Claire Rehfuss on being ousted by her best friend on 'Big Brother'


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What Time Is Big Brother on tonight?

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'Big Brother 23' Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? Week 10

Big Brother Network 10 September, 2021 - 11:00am

In Marvel's What If...? episode 5, the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows exactly why Spider-Man's Star Wars gag doesn't work. What If...? episode 5 showed how a zombie apocalypse could break out in the MCU. The episode reveals a timeline where a zombie virus escapes from the Quantum Realm, and Earth's Mightiest Heroes only make things worse. After the Avengers get bitten by zombies, no one stands a chance. Several characters lose their lives, including Steve Rogers (voiced by Josh Keaton), Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau), and Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp). The episode ends with the few remaining heroes, including Spider-Man (voiced by Hudson Thames) and T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman), heading to Wakanda to search for a cure.

Marvel has had an obsession with Star Wars references throughout the MCU. For example, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) has a notebook with items he needs to learn about to get acquainted with the new world. One of those items is Star Wars. Additionally, every movie in Phase 2 of the MCU included a tribute to The Empire Strikes Back, showcasing characters losing their hands or arms in honor of Luke Skywalker. Loki even continued Marvel's Phase 2 Star Wars tradition. Time and time again, Marvel makes the galaxy far, far away come up in one way or another.

However, not all Star Wars references necessarily work. In Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man (Tom Holland) makes his debut and has an odd Empire Strikes Back reference. In the film, he asks his fellow heroes if they've seen a "really old" movie called Empire Strikes Back. The moment is played for laughs, as Spider-Man doesn't seem exceptionally knowledgeable about the film, calling Hoth a "snow planet" and referring to the AT-ATs as "walking thingies." It's a stark difference from the Spider-Man who shows up in What If...? episode 5. In the episode, Spider-Man reveals he's seen several movies because of his AV club and even uses his movie knowledge to help the surviving Avengers navigate the zombie apocalypse.

Still, Spider-Man does have an excuse. With Civil War being Spidey's MCU debut, it's understandable that Marvel was still fleshing out Holland's Peter Parker, perhaps not quite knowing how much of a film buff he would be. Plus, despite not being a Star Wars aficionado in Civil War, he does use the knowledge he has from the movie to help wrangle Paul Rudd's super-sized Ant-Man, so the gag really causes no harm. After all, it makes sense that Spider-Man wouldn't want to show off an extreme knowledge of Star Wars right after meeting the Avengers in Civil War. At that point, they just think he's the Spider-Man from YouTube, not a dorky, high-school-aged Star Wars fan.

Marvel's What If...? releases new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

‘Big Brother 23’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night In The Double Eviction?

Big Brother Network 10 September, 2021 - 11:00am

Twice the fun on Thursday as the Double Eviction revealed who was voted out last night on Big Brother 23 and which Houseguests would make the F6, taking us into the final weeks of the BB23 season. There was no room for error here with Alyssa’s game and she would need to thread the needle to make it through the night against the somewhat secret alliance of the Cookout. Which way did the DE go? Let’s find out!

Don’t miss this week’s Double Eviction episode! You can stream the episode live on CBS’s Paramount+ with the legacy plan or the new Premium plan in most markets across the US and the HOH comp on either plan so you don’t have to miss any of the fun even if you’re out tonight.

It’s going to be a jam-packed hour-long show this week (and a two-hour DE show next week, so who knows on that) and we’ll run through the first eviction, an HOH comp, nominations, Veto comp, Veto meeting, and finally another eviction. The next HOH comp will likely be later tonight and held off-cam from the Feeds but we’ll be watching for those spoilers too and will keep you updated all through the show and after.

By a vote of 4-1, Claire has been evicted from BB23.

Now the HGs will need to hustle out back to the yard where a new Head of Household will be crowned and this one will last even shorter than Tiffany’s first HOH win! The winner here will decide on two quick nominees and could determine if the Cookout makes F6.

Hannah is the new HOH! Congratulations to Hannah! Her noms are coming up quickly!

Before things cut to commercials Hannah did speedy one on ones and told Xavier he’d be going up then she next told Alyssa that Xavier was her target so she was going up next to him. But obviously, we know the plan is to evict Alyssa. Alyssa will need to win Veto to survive the night.

Noms are set but there’s a second chance at safety with the Veto competition. This will be fast and furious and will forever be a Clown Shoe memory for me. Hah!

That should make it a lock for the Cookout to reach Final 6 with an expected Alyssa eviction here. The ceremony and second eviction vote are coming up shortly.

By a vote of 3-1, Alyssa has been evicted from Big Brother.

We’re down to our F6 of the Big Brother 23 season. Congratulations to all the HGs who made it. Quite an accomplishment for The Cookout! Now it’s time to crown a new Head of Household! But not just yet. Watch for those HOH results later tonight and we’ll keep you updated.

