Cyberpunk Game The Ascent Might Be Blowing Up, But Multiplayer's Busted


Kotaku 02 August, 2021 - 02:00pm 63 views

How long is the ascent game?

How Long Does it Take to Beat The Ascent. Depending on how quickly a player blazes through The Ascent, and or if they do so with a team thanks to co-op mode, The Ascent can be completed in about 9-14 hours. There are 12 main missions in the game. Each mission's length can vary, but on average they take around an hour. Game RantThe Ascent: How Long to Beat | Game Rant

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The Ascent Is Bringing DLSS, Ray Tracing To Xbox Game Pass For PC

Pure Xbox 02 August, 2021 - 05:40pm

The Steam version already has it

Interestingly, The Ascent has launched two PC versions. One for Steam and another via Xbox Game Pass for PC. Both are different, most notably in the fact that the Steam version includes DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) and ray tracing support - something Xbox Game Pass for PC members are sadly missing out on.

Thankfully, the team at Neon Giant is aware of the issue and has said a fix is on the way to ensure Xbox Game Pass for PC members get the same benefits. As spotted by Eurogamer, numerous fans on Twitter have expressed concerns over the lack of features, which the developer has responded to.

It's strange that two versions of the game launched on PC with considerable graphic options missing. There’s no word on when the update will come to light, but hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately for console players, the Xbox Series X and Series S release of the game won't support ray tracing, something the team at Neon Giant confirmed in an interview with Wccftech.

Whether it will be a feature to come down the road remains to be seen, but with the solid reviews from critics and a positive technical analysis of the game, we wouldn't be all too surprised if it did.

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Comments (14)

So it sounds like they might have outsourced the Game Pass PC version based on those comments?

I finished the main quests yesterday. I enjoyed the game so much I'm perfectly content to let them sort out the issues in the meantime. I hope this game gets some expansions or a sequel in the future because I absolutely want more of this.

I'm plugging through this - it is TOUGH in places, but it's absolutely brilliant.

@Deadcow You aren't kidding. I would get my arse handed to me in spots, but it was always due to my lack of something. Usually needing better equipment or augments. I got the propulsion jump augment and that was so good with my minigun build. I'd turtle up in a corner and a duck with the minigun in really tough spots, then when I'd get surrounded I'd do a propulsion jump in place for a huge AOE hit. I just absolutely love how you can build your characters in this.

Hopefully they update the font size soon. I enjoyed the few hours I've put into it, but the text is so small even on a 55" TV its unplayable for me at the moment. Game is good fun though and amazing it came from such a small team!

Any hint that RT is coming to the Series consoles?

@helbertpina It is not.

I’m only on the second main mission so I hope ray tracing gets added to the Series versions sooner rather than later.

@redd214 Have you already tried increasing the font size in the settings? Bumping it up to 21 should definitely be big enough as I’ve currently got it on 14 and I’m also playing on a 55” TV.

I would take the ability to change the UI colour over ray tracing.

I get red being a brand thing but when combined with all the text, which is tiny in places, all it does is give me eye strain and a headache. That means I can't play it for all that long.

Apart from that I do have fun in the short bits of play I can manage.

@SplooshDmg I've seen so many posts about character builds and play styles that are all wildly different. I invested heavily in Evasion, Health, and Shotguns so I can play build that almost feels like melee action. I love rolling into point blank head shots.

The Gamepass versions of several games are lacking compared with their Steam counterparts, not least because you have little customisation as the files are hidden on your computer and locked out even when you do find them. Frankly I hate it and I just buy the games I want from Steam rather than use Gamepass

@MaccaMUFC That only effects the size of the subtitles which are fine. I'm moreso referring to in game UI/armor & weapon stats etc.

@redd214 yup this is my problem too. Squinting at a red ui to try to read enough tiny text about augmentations or weapons so I can decide if I want to use it or not

I also hope they're working on console patch as well. I know a few of our problems during co-op are attributed to my buddy's launch XBO, but there are also a lot of weird little bugs, like being stuck in a vendor menu or the little waypoint trail that leads to dead ends, that need to be cleared up. Otherwise I'm enjoying it so far.

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The Ascent on Game Pass for PC is inferior to Steam, but a fix is in the works

Neowin 02 August, 2021 - 05:40pm

Cyberpunk action RPG, The Ascent was unveiled back in May 2020 and finally launched on Steam and Xbox Game Pass across console, PC, and cloud a couple of days ago. Although the title has been fairly positively received so far, many have also noticed that the Game Pass for PC version is inferior compared to its Steam counterpart. However, a fix is in the works.

