Bungie will reveal what's next for 'Destiny 2' on August 24th


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How long is the solstice event in Destiny 2?

The much loved online first-person space shooter, Destiny 2 is holding a month-long event called Solstice of Heroes and you can join for free now. The event, running until Aug,. 3, is free to play and allows players to defeat bosses, get rewards and unlock caches. Space.comDestiny 2's month-long Solstice of Heroes event is free to play

Destiny 2 Seasonal Challenges Week 9 (Season of the Splicer)

Polygon 07 July, 2021 - 04:24pm

Elemental Armaments, Path of the Scribe, and Elemental Splicing in Season 14

Some Season 14 weekly Challenges are more involved than the others. Check out the descriptions below for advice on the fastest way to complete these Seasonal Challenges — particularly Elemental Armaments, Path of the Scribe, and Elemental Splicing in Season 14 — before they expire on Aug. 24.

Challenge: Defeat targets with different types of elemental weapons. Bonus progress for defeating Guardians, and for defeating combatants in override and Expunge.

You’ll need to kill enemies with various elements in this one, which will just take some time playing the game. If you’re doing Solstice of Heroes, where the game encourages you to rotate elements, you should finish this pretty quick. Note that you can choose if you want to do either Stasis or Solar — they count for the same progress bar.

Challenge: Scan the Eliksni Scribe recordings in the Eliksni Quarter of the Last City.

This Challenge is fun but easy to miss. Drop into the Eliksni Quarter via the HELM and explore. Interact with the nine lore objects to complete this Challenge and learn some Eliksni history!

Challenge: Increase your Reputation with the Splicer Servitor in the HELM. You need Reputation 30.

This one requires you to earn a lot of Data. Just play Override and Expunge to finish this one, but it’ll take a lot of runs to get up to 30.

Challenge: Calibrate Primary, Special, and Heavy ammo weapons. Bonus progress against Champions.

This is maybe the easiest Challenge of the entire season. All you need to do here is kill enemies with all three types of weapons.

Challenge: Complete Strikes as each elemental subclass. Two Strikes as each.

You’ll need to do six Strikes for this one — note that Solar and Stasis count for the same bar, just like in the earlier Challenge. Just make sure you monitor your subclass and you should complete this one while you’re working on Solstice of Heroes.

Make sure to finish all of these and the rest of the Seasonal Challenges if you want to complete the Master of All Challenge by Aug. 24, which rewards a Large Bright Dust Pile.

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