‘Cinderella’ Review: A Girlboss in Glass Slippers


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Is Cinderella on Amazon Prime?

You can watch Cinderella through your Amazon Prime Video subscription. Amazon Prime Video comes as a perk of a general Amazon Prime subscription, or can be signed up for independently as its own streaming subscription. USA TODAYThe new 'Cinderella' movie starring Camila Cabello premieres today—here's how to watch

Where did they film Cinderella?

The film was shot at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England, and at various other locations including Hampton Court Palace, Blenheim Palace, Windsor Castle, Cliveden, Old Royal Naval College, and Black Park. wikipedia.orgCinderella (2015 Disney film)

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Camila Cabello makes movie debut as Cinderella

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Cinderella (2021): The 10 Best Musical Numbers | ScreenRant

Screen Rant 05 September, 2021 - 12:10am

Ashley Wallen has an impressive track record, being behind the tremendous musical numbers of films like The Greatest Showman. He helped ensure that Cinderella would deliver the goods in that department, bringing this jukebox musical to life and making this version of the classic tale unique.

Co-written by Menzel, "Dream Girl" makes perfect use of her big voice and it also manages to incorporate the other ladies of the movie. It helps that this song adds layers to Menzel's Vivian, showing her desires from her youth and proving that she's more than a simple wicked stepmother in this iteration.

For the most part, this use of "Material Girl" is kind of ideal because it details one of the main plot points. While Vivian, her daughters, and most of the ladies of the film are interested in material things, Cinderella is different in that she dreams of running a business and being an independent woman.

"Perfect" is not only one of the pop singer's bigger hits but it's also one that happens to work well for a duet. Camila Cabello is someone everyone knew could sing but Nicholas Galitzine manages to more than hold up his end of the bargain. It's not an extravagant number but it's a sweet and pivotal one.

During that appearance, Fab G delivered a show-stopping performance of "Shining Star," a classic from Earth, Wind, and Fire. The song sees Fab G detail that Cinderella is a star while transforming the things around her into her dress and items for the special night at the ball. Simply seeing Porter and Cabello perform together was enough to make this great.

"Whatta Man" is performed by various women at Prince Robert's ball as they fawned over him when he walked in, while he and his buddies performed "Seven Nation Army" as they discussed keeping the ladies at bay so he could have his time alone with Cinderella. These versions are sure to be downloaded on your favorite music app.

It works on multiple levels as several characters take part in the number and all sing about the various things that they want on the night of the ball. Is it wrong for Cinderella to believe that this special evening could be true? Will this really be the night that Robert gets the girl? They all have to believe.

"If it's a million to one / I'm gonna be that onе." Everyone tells Cinderella that her dreams of doing more than simply being a housewife are a longshot because it just doesn't happen. That doesn't deter Cinderella, who sings that she is still going to work hard to be the one in "million to one."

The Queen song is used in a lot of movies but there's just enough of a fun spin here to make it stand out from the rest. The musical number gets bigger over time with more people being added and the song getting better with each verse.

Characters like Princess Gwen get in on the fun as this number ends the film and sees nearly the entire cast as part of it. There's even some emotion thrown in as Cinderella talks with Vivian, leaving them on a better note than pretty much every other combination of the titular character and her stepmother.

The dancing here is memorable and it's a huge choreographed number like the start of The Greatest Showman or In The Heights. The whole thing is also intercut with Cabello singing her version of Des'ree's "You Gotta Be," which is the perfect emotional underdog track.

WTF Happened To Amazon’s Cinderella!? | Video Review

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Amazon Prime Video and Camila Cabello come together for the most lackluster Cinderella re-telling yet. From the “girl boss” energy to the bland songs, the film tries so hard to say something but says nothing. Critic EJ Moreno tears into 2021’s Cinderella and holds nothing back here.

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Directed by Kay Cannon, Cinderella features a cast that includes Camila Cabello, Nicholas Galitzine, Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter, and Pierce Brosnan.

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