not been good in the minors. He looks awful.

Actually he’s looked very good until this season. 24th round choice 22 years old. He still has a mountain or two to climb. Cubs needed to start rebuilding farm. I wouldn’t expect him to hit majors for another three years if ever. I believe just getting out from under the remainder of the contract was enough. This deal was a win for the Cubs and if Joc hits for the Braves and helps them to pass the Mets a win for the Braves as well. Cubs are entering a rebuild phase. They weren’t going to win with or without Joc.

He’s playing at single A. He’s not taking over anything any time soon.

Reading the comments above take me back to the mlb prospect page when everyone talked up every prospect. Ball is a DH type who has been awful in A+ ball

He has “potential” to turn it around – where JOC is never going to improve his ship has sailed. plus cubs are off the hook on remainder of 4.5m and 10m next season

Claiming a streaky power hitter is done when he’s still fairly young & not hurt is hilarious

Joc has more potential than any other AAA guy to get hot for 2 months and rake. He’s done it A LOT in his career. The Braves are hoping he hits a hot streak or 2, and helps win a fairly winnable division

if he was, say, 21, I would agree, but those numbers at ~23 in A+ are concerning, and personally there isnt enough of a track record for me to believe this is an abbhoration.

Were you trying to use the term “aberration?”

dawg even I, bullish on the Braves rebuild as I was, wouldnt talk up someone like Ball.

As a Braves fan, I love this move! Pederson doesn’t replace Acuna’s production, but he’s a solid player who adds some power to the order.

enjoy 74k’s every 280 ABs and declining glove and speed. sure he will hit a HR here and there – I think they could have done better

Eh, I can live with the Ks. They got him for someone of no value in Atlanta. I’m happy with it.

Agree , he will help the middle of the order, but looking at the other OF-ers production & Pederson’s splits, he alone is not enough.. Pretty sure AA is not finished yet. – the next few days should be interesting.

No way he was Freddie’s replacement. Can’t field 1B worth a lick. Granted we really don’t have a 1B prospect in line to replace Freddie but Ball’s defense was no way going to get him to play 1B at a major league level. I’m ok with Joc was hoping for Peralta though from Arizona.

He was just started to grow on me. Is Bryce Ball any good?

Good no. But he has power and no reason he can’t improve.

Braves shooting for 90 wins again and an early exit from playoffs. Status quo

81 wins and a new GM.

Attaboy AA, Keep on going. Go Braves!

Ball isn’t going to take over for Rizzo, not right now. He’s only in high A. Maybe in a couple of years he turns into something that could replace Rizzo. Cubs get Braves #12 prospect, for a rental they weren’t going to re-sign. I’ll take it, couldn’t really expect anything more.

There’s an option with Joc’s contact. Not sure if it’s void after being traded.

Nah it isn’t void, it’s part of a contract.. But it’s a mutual option, so both sides have to agree to next year, not just one

Not voided but it is a mutual option; they rarely get picked up.

And the 2021 trade deadline begins..

Thoughts and prayers to Joc Pederson. I certainly wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, unless they went to Duke.

Brizzo is next then Kimbrell back up truck slubz are done lmao

2112—-school starts in a month… better get in line for the “Hooked on Phonics” sale.

Bryzzo* I get it. You hate the cubs but at least spell the name right. And I don’t think Rizzo is traded.

And Kimbrel………..I tried to be kind and respond to him as “2112”. The whitesox part of the name would have been too easy to lead to names spelled incorrectly.

Just wondering…do Cubs fans troll every White Sox story posted or is this a SoSide problem.

Dogbone is a one man trolling operation on Sox articles. There are more than a few trolls on Cubs articles.

There are no Sox trolls on Cubs articles for me—-I figure if they are clearly trolling (easy to pick out) it’s a simple click of the mute button. I am all for other opinions on the Cubs, and I get it, there are many.

But if it’s not constructive, I don’t have to waste my time any longer because those comments (those commenting) don’t show up any more.

We’ve made society today a place where the unemployed can stay unemployed and be better off. I’m just trying to do my part to get those trolls off the couch and into the real world. Not sure if they ever will, but once nobody is answering their jibberish they may realized they have been muted by everyone.

Seems like the Cubs are getting a prospect at a position that is thin across the organization. Good move. Braves are getting ???? A wild card run ?

Braves just got hosed for $4.34 million and a prospect.

No, they didn’t. Ball probably can’t field 1B, so you tell me what value he has in Atlanta, Nutter?

It’s a good trade for the Braves.

Grats to Jed but let the Braves & Joc play out the season before we declare this boat sunk. Good chance Ball never sees the Bigs, statistically speaking o/c

@bts the Braves have zero chance at a wildcard. The division though…

Jesus, I’d rather have him than Frenchy Cordero

Beep Beep Beep…that’s the truck backing up to empty the Cubs dumpster. All kidding aside..looks like they got a high ceiling low floor type prospect.

So Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos just gave up a prospect, and ate $4.34 million for an outfielder sporting a negative WAR of 0.2…..Hope he is working on his resume.

Dude, the Rockies traded Arenado and gave them 50 million to boot for 5 crappy players. Gomber hasn’t been bad but there is no way that the players the Rox got could even hold Arenados’ jockstrap. Talk about a fleecing.

I was hoping Zaidi would go get Joc.

Come on Zaidi, are you going to make moves or what?

Why in the wide world of sports would you want Joc on the Giants? Right now, Yaz, Duggar, and Dickerson, are all better than Pederson. Slater is having a down year, but I’d still take him over Joc. And given that they’re mostly infielders, the fact that both Wade and Estrada can play the OF, makes me believe that adding Pederson would be a down-grade. I’d even prefer Dubon being recalled over acquiring Joc.

Ball is 6’6″-240lb. Lefty Bat with legit 60-grade Power, He was 24th-round pick in 2019, and shot all the way up to the Braves 12th-rated prospect after his .329/.395/.628 debut season! He’s struggled mightily this year tho, after spending last year at the Alternate site, and the recently turned 23-year old will never replace Freeman in Atlanta, but has the kind of raw pop a trading team could at least dream on!

Rizzo, Bryant and Baez are gonna realize they shoulda taken the contract offers that were very fair adios boys thanks for the memories

Bryant was never offered an extension. Rizzo was low balled.

Hopefully this trade of Joc means. Brennan Davis is called up. He’s 100% ready. He proved that in the futures game.

Rizzo is an aging, injury prone 1B. The Cubs offered him market value.

He’s only 31. That’s not exactly aging.

Being 31 makes no difference. You can’t hit or generate power with lower back issues. He’s aging, and his numbers reflect that.

Why call Davis up now? SMH.

Davis is not ready. He just got to AA. Do you not remember how Corey Patterson (1.3 draft pick) flamed out because he was rushed through the system and couldn’t stop swinging at eye-high fastballs.

Also, why would you start his service time now, before a likely work stoppage, for a team going nowhere?

Corey Patterson was going to win Rookie of the year until he destroyed his knee. It wasn’t being rushed that ruined him it was injury.

Rizzo, Bryant, and Baez are probably happy they get to leave that dumpster fire.

Predict the next Cub to go:

Rizzo and Willson absolutely need to stay. They won’t get 4 players for Contreas. They don’t need a complete tear down. Fire sale isn’t needed now or this winter. They have no backups in the OF. Happ won’t be traded unless Brennan Davis is called up.

No one is trading for javy

Smoke and mirrors just BS was no one else available

What is going on this is crazy

AA didn’t want him at the beginning of the season trying to save his job Braves still suck

White sox refused to pay him 10mil. So he took the cubs 7mil $ offer. He wouldn’t be starting at all. You can’t predict Robert and Eloy being both out for nearly the entire season. Eloy is rehabbing but Robert is done until spring training ’22

The Cubs gave him more like $9M, they just shoved $2.5M of it into a “mutual option” that was just deferring it for a few months so that an acquiring team would be responsible for it.

Uh, last I checked, neither Eloy nor Robert play RF. It’s a safe bet Joc would have been the lone RF on this team. There would have been no need to sign Eaton. Engel has missed most of tge season, do RF would have Pederson’s to lose.

Here’s my Cubs trade predictions (with no specific prospects mentioned):

Kimbrel to Red Sox for prospects

Rizzo to A’s for prospect and Mitch Moreland

Bryant to Yankees for Andujar and prospects

Longshot trade hope, Hendricks and Heyward to Padres for low level prospect and wil Myers

I think Cubs hang on to Contreas and try and extend Baez.

What is Heyward owed still? We’re listening…

“ Longshot trade hope, Hendricks and Heyward to Padres for low level prospect and wil Myers”

Hahahahaha. You’re clearly a Padre fan. Wow

I’m actually a Cubs fan just dying to get rid of Heyward lol they can take their pick of players to get the last 2 years of that albatross contract off the books. Plus he’s a waste of a roster space and has been the whole time he’s been in chicago. I actually thought it sounded like a good deal. Padres could use another solid pitcher whose on a team friendly contract for multiple years and they’ve been said to want to get rid of Myers contract (or Hosmer) so either one would work to offset some of Heywards incoming contract

you underestimate how bad that Heyward contract is

They needed to do something and they did something. Get back Travis now. This team “I’m hoping” will fight the rest of this year.

Anyone hear anything on Ozuna? There was a report of him saying when video evidence comes out the police will owe him an apology.

I’ve been wondering the same thing about Ozuna. He would’ve come off the IL by now for his broken fingers.

I said it long ago joc Peterson for Jace Peterson. Use the remaining uniforms.

