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When is Kazuya coming to Smash Bros?

Kazuya will be released in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on June 29, 2021. This was announced during the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents "Kazuya" livestream, in which Game Director Masahiro Sakurai went in-depth on Kazuya and his abilities in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. ShacknewsSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate Kazuya release date

Dante, Shantae And More Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate As Mii Fighter Costumes

Nintendo Life 29 June, 2021 - 02:09am

As part of today's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation, Nintendo has confirmed the next set of Mii Fighter costumes that will launch alongside Kazuya later this week.

Lloyd from Tales of Syphonia, Skyrim's Dragonborn, Shantae, and Devil May Cry's Dante will all join the roster, available for $0.75 each. You can get a good look at all of them in the screenshots below.

And here's a quick clip of them in action:

Kazuya arrives in-game starting from tomorrow, 29th June, so you won't have long to wait before you can get your hands on these new costumes. Of course, this announcement also means that these particular characters won't be revealed as the final DLC fighter, despite fan demand – still, a Mii Fighter costume is an excellent consolation prize.

Will you be picking any of these up? Are you sad to see that these fighters won't get their own spot in the main roster? Let us know in the comments.

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Shantae finally made it to smash in some way yay!!!!

Dante kit personally. DMC’s hero was always destined to be an amiibo costume.

Ah well Dante is not going to be a full fighter then Thought he would be perfect for smash as he can be a mixture of all three weapons.

Wow, first disappointment from the Direct and now this

The fact that a lloyd mii fighter costume is all the tales of series gets at all in smash ultimate is baffling to me.

The Shantae song justo doesn't do it for me. On the other hand, Dragonborn and Dante music would made them both must haves.

Pretty neat if I say so. I can imagine it's pretty disappointing to see "deconfirms" but COME ON I already see people saying stuff like Sakurai doesn't care about the fans. It's entertaining, who wants popcorn?

Wait, you missed the most important bit... They added a Shantae music track!!

Was hoping for a Monika Mii fighter,but i'm still really happy about the Shantae one.

They have been dancing around DOOM for so long between the Bethesda interviews and Fallout and Elder Scrolls getting Mii representation

Come on. Make it happen. Vault Boy and Dragonborn as Miis. Slayer as an actual Bethesda character

Does it sound like a pie in the sky dream? Yes. Do I still believe? YES. DOOM out of the three is like the only one of those franchises with actual Nintendo history on top of that

I'm curious why the Mii Fighter presentation introduced their series as "Dragonborn" and "Dante" rather than "Elder Scrolls", "Skyrim", or "Devil May Cry".

Nintendo have already worked with Microsoft (who now own Besthesda) and with Capcom to introduce characters and Mii Fighter costumes, so what's up with that?

Oohh i wished that Shantae would be a real Charakter in Smash.

Hair Battle between her and Bayonetta^^

now if only they can buff the mii fighters to make them actually viable

@tonyp1987 She should have been an official DLC fighter...

still hoping we get doomslayer as the last character for smash.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate featuring a Mii Costume based on Dante from Devil May Cry.

Part of me thinks the Mii costumes are what Sakurai wants to add, but what they are adding is what Nintendo wants.

The Mii costumes have all seem much more interesting than all of the DLC

I never understood why parts of the smash community treat Dante as if he's such a gigantic gaming icon. Just seems like bandwagon fans to me.

@Vortexeo No disrespect to your gaming tastes but Dante is literally the poster child of character action games. He and Bayonetta were both created by the same person and his games were a big deal during the PS2 era much like franchises such as Tekken or Persona

Games like Bayonetta or God of War, or even the Werehog in Sonic Unleashed owe part of their existence and template to DMC

Nobody's mentioning that Masahiro Sakurai said there won't be a Kazuya Amiibo? That was such a bummer.

Shame Dante didn't make it in. But it makes sense since the roster for Fighter's Pass 2 was probably already finalized before he was considered. Oh, well.

But this only leaves room for one other character action game protagonist, Ryu Hayabusa might be imminent for all we know.

Let's face it, with one character left, Shantae didn't really have the biggest chance to get in as a main fighter. I'm pretty happy with what we got, especially the music track.

