Concept video shows what the 5G iPhone 13 Pro series could look like


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Will there be an Iphone 13 mini?

2021 iPhone will be 'iPhone 13' with 'Pro,' 'Pro Max,' 'Mini' variants says supply chain. Apple's fall iPhone refresh will be known as the "iPhone 13," a report claims, with Apple also continuing to use its "mini," "Pro," and "Pro Max" terminology for the different models. AppleInsider2021 iPhone will be 'iPhone 13' with 'Pro,' 'Pro Max,' 'Mini' variants says supply chain

$40 Unlimited data plan with a new phone

$40 Unlimited data plan with a new phone

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2021 iPhones will indeed be called iPhone 13 – supply-chain report

9to5Mac 05 July, 2021 - 10:00pm

A new supply-chain report claims to have the answers to one question about the 2021 iPhones: What name will Apple choose?

While we’ve been referring to this year’s models as the iPhone 13, other possibilities have been raised …

Some have argued that the rumored changes for this year’s devices make this an S-year, thus the name will be iPhone 12S. Others have suggested that as some consider the number 13 to be unlucky, Apple might skip the number or even drop the numbering altogether, and simply use the name iPhone with the year as the identifier, as the company does with Macs and iPads.

Today’s report says no: The name will be iPhone 13.

Apple’s new iPhone this year has entered the countdown stage of stocking, and the supply chain has reported that this year’s new phone will be named iPhone 13.

It goes on to say that primary iPhone assembler Foxconn will continue to get the bulk of the orders, while Pegatron will make the iPhone 13 mini.

A second question is when the 2021 iPhones will go on sale. This used to be an easy one to answer: From the iPhone 5 to iPhone 8, each year’s models were available in September. Things changed with the iPhone X, however, and since then it’s been unclear whether availability of particular models would be September, October, or November.

The report does suggest that the announcement will take place in September, and that suppliers will begin shipping in the third quarter – but as Apple needs to stockpile phones to get them ready to go on sale, that provides limited information as to actual availability.

The supply chain reports that this year’s new iPhone will return to the situation announced in September of the previous year. The assembler will start shipping in the third quarter, and the peak of the pull will fall in the fourth quarter.

Check out our iPhone 13 guide to see everything we’re expecting in this year’s iPhones, from improved cameras to the potential for an always-on screen element.

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The iPhone 13 is expected to come this fall. Here's what we know about new features, design changes, pricing, and more.

Ben Lovejoy is a British technology writer and EU Editor for 9to5Mac. He’s known for his op-eds and diary pieces, exploring his experience of Apple products over time, for a more rounded review. He also writes fiction, with two technothriller novels, a couple of SF shorts and a rom-com!

Rumor: iPhone 13 to feature wireless charging upgrades

tvOS 15 brings new video player for Apple TV app

How to downgrade from iOS 15 to iOS 14

Over a decade of selfies, starting with iPhone 4

iPhone 13 to offer faster wireless charging or reverse charging - news 05 July, 2021 - 10:00pm

Going by the most recent rumor from Max Weinbach, Apple's upcoming iPhone 13 lineup will offer larger charging coil compared to the iPhone 12 family.

There are two possible explanations for the change. The more obvious is that a bigger coil will improve heat management and can allow for higher wattage or in other words - faster charging.

Alternatively the bigger coil could be needed to enable reverse wireless charging - something that Android comepetitors have been offering for a while now.

Stronger magnets for the MagSafe is another rumor thrown around lately and it seems to fall along nicely with the larger coil report.

Yes it's the best position

Copycat OS, Ancient OS... Lower quality cr@p deserves to be inside the bin

I'm waiting for the day apple finally adopts 120 hz refresh and AMOLED display. Until then, sorry apple you ain't seeing a dollar of mine.

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Take better photos with the iPhone 12 Pro Max: CNET's top tips

CNET 05 July, 2021 - 10:00pm

But having a great camera in your pocket isn't a guarantee of brilliant images -- you need to know the tricks of how to use that gear to take the shots you want. Here are my top tips for upping your photography game and hopefully getting the best ever photos from the iPhone 12 Pro Max ($1,099 at Amazon).

Stay up-to-date on the latest news, reviews and advice on iPhones, iPads, Macs, services and software.

It's easy to stand in front of a picturesque scene and flick quickly between the normal, super wide and zoomed views on the phone, but it's more difficult to understand exactly why one might be better than the other for a particular composition. To figure it out, you need to take an extra moment to look at what's important in the scene in front of you. 

By switching to the ultrawide lens, I was able to capture this mooring rope as foreground interest, which really ties the scene together.

Is there a particular subject -- perhaps a statue or an impressive building -- that's surrounded by lots of other elements like trees, sign posts or street lights? Using the telephoto zoom here is a great way of isolating your subject and eliminating all those distractions. You may need to move back a bit and then zoom in to keep it in frame, but simplifying your scene like this will really help your subject stand out in the image. 

But perhaps it's those extra surrounding elements that really add to the scene and provide context for where you are. In that case, using the standard zoom will allow you to keep those items in the shot. Switching to the super wide view will capture even more of the surroundings, so to avoid your subject getting lost in the frame, you might want to move closer and find interesting foreground objects (a patch of flowers, a cool-looking rock) to add to the composition. 

Waiting until the evening for this shot really paid off, with an incredible fiery sunset.

The awesome low-light skills of the iPhone 12 Pro Max mean you're not limited to only taking photos at midday when the sun is at its highest. Sunrises and sunsets will typically be darker, but may reward you with beautiful colors in the sky and great contrast in the light being cast. Landscape photographers know that getting up before dawn can often yield the best results and it's something that's always worth keeping in mind, if you can stomach the early rises. 