Braves need Outfielders and Joc at least has some power

Hoyer is a terrible GM who is way in over his head. The Cubs are in for more years of bottom dwellers as in the past

Just curious. Are you basing that off this trade? He’s only been GM for a year so I’m wondering what you’re basing that on. Seems like a hot take but Ill give you the benefit of the doubt.

Joc Peterson is not the difference maker they need if they’re serious about a run… I don’t know how you can even play a lefty who can’t hit righties aside from the occasional homer. And why take on that additional year of contract? The prospect isn’t that good.

As a Phils’ fan, I have been pretty impressed with Anthopoulos’ tenure as the Braves’ GM but this one is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Braves have stumbled all year long and Acuna & Soroka injuries sunk their season. Good GM makes the tough call and knows when not to throw potential useful resources on some very slim odds of making the playoffs.

I guess it also means the Braves are giving to give Freeman a huge extension which will be a big mistake for a franchise that won’t spend at Top 5 levels either.

they got a band-aid for a lottery ticket. it makes sense imo.

This wasn’t a lottery ticket. That is a prospect outside of the Top 20 and/or very young (18/19) who is largely unproven in competitive baseball even at a low level in the minors.

I’m sorry to see Bryce go. I think the Braves sold low on him. Joc at least gives the Braves a starting OF’er while they decide whether they are buyers or sellers.

This is for the ppl in the back:

Not sure if I want to see the Braves make a run at him or not, depends on the price. If Texas would take Kyle Wright and a prospect outside the Braves top 20, maybe.

Wonder if everyone on the Cubs will be traded at the deadline.

Start of the trade season? Nah Brewers Jays been at it for awhile. Surprised the cubs got this much. Not that much though. Ball WAS their number 12 prospect. Still good for Joc. Surprised the braves took on his salary? Nope. I was surprised when they did it with Melancon.

A for the cubs. They dumped salary and got anything back and its better than anything.

C for Braves. Hate to give lower because they needed someone and its a name the fans know. Could they not find anyone better? And or cheaper? Or got cubs to eat some money?

And let the fire sale begin!

World Champions. Team of the decade. Most successful franchise of the century.

Joc…let the unloading continue. This guy was just awful with a few shining moments.. I watched him in left field…he routinely misplayed balls over his head. When he jumped, his feet never left the ground for gosh sakes. I could go on..sometimes he was at leadoff; averaging about 2 career SB per year. Thats slow. But what the hay, lineups dont matter anymore anyway.

I think the Braves still add another outfielder. They were said to be looking to trade for an outfielder before Acuna got hurt. Their entire starting outfielder from the start of the season isn’t there. Ozuna got hurt & arrested. Pache couldn’t hit & now Acuna’s done for the season. They honestly probably still need another outfielder

I liked the signing of Joc, although I didn’t agree with Schwarber being released as there wasn’t much difference between the two players. With both coming off bad 2020 seasons, I feel like it made more sense to keep the homegrown product that you won a world series with, and obviously that decision looks even worse after that crazy stretch Schwarber had up until his injury.

As for the trade itself, I’m happy that they actually traded Joc as I thought they may hold on to him while they reconstruct the roster. Not because he was good or worth hanging on to, but because he’s cheap. With that said, holy hell was he tough to watch most of the time. Outside of his hot stretch when he came back from injury, he hasn’t looked like he deserved to be on a ML roster. Braves fans will surely feel like they’re at a little league game yelling at their kid to keep their eyes on the ball with Pederson, whose eyes are in the 1st base stands before his bat even leaves his shoulder.

Schwarber wasn’t released. He was non-tendered. Therefore he played out his contract. Know it’s nitpicking, but just wanted to be clear.

Comments like this are why the Cubs are going to trade Rizzo

Tf you saying? Makes no sense @csamson11

Lol @ the comments on the linked article about the Pederson to Angels trade falling through. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to not have to see Koamalu anymore. Who the heck calls other commenters “peons?”

Keep pushing Cubs, I want to see an epic Sale the next 2 weeks here

Keep pushing Cubs, I want to see an epic Sell job the next 2 weeks

Cubs are finally getting some Balls.

This looks like a decent return for someone I thought of as a payroll dump.

Way too much to give up for a below replacement level rental player. Awful trade for the Braves.

Makes absolutely no sense for the Braves.

Peterson flat out sucks. Is this the Acuna replacement they think is going to power them to the top of the East?

If you are going to buy, go all the way and go after a Starling Marte as a replacement. Peterson is not good.

Seems like a solid return for the Cubs. Surprised at the Braves. I know they can’t fully replace Acuna’s production, but I thought they’d go bigger than Pederson.

Keep adding pieces. Fans are coming out to the ballpark and they support this team. Hey Liberty Media, SELL THE BRAVES!!! We desperately need private ownership before the pandemic they actually made money. This nickel and dime approach handcuffs them when it really matters.

