Brooklyn Nets' James Harden frisked, briefly detained by police in Paris, not arrested


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Why did Lil Baby get arrested in Paris?

Rapper Lil Baby released from police custody in Paris, fined for having cannabis in his car. PARIS (AP) — Paris police released rapper Lil Baby from custody on Friday after fining him for having cannabis in his car, according to the city prosecutor's office. USA TODAYRapper Lil Baby released from police custody in Paris, fined for having cannabis in his car

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Video: James Harden Body-Searched In Paris By French Police

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After being surprised by paparazzi while hanging out with rapper Lil Baby, Harden was involved in a more controversial moment when he was spotted being body-searched by the French police. 

He's trying to spend a nice vacation in the European country, but the paparazzi and the police won't let him. This is the last thing you'd expect to see today, but we live in a crazy world. Anything can happen right now. 

Rapper Lil Baby detained in Paris for allegedly carrying drugs

TheGrio 09 July, 2021 - 04:16pm

He was released early Friday after paying a fine for narcotics use.

Lil Baby, whose legal name is Dominique Armani Jones, was traveling with NBA player James Harden, who was also frisked by Paris police, but not detained. According to The Sun, the pair were in a group that was stopped after reportedly a vehicle smelling of marijuana. There is reportedly a video of Lil Baby sitting in the back of a police van handcuffed. 

According to TMZ, there is a photo of an officer holding a vaping device, but it is unclear who it belongs to or what it contains. 

The site is reporting that three people, including Lil Baby, were arrested and that allegedly 20 grams of weed were discovered. 

Bravo à la police française 🤦🏾‍♂️ des incompétents… même pas capable de reconnaître James HARDEN

According to Bleacher Report, ESPN confirmed that Brooklyn Nets’ Harden “was not arrested and was never taken into custody” after being stopped by police in Paris. There is a bystander video of Harden saying, “It’s okay. I don’t understand,” as they begin to frisk him. 

Before the arrest, the Grammy Award-nominated rapper and NBA star were spotted all over Paris attending fashion shows during Fashion Week.

Cannabis is illegal in France, but according to, it is “quite tolerated,” as long as “you avoid being too obvious.” The site notes that marijuana possession and any related action — buying, selling, growing or smoking — is considered a criminal offense subject to a penalty of two months and up to one year in jail plus a fine. 

Paris prosecutors have not confirmed if it was only marijuana or other illicit drugs found in the vehicle. 

Just hours before Lil Baby’s arrest in Paris was reported, YouTube figure and podcast host Logan Paul dissed him on his show, saying, “Lil Baby, he’ll pop up on my Spotify… I’m scrolling through, and I f***ing can’t get away from Lil Baby songs.”

“I’m all for the new artists, but this one in particular I have no idea what he’s saying,” Paul contended. “I have none. And it all sounds the same, his tone is the same, it’s all the same. I give him a year.”

Lil Baby responded on Twitter, tweeting, “Logan Who?” and “More like give em a year to have 100ms.” 

He also appeared to address his arrest, writing simply, “I’m good,” with a hands-in-prayer emoji. 

Lil Baby Is Free & On His Way Home Following Paris Drug Arrest

HipHopDX 09 July, 2021 - 04:16pm

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Paris, France – Lil Baby looks to be a free man again. The 4PF rapper was reportedly arrested in Paris on Thursday (July 8) for being found in a vehicle with 32 grams of marijuana. Now, Baby is claiming to have been released from custody and heading home on Friday (July 9).

“Thank You To Everyone Who Checced On Me,” he wrote. “I’m Good I’m Otw To The States To Rock My Show At The Pavilion At Pan Am In Indianapolis!! Let’s Gooooooo.”

He added a simple “I’m Good” on Twitter as well.

— Lil Baby (@lilbaby4PF) July 9, 2021

After enjoying what turned out to be a hectic finish to Paris Fashion Week alongside Nets superstar James Harden, it’s back to the money for Lil Baby. The Grammy-nominated rapper has two shows lined up for Saturday (July 10) with one in Cincinnati hosted by comedian DC Youngfly and another in Indianapolis.

Lil Baby and his bodyguard were reportedly stopped by police in Paris when the officers smelled a potent weed odor and searched their vehicle.

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James Harden looked on and attempted to help but was frisked himself and let go. French authorities allegedly found 32 grams of marijuana and arrested Baby — born Dominique Jones — and his bodyguard on suspicion of transporting drugs. They were released on Friday after receiving fines for the incident.

“I turned my head and it was unbelievable, I saw Lil Baby and James Harden, they are standing and are being frisked,” a witness at the scene said.

BREAKING: Lil Baby has reportedly been arrested in Paris for allegedly transporting narcotics 😔

— Dirty Glove Bastard (@DGB_Media) July 8, 2021

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