California ski resort changes name to remove offensive word


Yahoo News 13 September, 2021 - 03:37pm 55 views

What is the new name of Squaw Valley?

The historic Squaw Valley ski resort near Lake Tahoe will be renamed Palisades Tahoe after its owners determined that the term “squaw” was offensive to Indigenous women. “This name change reflects who we are as a ski resort and community,” said Dee Byrne, president and chief operating officer of the resort. Los Angeles TimesSquaw Valley ski resort will retire racist name

Why is Squaw Valley changing its name?

The resort in August 2020 officially decided to change the name, “after extensive research into the historical and current usage and regional history of the word 'squaw,' and discussions with the local Washoe Tribe, which affirmed the position that it is widely considered a racist and sexist slur against Indigenous ... Sacramento BeePopular Tahoe ski resort gets new name, denouncing old as ‘racist and sexist slur’

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