Taking on the remaining almost $2m plus the $2.5m buyout on the option for a below average player doesn’t seem like a nickel and dime approach to me. I’m sure they could have ponied up a better prospect and had the Cubs retain the salary instead. Seems like they used money here rather than prospect capital. Whether any of it is wisely spent on Pederson, I’m not sure. But I don’t know if I would call ownership and management cheap in this case.

MLB Trade Rumors is not affiliated with Major League Baseball, MLB or

Cubs begin fire sale by dealing Joc Pederson to Braves

Yahoo Sports 16 July, 2021 - 08:01pm

Dan Wetzel, Pat Forde, Pete Thamel

The team began its widely expected fire sale Thursday by dealing outfielder Joc Pederson to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for first base prospect Bryce Ball, the team announced.

In 73 games with the Cubs, Pederson hit .230/.300/.418 with 11 homers and 39 RBIs. He'll now head to a Braves team with a gaping hole in right field after the season-ending ACL tear of star Ronald Acuña Jr.

Pederson is no Acuña, but the Braves will take all the help they can get as they try to remain in playoff contention. The team currently holds a 44-45 record, four games back from the first-place New York Mets in the NL East.

The Cubs are now five years removed from their cathartic 2016 World Series championship, and selling at the trade deadline is inevitable at this point. The team sits eight games out of first place in the NL Central, mainly thanks to an 11-game losing streak shortly before the All-Star break.

As far as possible trade candidates go, Pederson was a given for the Cubs. He was on a one-year deal with no significant history with the club and limitations for his future (the Dodgers used him as a platoon bat against righties; we'll see how the Braves handle him).

Who else could the Cubs ship out? That depends on how attached they are to their World Series-winning core.

A potential Kris Bryant trade has loomed all season, to the point that the former MVP was asked about it live during the All-Star Game. Bryant is a free agent after this season, and his power and defensive flexibility (he has played every outfield position as well as first and third this season) should make him attractive to virtually any contending team.

First baseman Anthony Rizzo and shortstop Javier Baez are also free agents after this season, and could be on the way out if a team meets the Cubs' price. Other significant trade candidates include closer Craig Kimbrel, starting pitcher Zach Davies and set-up man Andrew Chafin.

The Atlanta Braves acquired Joc Pederson in a trade with the Chicago Cubs on Thursday, bolstering their outfield after losing Ronald Acuña Jr. to a season-ending knee injury. Atlanta sent minor league first baseman Bryce Ball to Chicago for Pederson, who is batting .230 with 11 homers and 39 RBIs in 73 games. The 29-year-old Pederson spent his first seven seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers before signing with the Cubs in free agency in February.

At a time when vaccinations have allowed sports to return to normalcy across much of the globe, Japan remains an exception. Why?

The Braves added a power bat to their lineup after losing Ronald Acuna Jr. for the season.

Collin Morikawa came out firing on Friday and seized control of the Open Championship.

Critics had a number of bones to pick with the Space Jam sequel.

Here's a look at 10 starting pitchers that the Dodgers and Angels could target in trades this month.

Before 30 NHL teams release the list of players available for the Kraken, many of them are shuffling the deck to make sure they're in good position for the Seattle expansion draft. Rather than losing Ryan Graves, Colorado traded him to New Jersey. Rather than worry about whether 2020 playoff hero Anton Khudobin would get snapped up, Dallas took goaltender Ben Bishop's suggestion to expose him instead.

Former Reds announcer Marty Brennaman replied to an apology Stephen A. Smith made and wished his son's employers "had been as forgiving."

Full Open Championship leaderboard Second round tee times Tyrrell Hatton's middle-finger salute for fans Bryson DeChambeau accused of 'acting like an eight-year-old' in driver row

DeChambeau acknowledged that his post-round comments were unprofessional and driven by frustration and emotion.

What will the 2021 preseason USA TODAY Coaches Poll potentially be? It’s our predicted best guess on the early college football rankings.

CHICAGO — There were no last-minute surprises. The deadline for the Chicago Bears to sign Allen Robinson to a long-term extension passed Thursday at 3 p.m. Central, leaving the wide receiver to play the 2021 season under the franchise tag. Robinson will make $17.9 million under the tag but won’t be able to sign a new contract with the Bears until after next season at the earliest. If Robinson ...

The crew will call the MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube on Tuesday.

The Milwaukee Bucks mashed the reset button on the 2021 NBA Finals Wednesday night, securing a single-digit home court win that whittled the series down to a best-of-three and all but ensured that ABC would walk away from this meeting of smaller-market teams a quarter of a billion dollars richer. After a couple of one-sided […]

The Dodgers have issues with their rotation and the offense has been inconsistent. Still, they open play after the All-Star break only two games out of first.

There is an inherent difficulty in trading Ben Simmons this summer, because on one hand Daryl Morey is in charge of the Philadelphia 76ers and on the other the three-time All-Stars trade value is at an all-time low.