After the show, we’ll be heading back to the Live Feeds to watch the fallout over who won HOH & the start of the next rounds of planning for this week’s target. Grab the Free Trial and join us there now!

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Big Brother 23 Live Feeds Week 9: Thursday Daytime Highlights

‘Big Brother 23’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? Week 10

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Alyssa Lopez on being part of the all-minority 'Big Brother' final 7

Entertainment Weekly News 10 September, 2021 - 09:37am

While Alyssa became part of the first all-minority final seven in the CBS series' history, she simply ran out of time and allies, succumbing to her inevitable fate at the hands of the most dominant alliance Big Brother has ever seen. We spoke to Alyssa on her way to the jury house to get her take on everything that went down, and what could be in her future when it comes to a possible showmance reunion with Christian.

ALYSSA LOPEZ: I do believe Xavier was Hannah's actual target because of Claire's speech and things Claire had told her and myself right before the live vote. I think if Xavier did stay on the block with me, maybe Hannah would have wanted him out, but I think he's pretty solid around the house, and I still would have went home regardless.

ALYSSA LOPEZ: I think the difference about this season and seasons I've watched is that people are not thinking for their personal game now. People are not thinking long-term. People are thinking right on the spot, and that's not a gameplay I was trying to do. I think keeping me to the end would have made sense for a lot of people in this house. And they're basically giving Kyland a free ride to the final two, doing what he says, because I feel like people are too scared to make their own decisions.

ALYSSA LOPEZ: Right before live eviction, Claire did pull me aside and tell me that I should take that shot at Xavier, because people may not be confident enough to do so and that he is pretty solid around the house. I think that Claire, if she said that to me, definitely said that to Hannah. And I think that stuck. I really think Hannah taking me out was a complete waste of her HOH though, 'cause I was never going after her.

ALYSSA LOPEZ: It feels amazing to say that the top seven of my season are all minority. It made me feel amazing because even if I didn't win this game, I'll be so happy no matter who wins. But to be a part of such a historic moment on Big Brother, and to say I'm part of that seven? I'm very blessed and grateful.

ALYSSA LOPEZ: Okay, I really hate talking about my feelings. It's not something I'm good at. I'm kind of a robot. I will say I do hope to see a future with Christian. I don't know where his head is at, but we did talk about [doing] long-distance and figuring that out. I'm definitely more open to figuring that out outside the house.

Big Brother 23's Claire Rehfuss Breaks Down the 'Complex Emotions' She's Still Feeling From Tiffany's Nomination

Parade Magazine 10 September, 2021 - 09:18am

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Betrayal is a natural part of Big Brother, considering the high-stakes pot of gold at the end of the three-month rainbow. Yet a betrayal from your closest ally feels different, a gut punch after fighting together 24 hours a day. Unfortunately for Claire Rehfuss, she’s one of the esteemed BB alum to experience this heartbreak. After riding the game with Tiffany Mitchell, she got cornered as the only vulnerable houseguest not in the “Cookout” alliance, giving Tiffany the tragic job of being the one responsible for Claire’s nomination and eviction.

64 days ago, though, it was a different story. Claire won the position of captain of the Queens team. And two important members she chose were Tiffany and Kyland Young, who helped keep her safe as the Cookout began to run things behind the scenes. Of course, Claire was responsible for her own safety too. Quite literally, when she won the final Wildcard Competition, guaranteeing herself safety until jury. Unfortunately, once that immunity expired, the block came calling. Kyland drew first blood, initially targeting his former teammate for wanting to go after Cookout members. Then she became a pawn in Sarah Beth Steagall’s plan to backdoor her close friend Derek Xiao, a position that left her devastated.

Luckily, Claire survived both those bouts on the block. And once again, it was the final week of a twist that gave her power in the game. This time it was the “High Roller’s Room,” as she rolled her way into an advantage with the Coin of Destiny. She usurped Tiffany as HoH but kept her nominations the same, following through on Tiffany’s plan to evict Sarah Beth. And when Tiffany won HoH the next week, she was ready to cement herself in the top 6. Unfortunately, the Cookout had other plans. Tiffany had her sights set on getting rid of Alyssa Lopez, making Claire the last non-Cookout person left. But Alyssa won the much-needed veto, sending Claire’s game crashing down like a pyramid of mini-cocktails. Torn between betraying the Cookout and her closest ally, Tiffany told Claire what she had to do. In an incredibly emotionally visceral scene, through her tears, Claire said she understood the cause Tiffany was fighting for. But Rehfuss refused to give up until her last minute in the house, using her eviction speech to paint Xavier Prather as the one to beat.

Now on the way to the jury house, Claire talks with about navigating her emotions during her final nomination, why she chose to keep the nominations the same after winning the Coin of Destiny, and why being introverted is ultimately good for Big Brother.

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