Multiple gamers across social media platforms have noted that the Game Pass version on PC lacks Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) capability and the graphical option for it is not even present in the configurations. In the same vein, ray-tracing does not work at all. Meanwhile, both of these features exist in working condition on Steam.

In a series of tweets from The Ascent's development studio Neon Giant and signed by co-founder Tor Frick, the company has confirmed that a fix is in the works. Frick responded to multiple tweets saying that:

We are working on bringing them up to parity. [...] It is being looked at, with the intent of fixing it/bringing it to parity with steam across the board. [...] We are working with our partners on adressing (sic) this as soon as we can! Build processes are different for the two versions, not just a storefront swap.

It is interesting to note that the two build process are different and that the game is not just packaged in the same way for both storefronts, despite being on the same platform - that is PC.

No time frame for a potential fix has been given yet. It is also important to remember that The Ascent does not support ray-tracing at all on Xbox Series X|S, which means that if you do want to take advantage of the feature, the Steam version of the game running on PC hardware is your only option for now.

Source: Neon Giant (1, 2, 3) via Eurogamer

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Neon Giant is working on DLSS for The Ascent on Xbox Game Pass for PC

TrueAchievements 02 August, 2021 - 10:33am

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The Ascent: Is it Multiplayer?

GameRant 02 August, 2021 - 08:51am

The Ascent does offer a couple of different ways to play. Neon Giant's latest does offer multiplayer, though it isn't the kind of basic two-player mode that is found in some other games similar to this one.

There are actually two ways for people to play with someone else inside The Ascent. If someone is looking for a little help to blow through Neon Giant's new project on a rather quick pace, they can enlist buddies either from the comfort of their own home, or they can go online and play with someone either hundreds or maybe even thousands of miles away.

There is also an ability to get online and play multiplayer with a specific friend, or if no one a player knows is online, with a random pairing or group. When playing in the Cyberpunk world of The Ascent online, being able to experience the story in multiplayer is actually fairly important as the developer has said the game is intended to be played by more than one person at a time.

This game's multiplayer modes are not just limited to two people either. The Ascent allows for as many as four players at a time to help cut through the hordes of enemies that much quicker. Those players also don't need to all be on the same platform as crossplay is offered, though there is a limitation on which platforms; as the game is not currently available on PlayStation consoles.

The Ascent is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The Ascent's broken Game Pass edition is getting fixed, developer promises

PC Gamer 02 August, 2021 - 05:00am

The Game Pass release was missing the DLSS and ray-tracing goodness available in The Ascent's Steam edition.

Posting in response to a disappointed player, the official Neon Giant account promised fixes to the absent DLSS and broken ray-tracing implementation—along with a lesser-known issue that was causing load times to take twice as long on Game Pass.

We are working on bringing them up to parity. The level load is news to me though, thanks for bringing that to my attention! / TorJuly 31, 2021

As our Jacob noted, the Game Pass edition was missing options for DLSS outright. And while the Nvidia .dll libraries to support it have since emerged online, the way Game Pass titles are packed has made adding them a whole lot harder than simply dragging and dropping them in. Ray-tracing, while ostensibly supported, appeared to be completely broken on Game Pass.

It's a shame, too. The Ascent's Arcology is a grand, monolithic urban sprawl that easily puts Cyberpunk 2077's Night City to shame. All rain-swept and glistening with neon, it's the sort of thing you'd want to see with all the visual bells and whistles cranked up—except that, on Game Pass, you'd never see it all the way maxxed out.

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'The Ascent' devs confirm Game Pass version is missing ray tracing and DLSS

NME 01 August, 2021 - 06:05am

Neon Giant has confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass for PC version of The Ascent is currently missing certain high-end graphics features, though the studio is already looking for a fix.

When The Ascent released last Thursday (July 29), PC players were quick to notice that ray tracing and DLSS (Nvidia‘s Deep Learning Super Sampling technology) were included in the Steam version but not in the Xbox Game Pass version.

Neon Giant has confirmed on Twitter that while the features are currently missing from the latter version, the issue “is being looked at, with the intent of fixing it/bringing it to parity with Steam across the board”.