It will cost them a lot of money and could lead to legal action, but the Dodgers can't wait any longer. They need to get rid of Trevor Bauer immediately.

It wasn’t a buzzer-beater, and it wasn’t the final difference in the 109-103 series-tying Game 4 win for the Bucks. But it was the defining play for Antetokounmpo — for this series and perhaps for his career.

Chris Sale got "hit around" a bit in his rehab start Thursday, but manager Alex Cora is viewing the Red Sox ace's outing as a positive.

With both men losing their respective opponents, Aaron Phillips and Trevin Jones will now square off with each other.

Braves get slugging OF Pederson from Cubs 16 July, 2021 - 08:01pm

The Braves announced they acquired Pederson in exchange for first-base prospect Bryce Ball on Thursday. The acquisition of a power-hitting, veteran outfielder was completed five days after Acuña tore his right anterior cruciate ligament.

Albies, Freeman chatty while mic'd up at ASG

“There are still a lot of teams out there still in the hunt and still contending,” Braves president of baseball operations Alex Anthopoulos said. “If there’s things out there we can add, we’ll look to do it. I know we’ve had our challenges, but I think everyone in our division has. So this one made sense for us, and we jumped on it.”

Pederson hit just .230 with 11 home runs and a .718 OPS in 287 plate appearances for the Cubs this year. He’s not necessarily a difference maker, but he’s certainly much better than Ehire Adrianza or Abraham Almonte, the two bench pieces who likely would have needed to fill Acuña’s void.

Welcome to Atlanta, @yungjoc650!#ForTheA

Braves manager Brian Snitker might choose to sit Pederson against some left-handed pitchers. But for now, the 29-year-old is expected to serve as the Braves’ primary right fielder.

Pederson platooned throughout most of his career with the Dodgers. Against lefties this year with the Cubs, he hit .271 with zero homers, a .687 OPS and a 25.8% strikeout rate in 66 plate appearances. In 218 plate appearances against right-handers this season, Pederson has hit .218 with 11 homers, a .727 OPS and a 25.8% strikeout rate.

Pederson hit a career-best 36 homers in 2019 and then produced a respectable rate of 17.3 at-bats per home run during last year’s shortened season. There seemed to be some mutual interest as the Braves pursued the upbeat and likeable outfielder this winter. But he ended up signing a one-year, $7 million deal with the Cubs.

Anthopoulos had a chance to be around Pederson while working in the Dodgers’ front office during the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

“He's a high-energy guy and a great clubhouse guy who comes in with a smile on his face every day,” Anthopoulos said. “He’s someone who if he gets hot, he can carry you. He hasn’t really had that hot streak yet, but he’s certainly capable of doing that. He’s still young, and his raw power is as good as you’re going to find.”

Pederson’s deal includes a $4.5 million base salary for this year and a $10 million mutual option that includes a $2.5 million buyout for the 2022 season.

So unless Pederson impresses enough to influence exercising his option, this deal will cost the Braves approximately $4.3 million in pro-rated salary and the buyout. That’s a price this team was willing to make as it enters the second half without Acuña and just four games behind the first-place Mets in the National League East.

“Our focus right now,” Anthopoulos said, “is as banged up as we’ve been, if we can add where it makes sense, we’ll certainly look to do it.

“Every game counts. I think any time we can strengthen the ballclub, we’re going to look to do it.”

What type of players should the Braves be looking for at the trade deadline? 16 July, 2021 - 08:01pm

Most believe the Braves should pack it in and sell at the trade deadline. Truthfully, I can’t really argue with them right now, but if Atlanta can stay afloat over the next couple of weeks, there’s a case to be made for Alex Anthopoulos to buy at the trade deadline. I laid out those reasons earlier this week, and a lot of it comes down to just how random baseball can be at times. If the Braves are only a few games out of first place come late July, they need to take advantage of the opportunity and do everything they can to make it to the postseason. However, their focus has to be on a certain type of player.

Given the circumstances — sitting a few games back without Mike Soroka, Marcell Ozuna, and Ronald Acuña for the remainder of the season — the Braves don’t have the luxury to go all out for this season. So, eliminate all potential one-year rentals from the list of Alex Anthopoulos’ potential trade targets. In the postseason, everybody has a chance, but that still doesn’t justify the Braves giving up top prospects for a player that won’t be around past 2021. It would make no sense for the Braves to trade for a player who is a free agent this winter.

Secondly, every move Anthopoulos makes has to be financially aware. As every Atlanta fan knows, the Braves don’t have the luxury to spend stupid money like the Dodgers and Yankees, or even like teams in their own division such as the Phillies and Mets. The Braves will always be on a strict budget as long as they are owned by Liberty Media. With that in mind, Anthopoulos needs to be on the search for controllable players that won’t bust the bank.