@CelS Probably the only female Mii costume with "bits" 😂

@ManaOwls I’ve not watched the direct yet (still at work), but did they actually specifically state that?

I really hope that Dante will be in Smash as character so I can play my dream fight Dante vs Bayonetta.

As Mii costume...I think I still take it

“Don’te fills your dark soul with smash!”

@TheFrenchiestFry I'm not entirely convinced that Doom Slayer might happen happen because it's hard to make an FPS game character with visible moves that aren't just "shoot gun" and "shoot gun diagonally". There's also the fact that most of his attacks are pretty visceral when it comes to what they're intended to do in his game.

And yes, I know there are characters that come from different series with an M rating that have those characters do similar things but Bayonetta and other such Japanese games have it pretty toned down compared to Doom, if we're being honest.

Master Chief seems more likely but I don't know if Microsoft will hand him over so easily. Since it must've cost a lot to put in Banjo in the first Fighter's Pass, so I'm not sure if Nintendo would negotiate with Microsoft again.

There's also the much requested Crash Bandicoot, but with Activision there's no telling how easy it would be to negotiate for him either.

Which leaves Ryu Hayabusa a likely candidate for the final character for the Fighter's Pass. Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have been really collaborating well together for the past couple of years with their Warriors crossover games, and since Ryu Hayabusa has been around since the NES days with more recent modern entries, that leads me to believe that he is very likely to be the final pick for the Fighter's Pass 2 roster.

I'll def get the Dragonborn costume, even if I don't use Mii's. Having a song track alongside it would have been dope!

@RupeeClock In Smash presentations, any Mii from an M-rated series for the most part was only referred to by their character name in North America, but by their series name in Japan (and other regions I'm guessing). Altair, Vault Boy, Dragonborn, Dante in the US presentation; Assassin's Creed, Fallout, Skyrim, Devil May Cry in the Japan presentation.

The final confirmation that PSASBR fighters are banned from Smash as full fighters.

... I mean, unless Raiden somehow makes it in as the final FP...

Stop posting "Mii costumes deconfirm", what a ridiculous idea!

It's spelled disconfirmed. Mii costumes disconfirm.

@Arkay yesss.. how I wanted the skyrim song in smash.. anyway, it's such a great costume.. for the moment, I dont have not even a single one, but ill think abour grab some (cuphead, fall out, skyrim)

I'm sure that a part of me just died watching that direct. I was feeling bad for all the Dante fans when he was announced but when I saw Shantae jump on stage.. I just couldn't stop screaming "no" at my phone ha ha.

I had already lost Knuckles to the Miis but now I've lost Shantae too. At least she's being represented with a song included too. I'm happy for Tekken fans but I wasn't ready for that announcement.

Not gonna lie, but when the Lloyd dude popped up I was like “hell yeah that means he isn’t a character!” And started laughing knowing how sad some people will be haha. Aside from that the Dante Dragonborn and Shantae costumes all look sick and I might get them all. If there was one thing I could have changed is give the soundtrack to the Dragonborn instead because the main menu theme would have worked so well in smash.

Would have vastly preferred Shantae as the fighter over Kazuya even though I'm not that big a fan of either, she just looks much more interesting to me. But this is fine.

@TheFrenchiestFry I know that. But Dante is just one of many action game "poster boys": Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, Adol from Ys, and so many more came before him.

From the way the smash community hypes up Dante, you'd think his series was as big as Street Fighter, but in reality, it's not even half as popular. The fact that I've seen people actually claim Devil May Cry is bigger and "more iconic" than Tekken leads me to believe that some of the people asking for him are definitely bandwagon fans.

I'm not saying Devil May Cry didn't have any influence but it definitely isn't as big as parts of the smash community make it out to be.

Perhaps Capcom already having two representatives played against his inclusion? I don't know if that kind of thing has any repercussion...

@RupeeClock - It's to avoid "mature" content reference, jacking up the rating system and YouTube regulations.

Basically just a way to get it out to ad many as possible.

Really happy that Shantae got a mii costume. I never expected her to be a fighter so I'm extremely happy. Plus a Half Genie Hero song is awesome! Love the music in that game. Must be pretty exciting for Wayforward.

