Britney Spears' Conservatorship Changes Won't Affect Custody, Says K-Fed's Lawyer


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Britney Spears Gifted a Cute New Puppy from Sam Asghari 11 October, 2021 - 05:00am

Her name is Porsha and she's there for love *and* protection, according to Asghari.

Asghari posted about the pup on his Instagram, captioning the photo, “Surprised my fiancé with our newest member to the Family,” alongside a carousel of videos and pictures of the pup:

The puppy’s name is Porsha, and Asghari included the hashtag "#homesecurity" under the pictures of the cute pup. In the post, Asghari tells Spears (whose voice can be in the background of the first video) that, “She’s meant to unconditionally love you, and is gonna be trained to protect you from any motherf***er that comes around you with bad intentions.”

Britney Spears And Sam Asghari's Body Language, Per An Expert

Women's Health 11 October, 2021 - 05:00am

An expert weighs in on how Sam's shown up for Britney during her conservatorship.

Britney testified in June about the restrictions the conservatorship has imposed on her body and romantic relationship. “I was told right now in the conservatorship, I’m not able to get married or have a baby, I have a (IUD) inside of myself right now so I don’t get pregnant,” Women’s Health previously reported.

But it seems like, just maybe, the tides are finally starting to turn because Britney’s partner, Sam Asghari, proposed to her on September 12. The couple met on the set of Britney’s music video for “Slumber Party” in 2016 and started dating shortly after.

They’ve taken to sharing glimpses of their relationship on social media with workout posts and selfies snapped in Britney's home. On Instagram, Britney wrote about how Sam’s “been with me through both the hardest and the best years of my life.” With so much of her life regulated, it seems Britney’s dream of getting married is finally coming true. At least, it appears that way on social media. To be sure, body language expert Karen Donaldson analyzed the couple’s gestures and explained what it means for their relationship.

Resting your hand on someone in some cases can be a possessive move, but here's what makes this protective instead: Sam's reaching in front of Britney rather than wrapping his arm around her.

Here she leans onto Sam and rests a hand on his shoulder. At first glance, it might seem like she's just leaning into the frame for the photo but it's more than that, says Donaldson.

Britney's sharing intimate space, an indicator of trust, and her fingers are totally relaxed. This lack of tension in her hand is a testament to how Sam makes her feel.

By closing the gap between their bodies, she knows Britney and Sam care deeply for each other. This body language points to two people being in a similar headspace. They're alike and have the same goals.

Both Britney and Sam have angled their bodies toward each other which means they genuinely want to be with each other in this moment. Sure, the photo is posed, but they want it to be. They wanted to commemorate this moment and capture it with photo they'll always have.

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