We are working on bringing them up to parity. The level load is news to me though, thanks for bringing that to my attention! / Tor

— Neon Giant (@NeonGiantGames) July 31, 2021

As spotted by EuroGamer, Studio co-founder Tor Frick confirmed that “we are working with our partners on addressing this as soon as we can! and that “build processes are different for the two versions, not just a storefront swap”.

Frick also confirmed that The Ascent would not be receiving ray tracing on console versions, and would instead remain a “PC-only feature.”

The Ascent was made available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at launch, with Microsoft announcing it alongside 12 other “Xbox Series X optimised” games back in May.

NME gave The Ascent three stars, praising the game’s fun combat and beautiful world but criticising its lacking RPG elements. Overall, “the Ascent isn’t the game of the generation, but it is a lot of fun”, and is particularly worth playing “for fans of shooters or cyberpunk”.

In other news, a security analyst at Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that 94.2 per cent of recently banned Apex Legends players were based on the PS4.

Over 2000 players were banned for abusing multiple exploits which included dashboarding (leaving lost games to avoid RP penalties) and an exploit allowing high-rank players to access bronze-rank lobbies to farm exp.

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The Ascent Dev Says It's Working On DLSS And Ray Tracing For Game Pass Version

TheGamer 01 August, 2021 - 05:22am

However, Tor Frick, co-founder of Neon Giant took to Twitter to confirm that the developer is currently working on bringing DLSS and ray tracing support to the Game Pass version. As spotted by Eurogamer, Frick replied to a number of tweets by annoyed players, assuring them that support for the features will soon be implemented.

“We are working on bringing them up to parity. The level load is news to me though, thanks for bringing that to my attention!” replied Frick to a tweet complaining about the lack of features and also the absence of a difficulty setting which is available on the Steam version. “It is being looked at, with the intent of fixing it/bringing it to parity with steam across the board,” said Frick to another tweet which asked whether the issue will be addressed.

In another reply Frick stated that the reason for the difference was because of differing development processes. “We are working with our partners on adressing [sic] this as soon as we can! Build processes are different for the two versions, not just a storefront swap.”

While this issue has been addressed by Neon Giant, there’s been no word on when we can expect the update. Support updates like these could take a week or two, but the developer will probably be looking to put it out as soon as possible to avoid getting too much flack. The Ascent was already delayed from its original launch date, which was to be alongside the Xbox Series X|S launch.

In our hands-on of the game we said, "From the design of its open hub city to its combat, The Ascent pulled me into its world that feels like a healthy combination of Cloudpunk, The Fifth Element, and even Super Mario Bros. (the movie). I know what you're thinking, but that last comparison is absolutely a compliment."

Vaspaan Dastoor is a News Editor for TheGamer. Previously worked at IGN India and constantly tries to get people to make time for an LOTR marathon. He can be found giving hot takes for cold responses at @DastoorVaspaan

The Ascent Has No DLSS or Ray Tracing on Xbox Game Pass for PC, But It Does on Steam

IGN India 01 August, 2021 - 12:13am

As reported by Eurogamer, Neon Giant has been responding to PC players of The Ascent on Twitter who have noticed these differences between the two versions, sharing that build processes are different for the two versions. On Xbox Game Pass, DLSS is simply not present. Ray tracing is available as an option, but turning it on appears to make no difference to the game.

"We are working with our partners on adressing [sic] this as soon as we can! Build processes are different for the two versions, not just a storefront swap," Neon Giant wrote in response to @ezekiele2517.

To @SR_Chep, Neon Giant said that "it is being looked at, with the intent of fixing it/bringing it to parity with steam across the board."

@MrChrisBee also noted that the Game Pass version takes "over twice as long to load a level as the Steam version." Neon Giant thanked the user for bringing it to its attention, while also confirming the work to bring both versions to parity.

Unfortunately for those playing The Ascent on Xbox Series X/S, the game does not support ray tracing or DLSS, as those are PC-only features for the cyberpunk-themed RPG-shooter.

These storefronts having different versions is nothing new, as NieR: Automata's Steam version was noticeably worse than the Xbox Game Pass for PC version. Luckily, the Steam version has been patched to bring the versions closer together.

In our review of The Ascent, we said, "story isn’t its strong suit, but the rest of The Ascent delivers a wonderfully realized cyberpunk world mixed with satisfying twin-stick gunplay to create an enjoyable action-RPG."

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch.

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