Slowly, the Braves will continue to owe Ronald Acuña and Ozzie Albies more money. Freddie Freeman is up for a mega-extension, and Atlanta would be foolish not to hand him whatever he desires. The Braves are also unlikely to get out from under Marcell Ozuna’s contract even if he is proven guilty in his current domestic violence dispute. All of this adds to the pressure on Alex Anthopoulos to be wise with his money. Don’t expect the Braves to go after anybody with a hefty price tag or set to become a free agent after this season, but if the right deal comes along for a cost-controlled starter, that should pique the interest of Anthopoulos if the Braves are still in it come the trade deadline.

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Daily Cubs Minors Recap: Cubs trade Pederson; Young and Davis reach 4 times; Jensen lights out again to lead a number of strong pitching performances

ChicagoNow 16 July, 2021 - 08:01pm

The sell off has begun. In a bit of a surprise, Joc Pederson ends up being the first to go, as he heads to Atlanta in a one-for-one swap for mammoth first base prospect Bryce Ball. I have to say, that return isn’t too bad. Ball was an overslot 24th round pick in the 2019 MLB Draft by the Braves (signed for just shy of $200K).

A sleeper prospect who carries immense power potential. He went undrafted out of a small Iowa high school and then played two years at a local community college, where he annihilated the competition and first began to draw some draft interest. But after going unselected in 2018, he transferred to Dallas Baptist for his junior season in order to face higher quality pitching. Ball didn’t stop mashing.

After leading the Missouri Valley Conference in home runs, RBI and walks there was some belief Ball would get picked on Day 2 of the draft. He ended up slipping into Day 3, most likely over concerns with his defensive abilities. At 6’6″ and 245 pounds, Ball is a good athlete for his size, but his size still limits him. There is only so much agility you can wring out of that body, and it is unlikely to improve as he ages.

Still, the Braves took the chance on him, and it paid immediate dividends, as Ball went first to the Appy League post-draft, where he slashed .324/.410/.676 and smashed 13 homers in just 41 games to earn league MVP honors. He also received a late season call up to Low-A Rome. He continued to rake there to the tune of .337/.367/.547.

That performance earned him a non-roster invite to the Braves camp last fall, something none of their other draftees from the previous year earned outside of their 1st rounder. He impressed everyone with not just his power potential, but his feel to hit and approach at the plate. Obviously, the 2020 season was wiped out, which killed the momentum he was building.

Coming out of the layoff this season, he’s struggled a bit in High-A, hitting .206/.350/.394 with 6 homers and 59 Ks in 54 games, but he’s begun to pick up the pace a bit in July after suffering through a rough June. Hopefully this means he’s making the necessary adjustments.

It is a bat first profile for Ball given he’s adequate at best at 1B, so he needs to hit, a lot, if hehopes to make it as a full time big leaguer. Even if the DH comes to the NL in the future he’ll still have to hit a ton to earn a full time role, as many teams prefer to rotate their starting position players through that spot in an effort to keep them fresh throughout the season.

Ball was ranked in the teens among Braves prospects and likely falls into a similar range with the Cubs, perhaps a bit further down. He does give the Cubs their only 70 raw power in the system, and the hope is given the patience and flashes of all fields approach he shown, that Ball can develop into an all around force at the plate and not just a home run hitter with contact issues.

Matt Duffy went 1-for-4 while playing the majority of the game at 3B as he begins getting his rehab into full swing.

Nelson Maldonado is hitting .361 in July thanks to 5 multi-hit games.

After hitting just .232/.351/.354 in June, Brennen Davis has discovered a new level of comfort in AA this month. He’s showing good patience to wait for pitches to drive and then isn’t missing them often when the opportunity presents itself. He is locked in right now, not only hitting two bombs to earn the Future’s Game MVP award, but batting .412/.524/.794 with Tennessee in July.

No one is as red hot at the plate as Jared Young (.444/.479/.733) though. He’s failed to get a hit in just 2 of his 13 starts this season. He has reached base multiple times in 9 of them. The 26 year old had lost momentum over the past two years but is hitting his way back into the picture so far this year.

He’s doing a better job of using the middle of the field and looking to drive the ball into the gaps rather than pull the ball (which led to him rolling over and hitting a lot of grounders to the right side). His current pace is unsustainable, but if he can maintain this approach and show he can be a viable option at 1B/LF/RF defensively then it is possible Young could earn a bench role down the road, or at least offer the team some depth on the AAA/MLB shuttle.

South Bend 2, Cedar Rapids 1 (10 Innings)

A terrific July for Ryan Jensen continued with perhaps his finest pro performance last night. He worked the edges of the zone more consistently and set a career high with 8 Ks. A couple more good starts and he could get a promotion to Tennessee. His 3 July starts:

6 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 3 K

5 IP, H, R, BB, 6 K

6 IP, 2 H, R, BB, 8 K

I don’t have time to do a full breakdown of his recent performances right now, but I know Bryan Smith over at Bleacher Nation intends to do a write up on him today, so keep an eye out for that.