The outfits really only work for me when they completely obscure the fact they're Miis while the character also is of their own similar cartoon style like Bomberman and Sans. The more details, realistic or anime aesthetic you get, the more they just look unappealing at this "meeting half-way" point.

Don't take this too much as pedantic complaining, the acknowledgement we'd like the characters at all is appreciated. It's cool to see DMC1 Dante too instead of the most recent incarnation I was expecting if anything. It's just mildly frustrating to have the effort put in but the whole idea is a turn-off from the get-go.

@Vortexeo The thing is Ninja Gaiden was a thing long before the modern games, often also being associated with the NES titles and Ys is still kind of a niche series even if VIII made it a bit more popular than before, and is an action RPG. Not a hack n' slash game, which is why it doesn't occupy the same audience as DMC or those other examples.

In terms of mainstream examples, you literally can't think of action game franchises without the big three: Devil May Cry, God of War and Bayonetta.

Shantae and Dante. Some pretty cool Mii costumes.

Would have loved if Dante was an official fighter. Oh well..:/

@russell-marlow Actually Master Chief is exactly a reason why I think the prospects are shifted more towards Slayer's favor

Microsoft has two reps in Smash already, but neither of them are from their big top tier franchises like Halo or Gears, but rather games that specifically have some sort of history with other platforms or are made with studios that they're letting operate with some form of autonomy. Bethesda is supposedly still going to remain a seperate business altogether even though it's owned by Microsoft, and that also includes self-publishing their games like they always have. It'd be far easier for them to get ahold of a character like DOOM Slayer by comparison considering Bethesda is technically still its own entity, like Banjo and Steve DOOM is a franchise with a storied history on Nintendo consoles, and he also is a culturally significant figure in the gaming space with his contributions to a whole genre of games. The licensing or the willingness from Microsoft I feel would be way looser around those characters compared to their golden geese like Master Chief or Marcus Fenix

Like others, I'm hoping Doom slayer is the final character, but I would also be happy with Ryu Hayabusa. I remember back when Street Fighter Ryu was rumored, and I was like "The Ninja Gaiden dude?" Because I didn't have any familiarity with Street Fighter. It'd be cool if he did end up getting in.

I might get that Shantae costume just for the music track. More music is always good.

Awww just like with Travis touchdown disappointed that Dante isn't going to be a main fighter. Between the two Dante would be the better sword fighter as he has an arrange of different weapons and his final smash would have been his devil trigger.

Really like the selection of Costumes this time around. Would've loved to have gotten music with the Dragonborn & Dante costumes too though. Considering the Costumes themselves are $1.50 already, I wouldn't mind paying $2, or $2.25 if they wanna keep everything 75 cents, for a Track to come with each of them.

@TheFrenchiestFry Well if we're talking hack and slash games in particular, that is fair. I guess I'm uneducated with Hack and Slash games lol. But Ninja Gaiden being old doesn't mean anything. To me, it just makes him a better pick over Dante.

Beyond those three I think Dynasty Warriors would count as a mainstream hack and slash game though. Its total sales are pretty close and it came only a few years before Devil May Cry. I haven't seen many people asking for a Warriors rep lol.

I don't use the costumes but those look cool. For the last fighter, as much as I like Doomguy and Master Chief I just can't see them in this game. That doesn't matter though because the only suitable final fighter is Waluigi.

all 4 of these would have been better fighter choices than another fighting game bro

Its too bad most of the Mii costumes dont come with music too. The price is a bit steep and Shantae is the only one I don't care about. I'd love DMC, Skyrim, and Tales of music in Smash

It's such a shame Shantae didn't get into the game as a proper fighter. Her stage would have been a pleasure to behold and her music is always great. On top of that her moves would be creative but..I guess you take what you can get at this point.

@Vortexeo Well Dynasty Warriors at this point has made basically its own genre with other "Musous"

It's like how Dark Souls is also technically an action RPG but created the "Souls-like" template used by other games like Nioh, Code Vein or Sekiro

So Leon Kennedy for smash is still a possibilty?

@Paraka Do you have any proof cause I don't recall this ever being the case. The ESRB isn't going to change the rating because of a harmless logo.

@PBandSmelly Mii fighters "deconfirming" makes no sense honestly.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series & Knuckles!

Well it's pretty dang cool to see Shantae represented at all!