Only 10 minutes earlier, this was the same scene. Fine, but with none of that Edinburgh sunset drama.

If you're on a city break (whenever those are allowed again) it's worth trying a sunrise shoot at least once, visiting the spots you've already found and seeing how they're transformed by the different light. It's this that will separate your images from the hundreds of others on Instagram who just took a snap after having had their morning coffee.

The 12 Pro Max's improved Night mode can take amazing shots in very dark conditions.

And don't think that once the light goes altogether you need to stop shooting. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has one of the best night modes on any phone and can take astonishing night-time photos. City scenes, with car headlights, vibrant shop window displays and even festive holiday decorations can provide superb fodder for night shots. And don't worry if it pours with rain -- those wet streets will now reflect all of those lights, which can look amazing.

Check out our tutorial If you want to get even better results from your night time phone photography.

The original image on the left is a fair snap, but with a moody black and white edit it has a lot more atmosphere and works much better as a shot.

If you want to create some really eye-catching imagery, editing should be part of your workflow whether you shoot in raw or JPEG. You need to start off with a good image, so make sure you've followed the above tips, but good editing can be the biggest step to transforming a standard snap into award-worthy art. 

I use Adobe Lightroom Mobile for most of my phone editing. It's a professional tool and has a lot of granular control over color and exposure. If you don't fancy the monthly fees, Google's Snapseed is free and also has a lot of superb features for getting the best from your shots, including a variety of film effects that give some beautiful color toning to your photos.

If you want to get a bit more wild and creative, you should check out apps like Bazaart and PicsArt, which provide a variety of tools and effects for compositing images to turn them from photos into often bizarre pieces of modern art. Take a look at my roundup of image editing apps for more ideas.

iPhone 13 colors: All the hues and shades we expect to see in the iPhone 13

PhoneArena 05 July, 2021 - 10:00pm

$40 Unlimited data plan with a new phone

$40 Unlimited data plan with a new phone

iPhone 13 Series to Feature Reverse Wireless Charging All Thanks to 'Slightly Larger' Coils

Wccftech 05 July, 2021 - 12:12pm

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 13 in the coming months and there are a lot of high hopes from the device. The device will potentially feature a higher refresh rate and a smaller notch. While the overall design and form-factor of the device are rumored to stay the same, there is a boatload of other additions that are expected to be part of the mix. According to the latest, the iPhone 13 will potentially feature reverse wireless charging all thanks to the "slightly bigger" wireless charging coil.

The slightly bigger wireless charging coil will improve heat management and higher wattage. The news is based on a rumor from Max Weinbach via EverythingApplePro. The rumored larger wireless coil in the upcoming iPhone 13 models will increase the surface area wireless charging process. It was previously reported by Max Weinbach that this year's iPhone models will feature stronger MagSafe magnets.

Reverse wireless charging on the iPhone 13 models could mean that you will be able to charge your AirPods by placing them on the back of the device. Earlier this year, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg stated that reverse wireless charging will not be part of the mix for the iPhone 13 or future models. Apple is yet to announce the feature but according to the FCC filing for the iPhone 12 series, all devices feature reverse wireless charging capabilities to charge the AirPods Pro or the Apple Watch models.

On the contrary, Apple is expected to redesign the iPad Pro series in the future with a glass back. This will give Apple room to incorporate wireless charging on the iPad. If this pans out, the 2022 iPad Pro will be the first iPad to feature a glass back and wireless charging capabilities. Take note that since reverse wireless charging takes power from the device itself, it will potentially be a hit on battery life.

We will share more details on the reverse wireless charging capabilities of the upcoming iPhone 13 series as soon as we have more information. Share your valuable insights with us in the comments.

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Apple Working on Big-Screen iPhone for Less Than $900

Mac Rumors 05 July, 2021 - 01:11am

Kuo previously stated that the iPhone 13, destined for this year, will be the final ‌iPhone‌ lineup to feature a 5.4-inch "mini" model. Kuo has now reaffirmed his prediction, saying that the 2022 iPhones will only feature 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch sizes, with two models of each size. This means that there would be 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch model options for both the entry-level "‌iPhone‌ 14" models and the "‌iPhone‌ 14 Pro" models.

In effect, the "‌iPhone 13‌ mini" would be replaced by an "‌iPhone‌ 14 Max," according to Apple's current naming system, but the exact titling of the devices remains to be seen.

Kuo said that the low-end 6.7-inch ‌iPhone‌ may cost less than $900, but could lack certain features such as an under-display Touch ID sensor, which is expected to come to other 2022 ‌iPhone‌ models, to mitigate costs.

The current largest 6.7-inch ‌iPhone‌, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, begins at $1,099, meaning that the "‌iPhone‌ 14 Max" could come in at least $200 cheaper, offering a much more affordable big-screen ‌iPhone‌ for customers that do not need "Pro" features such as the telephoto camera lens.

iOS 15 is in Public Beta. Here's how to install it.

macOS Monterey is now in public beta. Here's how to install it.

Apple Card Family, podcast subscriptions, and upcoming Apple Music support for Spatial Audio and Lossless.

Learn all about Apple's new location trackers.

New features for FaceTime calls, tools to reduce distractions, a new notifications experience, added privacy features, complete redesigns for Safari, Weather, and Maps, and more.

Updates for Safari, FaceTime, and many other apps, Universal Control to let a single mouse or trackpad control multiple devices, new Shortcuts app, machine-learning Live Text detection and Visual Lookup, and more.

Redesigned with flat edges, Apple silicon, more ports, improved display, no Touch Bar, and the return of MagSafe charging.

Rumored design changes include shorter stems like current AirPods Pro, but without advanced features like active noise cancellation.

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