New acquisition Bryce Ball has been assigned to South Bend. I wonder if this could trigger a promotion for Tyler Durna to Tennessee and Jared Young to Iowa.

Luis Verdugo is beginning to break out of his awful early season slump. It started with working better counts in June, but now over his last 9 games in July he is batting .273/.294/.424

Two big IFA catcher signings, Brayan Altuve and Moises Ballestreros, had big days. Altuve who has been seeing time at the corner infield spots, had just one hit in five trips, but it was a grand slam. Ballesteros reached four times, twice on doubles, and twice on walks.

Filed under: Daily Cubs Minors Recap

Thank you, Michael. After a lengthy period of disinterest in the performance of our minor leaguers, the now necessary shift from the (miserable) present to the future has rekindled a keen interest in our prospects. I'll be reading every day. Please keep up the good work.

If you don't mind, a few questions:

1. I have started to notice Alfonso Rivas, our AAA first baseman. I believe he nabbed him from Oakland in a trade for Kemp earlier this year. While he lacks power, it like he has hit well at all levels. A Mark Grace type player? I love the fact that he's a high contact hitter. We need to get away from homer or nothing type players. Is he going to be brought up if/when Rizzo is traded? Any further insights on his defense? How legit is he? Where does he rank as a prospect.

2. You might recall that I'm impatient when it comes to prospects. Any chance Davis gets called up this year under any circumstances, even if its just September?

3. Who do you see coming up if KB and Rizz and Javy all get traded?

4. Is there a future closer in waiting?

5. What is Duffy's ETA off the rehab stint?

6. What is the deal with Marquez?

1. Rivas is a prospect. If Rizzo gets traded, I do think we could see him get some ABs, but I doubt in an everyday role. Rivas is a good defender, who has played some LF (although reports are mixed from avg to bad regarding his ability).

I know fans want contact hitters, and the Cubs do need to incorporate more, but 1B is not the ideal spot to do so. You still need some power in your lineup, even if it comes with some swing and miss. Rivas doesn't have Grace's hit tool or elite eye at the plate. His grades would be more along the lines of avg and above avg respectively. I think he is more likely a bench guy, who you can spot start against certain pitchers and then give you a good at bat as a pinch hitter against a tough RHRP.

2. No chance. Davis might compete for a job next spring, but even then, he will not be on the 40 man and there is the always present service time considerations which will surely keep him in Iowa for some period of time next season. It is up to Davis to force his way in. He can, but mid-2022 is his most likely ETA.

3. I don't expect all to get dealt. Duffy and Bote will return to fill two of their spots. I expect Rivas and Hermosillo to get consideration for any other openings.

4. Ben Leeper is most likely closer in waiting. Manny Rodriguez has a 98-100 mph fastball and hammer curve, so he is another possibility. Burl Carraway has the stuff if he can get his mechanics straightened out. Marquez, Jensen, Herz are definite options if they fail to stick as starters. Bullpen is probably the greatest strength in the Cubs system as they have plenty of setup and middle relief options beyond those guys.

5. Duffy will rehab for a week, maybe 10 days.

6. Marquez had mechanical and maybe conditioning issues this spring which prevented him from opening at start of MiLB season, so they kept him back in EXST, where according to Sharma he suffered a shoulder strain.

Thanks for the info and insight, Michael. I just alerted to a John Heyman tweet saying that there "are signs the Cubs will try to lock up" Javy and Rizzo before going to trade talks for either. Hmm.

I love Javy, despite the advance metrics not being kind to him. It's OK to have one guy in the lineup who is hacking/slugging away rather than working the count. Javy is The Man! The most exciting player I've ever seen. I hope he gets extend now or signed this winter, even if they trade him this month (like Yanks did with Chapman).

I love Rizzo too. But I see too much decline coming from him. And he is just too damn nice and lacks fire. I'd love to see some red-ass out of him every now and then. Time to move on -- and instead sign Freeman.

Don't worry. The Cubs are going to be trading more than Pederson. They will get some pitching back. Their intention will be to get whoever they feel is the best player(s), regardless of position, they can in each deal. Some of those are bound to be starting pitchers.

I like how the Mets system seems to match up with the cubs as a trade partner. Wouldn't mind if the cubs can pry the Mets top pitching prospect Matthew Allan for say a Kris Bryant? I feel he makes sense the cubs almost took him over Jensen, and Allen is currently on the shelf. This seems doable because the Mets don't want to trade their top 2 prospects Alvarez or Mauricio for a rental. The fact that Allan had TJS surgery would seem to make him a strong buy low, and most agree he has TOR upside when healthy. I feel like the Mets surplus of top 100ish (but not quite top 50) type prospects like Allan, Brett Baty, and Pete Crow Armstrong seems like a good match for the cubs needs. Cubs may have to package multiple players to get those types of prospects though.