@Vortexeo You’re also missing the point that Dante himself is highly recognizable and is kind of bigger than his own series at this point. People just love that guy. The potential for his moveset was also out of this world.

@RupeeClock They do that whenever the game they're from is rated M, and only in the NA broadcast. Why? Who knows

The Mii costumes were as big of an announcement to me as the actual new fighter.

@Entrr_username - Not technically the ESRB, but the media they make for promos, like YouTube.

Put it plainly; It essentially restricts the content reach when referencing other games that have M ratings. There was a breakdown I am still trying to find that elaborates on this more as Nintendo doesn't want to lose the maximized reach of their content. They have done this with Travis Touchdown as well. Only M rated games have seen this presentation.

Also saw your following post; Mii costumes, when added post launch, I would say "deconfirms" a character. Essentially saying Nintendo considered them to some degree and decided against playability. But that's not to say that they cannot get in from another release (or even a theoretical Vol 3 pass), but I would say if Dante got a costume today, DMC ain't getting much from the last character.

Did anyone notice shantae says rated teen by esrb lol

@ManaOwls Well it's too soon to get an announcement considering Min Min will come out until 2022.

@Fujimoto-San I'm with you 100%. I have been hoping for Shantae and Knuckles for a long time.

I am gonna be honest I am hype for Skyrim Dragonborn!

An actual fighter still would've been ideal, but Shantae having more than just a shoehorned .png in Smash is still great.

Sakurai really hates the smash community and I love him for it

People complain too much, you can't please everyone, these Mii Costumes are characters fans wanted but couldn't be done, so at least we get something.

Inklings, Chrom, K. Rool and Isabelle were Mii Costumes in the previous game, but promoted in the current, also, Little Mac, Dark Samus and Isabelle used to be Assist Trophies and were promoted.

Also, Mewtwo, Lucas, Min Min, Pyra and Mythra, were Trophies and Spirits at launch, but were promoted to Fighters with DLC on the same game, it will probably not happen with Lloyd, Dragonborn, Dante and Shantae with the last DLC, but can still happen with at least the free Mii Costumes released in 2018, and maybe a few DLC Mii Costumes like Tails.

I guess that discounts Dante as a fighter.... or maybe not, they really love to throw in surprises nobody expected! Now with Kazuya, only one fighter left.

Dante's deconfirmation stings, he's not my most wanted or anything but he would have been cool.

Oh well, good to see a new Mii costume that comes with a song. More Mii costumes should do that.

I just wish that the Mii costumes included the accompanying Mii character (as per the promos).

Won't get their own character... Now, right? Does this rule them out forever?

im just happy the lloyd costume is back in smash, a lot of his original game moves fit so well with the mii swordfighter already

Mii costumes are great; a nice little "consolation prize" for characters that didn't make it.

If Doom Guy/Doom Slayer isn't the last character, I'd love to see his helmet and suit in as a mii costume.

Well people can now start predict the last fighter of SSBU, my money is on Nahobino from SMT V.

Nintendo: So let's make Kazuya, a guy who would have been perfectly suited as mii brawler, an actual character, but let's make Shantae and Dante, characters with massive moveset potential and fan demand as mii fighters.

@Paraka I'm sorry but I'm still having a hard time believing anything like that without an official word from Sakurai or Nintendo. Especially when the Japan trailers still show the logos for M-rated games.

@Entrr_username - Okay, then they're just boogeyman words, cause Japan clearly has the same cultural policies as we do.

I don't care for any of these characters so it doesn't effect me, just wish they would hurry up and reveal the last fighter already. Last one that actually got me excited was DQ Hero

@russell-marlow I'd rather have Kasumi from the "Dead or Alive" games over Ryu Hayabusa if we're talking Koei Tecmo characters.

@TheFrenchiestFry Maybe if we're talking about more pure action games, but there are a number of more popular action game characters than Dante when you include various action sub-genres like action-RPG, action-adventure, action-platforming, fighting, beat 'em up, FPS, TPS, stealth, etc.

Personally, I'd go with Lara Croft, if possible, for the final slot.

@GregamanX Kazuya has just of much of a moveset potential, so much so that they even gave him a number of exclusive and semi-exclusive mechanics to expand his moveset, while he's overall more popular than Dante or Shantae.

