Britney Spears jokes Sam Asghari is an 'a--hole' for 'overdue' proposal before gushing over fiancé


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Who is Britney engaged to?

US pop star Britney Spears has announced her engagement to her long-term boyfriend, Sam Asghari. The singer posted a video of the couple showing off the ring on Instagram. The 39-year-old is fighting a legal battle to end her 13-year conservatorship, which controls both her personal life and finances. bbc.comBritney Spears announces engagement to Sam Asghari

How old is Britney Spears boyfriend Sam Asghari?

Iranian-born Asghari, 27, is a personal trainer and actor who has appeared on the Showtime series "Black Monday." He and Spears began dating in 2016. In June, Spears told a Los Angeles court that the 13-year-old conservatorship partially controlled by her father was abusive, saying "I just want my life back." ReutersBritney Spears announces engagement to boyfriend Sam Asghari

How long have Britney and Sam been dating?

The two have been dating for over four years now and have shared a private relationship so far. 27-year old Sam Asghari is a fitness trainer and met Spears in 2016 on the sets of her music video 'Slumber Party'. WIONWho is Sam Asghari? Meet Britney Spears` 27-year-old fiance

Who is Sam Asghari net worth?

Asghari has an estimated net worth of around $1 million, with website What's Their Net Worth stating: “Our website has round figured his net wealth by approximating the payments he got from the acting, modelling, and training.” nationalworld.comWho is Sam Asghari? How old is Britney Spears’ fiance, what is his net worth, and do they have children?

Britney Spears' fiancé reveals 1 thing 'people don't get' about her 13 September, 2021 - 12:42pm

“A lot of people don’t get that she’s a crazy, crazy athlete,” he said in the October issue of Men’s Health. “We play tennis together. We play ping-pong together. She’s really good at ping-pong. It’s a real competition.”

Asghari, a trainer who has jumped into acting in such shows as “Black Monday,” “Hacks” and “NCIS,” said he doesn’t always go full throttle when they play, because he believes it’s the right thing to do, as someone who grew up with sisters.

“And I’m competitive, but I try to take it easy,” he said. “Not because she’s a woman. Not because she’s weak, because she’s not. But I grew up with three sisters, so I learned that taking competition too seriously can lead to hurt feelings. Family take it easy on each other.”

Asghari added that’s not all the physical activity the couple gets.

“There’s a lot of yoga that she likes to do,” he said. “She’s flexible, she has endurance, she does handstands on my legs. I’m not good at it, but I do it because she wants to do it. I just want her to be happy. If something makes her happy, I’ll do it. I’m not going to argue. What’s that saying? ‘Happy wife, happy life.’ ”

Asghari, 27, and Spears, 39, announced their engagement Sunday. News of their impending nuptials reached a fever pitch when Oscar-winning actor Octavia Spencer advised Spears to get a prenuptial agreement, a piece of advice Asghari joked about accepting. (Spears shared a photo from Asghari's Men's Health shoot on Instagram, writing of the engagement, "It was definitely worth the wait ... I’m so blessed it’s insane.")

Asghari, who is originally from Iran, also said his family is aware of just who his fiancée is.

“Of course they know my girl. Everybody knows her. My grandmother knows my girl,” he said.

He added his sisters keep him in check when it comes to treating women right.

“When I need an honest opinion, I go to my sisters,” he said. “I learned a lot about women from them, and I learned a lot about respecting women. I had to; otherwise I would get my a-- kicked.”

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