He was a late round pick (32nd round I think). Very fast. Maybe the fastest in the system. Plays a solid outfield in CF and LF. Didn't hit much in college, which is why he lasted so late, but picked up switch hitting as a pro, which has helped. Not really a prospect in the sense that the Cubs will carry him as a regular, but should they become a contender again in the next couple of years, Davis is the type of pinch runner/base stealer/defensive replacement the Cubs have traditionally liked to carry down the stretch, so he's got a shot at that type of job. Needs to happen while he's still got his speed though, and he is already in his mid-20s so clock is ticking.

Love the updates & info! Thanks!

Cubs signed 4 NDFAs today. A older brother of one of their draft picks who may or may not sign is 1 of them. He was committed to play at GCU to be with him, LoL. I think the signing was to help sway his decision to go pro.

Liked the Pederson trade. Taking a swing for a power guy like that is a good risk. He’s tall. Maybe Bryant’s dad can coach him, ha ha.

Cassie needs to be assigned to Myrtle.

Really good to see Jensen bouncing back. He could be in my top 5 if he keeps it going.

What a crazy great story with Leeper. Now if Carraway can find his control & command.

Yeah, I mentioned a couple of the UDFAs the other day. A couple more signed since, including Daniel Avitia (brother of Cubs pick David Avitia).

I don't know if I've seen this before but every Cub minor league team won--including the ASL and the 2 DSL teams. Congratulations!

The affiliates actually pulled it off like a week ago too, but at the time the DSL teams had not started. It tends to happen a few times every year.

I just read that Christian Franklin just signed for about $20K undersold. He sounds like a medium risk/high reward player.

I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to sign Franklin for slightly underslot. He's ranked pretty darn high on MLBs, Fangraphs, and Keith Laws draft rankings, which made me wonder if he may get an overslot signing bonus if anything. Apparently the cubs also signed their 6th rounder for a measly $1000 signing bonus. My hope is these savings go to some of those prep prospects like the kids they drafted in rounds 11-12 who claim they were honoring their college commitments.

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Dodgers Rumors: LA chasing playoff ace and former nemesis?

Dodgers Way 16 July, 2021 - 06:00am

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 01: Charlie Morton #50 of the Houston Astros celebrates after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in game seven with a score of 5 to 1 to win the 2017 World Series at Dodger Stadium on November 1, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Dodgers are going to have to reinforce their rotation at the 2021 MLB Trade Deadline.

Why not go with by far the most available “been there, done that” playoff ace on the market? Just scrub all past images of his playoff success from your mind, and you should be fine.

Once upon a time, Charlie Morton was just a journeyman, his career nearly expired before he found his curveball and the corners of the plate at the same time in Houston in 2017.

Unlike some pitchers who’ve left Houston recently, he’s maintained his success in both Tampa and Atlanta after departing.

We were surer the Braves would be all-out sellers 24 hours ago before they dealt their No. 12 prospect for Joc Pederson (?), but it still seems likely Atlanta will pull off some type of hybrid.

If they continue to tread water, Morton could be the ideal solution to the Dodgers’ suddenly-barren rotation, and according to the rumors, they’re monitoring the situation.

Look for #Dodgers to bolster their rotation before the second half begins this Friday. Clayton Kershaw is not expected to be activated until later this month, Walker Buehler and Julio Urías are the only two starters as of right now. Expect #Braves Charlie Morton to be a target.

— Seth Martini (@SethMartiniXM) July 14, 2021

After leaving Houston for a free-agent bargain deal with the Rays as a 34-year-old after 2018, Morton continued his resurgence, posting a 16-6 record, 3.05 ERA, a league-leading HR/9 rate, and a third-place Cy Young finish in 2019. In the shortened 2020, we saw more of the same (only less of it), as the veteran led his Rays past his old team in a seven-game ALCS classic.

This year, he’s 8-3 with a 3.64 ERA, 114 Ks in 99.0 innings pitched, and a 122 ERA+. Someone get him on a plane before Atlanta decides to contend.

Though you may not have noticed in the midst of the Braves’ bizarre snoozer of a season, Morton has been the same pitcher he’s always been since his 2017 breakout — solid numbers, but with the potential to completely take over a game for six or seven innings on any given night.

Charlie Morton last night: 🔥🔥🔥#CarryTheFreight | #ForTheA

— Atlanta Braves (@Braves) July 10, 2021

Perusing the team’s top 10 prospects, most of them would likely be out of bounds for a pure rental. Diego Cartaya? No, the Dodgers have high hopes there. Ryan Pepiot? Odds are higher he’ll be alongside Morton in LA’s stretch run rotation than traded to the deep south. Perhaps Jacob Amaya (No. 10) and starter/reliever Andre Jackson, recently showcased in the Futures Game, would be a fair package?

Keep your eye on Atlanta’s progress over the next few weeks. Even a .500 stretch won’t cut it, and Morton could wind up a high-profile solution to the Dodgers’ unexpected issues.

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