@BulbasaurusRex Well when I talk about action specifically in regards to Dante I'm referring to hack n' slash. I did specify character action games in my point, of which DMC is probably the biggest name of that genre

Action RPGs are basically lumped in with any other RPGs in my mind, especially when it comes to picks like a Tales or Ys rep. Hell both Lloyd and Dragonborn are technically kind of like that

@TheFrenchiestFry Yeah, so why should only hack 'n slash characters be considered for the final slot? The point is that even before the Mii Fighter de-confirmation that Dante was only 2nd tier popular at best when considering all remaining reasonable possibilities for the final character.

@BulbasaurusRex I beg to differ, but to each their own.

@GregamanX I wouldn't have had a problem with either character, but Bandai Namco is a co-developer of Smash Ultimate. I think that they've done a great job and were deserving of another representative.

Truthfully, I'm surprised that they only have 2 characters on the roster.

So in other words, Dante and Shantae will not come to Smash.

Shantae is the best part of this announcement and the music track is a fantastic bonus. Wish she was a main character, but at least she's playable and not some lame spirit or whatever.

Unpopular Opinion: Better as a Mii costume than not in it at all. You can't please everyone and on the internet, game companies can never do right because there's always someone there to bitch about anything they do. Gaming was never like this in the 80s

@Personausermike Agreed. The costumes look great by the way and it shows representation. Also, people need to smile. When in the world would you see Kazuya fighting Snake and then having Sephiroth face him?

@eltomo Goku, Trunks, Vegeta, and Gohan are already in. They are disguised as Dragon Quest characters.

I think Sora has a chance but so do: Ryu Hyabusha, Crash, Rayman, Doom Slayer, Master Chief, and Eggman.

Dante: ''What the hell is this?''

I'm actually glad Dante isn't the final reveal, because while he's very cool, there are loads of iconic characters left to fill that slot. Rayman, Dr. Robotnik, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and Waluigi to name but a few. Personally I hope it's E.M.M.I. from the new Metroid Dread game, that thing looks ***** crazy!

True true. It is the same with the included mii costumes, Yiga Clan Warrior, Black Knight and Skull Kid are the best precisely because they completely cover the mii face, and in the case of Skull Kid, the character proportions are spot on. Same with some DLC mii costumes.

In an ideal world, we would get mii costumes from Shovel Knight, Hollow Knight and Quote, that can produce full costumes because they are wearing a helmet, a mask or is an emotionless robot respectively, and all them would come with a kikass song. On the other hand, as fantastic indie characters as they are, characters like Celeste or Hat Kid like Shantae would need to show the mii face.

After this announcements I now see that the only mii costumes that can come with a song are indie properties (Sans, Cuphead and Shantae), most likely the big third parties ask too much money for a single track X(

Them fighting words lol! If any hair fighters are going to be added to smash it should be Dixie. Honorable mention to Twintelle.

Only $0.75 each. Take note Epic Games.

@Yomerodes I'll just be that little bit of a nag and point out the girl's name from Celeste is not Celeste. Her name is Madeline. Celeste is the mountain. Yes, I do sound very much like those guys that point out that Link's not Zelda. And I'm only being that pest because of the ridiculous number of games I've played the past decade, Celeste is likely somewhere in that top 5 of the 2010's. It fights with Nier: Automata in my ranking a lot.

That detour aside, I agree. The other examples you gave are generally better suited for the Mii characters when specifically trying to emulate another unrelated character, the chibi-aesthetic just does not work on such a wide stroke of characters they've covered with them. Skull Kid is actually a fantastic example, other than the actual Mii moveset not really applying to Skull Kid w/ Majora's Mask, but that's hard to blame on the Smash team when there's literally next to nothing on the duo. But his already lanky super deformed-ish body fits the Mii mold perfectly. Compared and contrasted to the freaking Dovahkin, these compromises just don't always work.

I just wish the helmets with the face exposed or hair parts of these cosplay costumes at least came with a pasted on replacement face for the Miis. That'd help considerably to sell the look, if not at all a perfect solution.

@Personausermike That's only because the only ways to complain about gaming back in the '80's were by letters to magazines and word-of-mouth.

@Yomerodes Shantae isn't actually an indie character. WayForward has long been a respected high profile developer and publisher, even back when they released Shantae's very first game.

@AvianBlue Bayonetta already beat them to it.

True that, finished Celeste and totally forgot about the actual name of Madeline and Badeline. Kinda like calling the playable character of Gris, Gris or Grisgirl.

As for the mii, I wish developers took into account Sans tremendous popularity back all the way to 2019 when it was released, I would bet my entire Switch collection that it still is the mii costume with the best sales. Taking that into account, it would be the role of the Smash team and third parties to actually pick and suggest third party and indie characters that fit the most with the Mii sizes, movesets and likeness. Take for example Dante and contrast with Viewtiful Joe, both are Capcom characters and both first appeared back in the same gen...but for one of them, the size is perfect, fits the brawler mii moveset, and the ginormous helmets helps to hide the mii face...too bad we have a problem of lack of current popularity.

Here's a very unlikely guess about the final fighter: What if it's Tabuu? Would that work?

@Yomerodes To be fair against the Sans hype, that also comes a lot from outside meme interference. It's just a cool thing to love or hate Undertale and more importantly the skeleton brothers outside their actual importance and relevance to the game because....that's just how the internet turned out. Would not be surprised if those same folks lost their minds over.....I dunno, what was a popular meme at the time of Sans' reveal? Shaggy at 100% Ultra Instinct? Steamed Hams?

Because Skinner would make for a stupidly funny Mii, let's be honest. Just give him his knife from Vietnam and presto, you got a Mii Swordfighter

Anyways, joking aside, un/fortunately the Mii picks reflect both what would make good sales for both ends of the companies arrangements and what fans want to see make it in Smash. Like, I'm not a big fan of Shantae's weird Mii face dragging down the whole package. It's a little weird they went specifically with Pirate's Curse Shantae because of its history with Nintendo, but then made her a Mii Brawler instead of giving her the sword she has specifically for Pirate's Curse and having her as a Mii Swordfighter with vaguely similar moves as in her own game. But all that said.....SHANTAE'S IN SMASH BROS. Which is a net positive and something I'm happy to buy.

But next time they're just looking to fill in slots? Yeah, please try to go with characters that'd actually fit the Mii design.

I have little doubts about Wayforward worth as a developer. But precisely because they were not much a "high profile publisher" that was the reason Shantae 1 was published by Capcom, Shantae GBA never saw the light, and they just started to release their own games without bigger partners in the Dsiware era, like many indies since.

At any rate, my point was, companies like Capcom, Konami, Microsoft, Ubi Soft (owners after all of Dante, Bomberman, Goemon, Dragonborn, Vaultbouy and Altair) most certainly would ask for extra money in order to license a single song for Ultimate. On the other hand, the owners of Sans, Cuphead and Shantae, big or small, probably consider their characters being included on Smash (even if only as costumes) such a big honor that they freely and gladly give away a music piece for the game.

@Yomerodes They were still big enough to actually get a GBC game released back when digital releases only happened on PC, and even back then they were known for making relatively high quality licensed games for other companies before they expanded into developing their own IPs. Nowadays, they can even self-publish an occasional retail release.

Indie developers are those who are so small that they can only release smaller digital games that might only later receive a budget retail release if they become popular enough.

@GregamanX What makes you think Kazuya doesn't have moveset potential? He plays incredibly different from every other Smash character!

I'm not going to try making a totally accurate prediction, but I think the update that releases for the next and final fighter will include DOOM Slayer. We got costumes for two Bethesda characters now, I feel like if he's not the next fighter, he'll at least be a Mii Gunner costume. It would be nice if we got the DOOM theme either way.

@RupeeClock Vault Boy happened before the Microsoft acquisition, though negotiations were most likely going on when Vault Boy Mii costume was announced.

I was asking because the way it was presented on the American stream suggested that people were asking for Skyrim/Elder Scrolls representation, when, like I said, that's a series I never hear of when talking about Smash.

Shantae, Dante and Lloyd Irving are characters I hear constantly along with Rayman and Crash, though.

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It's the little things that count

A lawsuit dating back to 2019 has been settled

Don't worry, not a fore out of ten

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